Giveaway Season:- Party on the blog #subsOnly #DayThree #Sunglasses

Hi guys, it’s the 3rd day of our giveaway..congratulations to Amaka, Ify O and Aisha on their winnings yesterday. Your spices would be with you once this giveaway is over.

Today, we’d be giving out some sunglasses. These pairs are really pretty and cool each with a cloth case.

As always, drop a comment with number of the pair you’d want.

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Giveaway Season:- Party on the blog #subsOnly #DayTwo #FoodaceSpices

Hi guys, it’s Day Two of our giveaway.. congrats to MsNella, Elizabeth and Loretta who won yesterday. The BFF and 1960 mugs are still available. Today however, we’ve got brand new gifts.

Foodace spices have made tons of meals for me bothe for house parties, personal consumption and even tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Find links below:- 

the Foodace spice range:-

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Giveaway Season:- Party on the blog #subsOnly #DayOne

Hi guys, if you’re reading this you must have either received this in your inbox (as a subscriber) or you clicked the link. Either way, you’d have gotten the opportunity to join the hub

There are going to be items to be won every work day for the next two weeks. (10 days).

If you have a postal address that works, this will be preferable as you’d receive your item within days or a week. For those in Nigeria, the gifts won will get there next month, April 2017.

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The Smart Money 📚 Tour in London | #AreseUgwu

Hi guys, got to attend the smart money book tour in London at the GOAT restaurant on Friday 17th March. Before I attended I wasn’t sure what to expect really.

Watch my YouTube video below..

Subscribe if you haven’t. Xx

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