Blending My Way To Good Health

Blending My Way To Good Health

For some reason I couldn’t find the cups of my blender. Can I re-iterate on how I can’t wait to start leaving alone? Or at least ‘in my husband’s house’? 🤣🤣. Very annoying how things get missing from my cabinet in the kitchen because one of My flAttie’s thought it belonged to no one or maybe they just felt like binning it. Anywhoo, I have replaced my blender and loving it already.

Thanks to Black Friday Sales I remembered something I actually needed. Click here to snag yours.

Come with 2 cups both with lids and one blender thing.

This was me last night once it got delivered..

I try to blend just fruits with this though as those contain a lot of sugar. The aim of my blender is actually to increase my veggies intake. So it’s 1-3 veggies and the one fruit for taste. Last night I had, Beetroot, Spinach and Sweet Clems (tangerines).

Do get your life with these, it’s just £20 and comes in other colors.

Pink here.. Blue here.. Green here.. With 2 extra bottles here..

Happy healthy and fun life.



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