Friendship is Crucial

Friendship is Crucial

You can’t come on holiday with your blogger friend and not have some nice photos to go home with…these were my thoughts a couple days ago with Amaka…also with Uju while she was here. (Click here to see some shots with/of the latter. Friendship I must say is so crucial to me, hence my deciding to share this post inspired by devotional of the day. Click here to watch my recent video inspired by some of my friends. Blogpost for this coming soon.

Presence provides comfort, care, and a sense of security. It’s choosing to sit down with someone in the middle of his or her journey, and say, “I’m here. I am not trying to fix you, heal you, save you, or correct you.

I have become way closer to someone after they opened up to me when she got into trouble after a long lasting not-your-average-decent escapades.

..withhold judgment, and don’t  withhold relationship with a friend after learning more about them. You’d  begin to trust each other and build a strong friendship over time.

Take a moment to consider the people in your life. Ask the Lord if there is anyone you can risk being brave enough to go deeper in relationship with. Call them today, and if there’s an opening, just show up. Bring yourself, and leave your good advice, your problem-solving skills, and your ideas to fix things at home. Actively listen and seek to know and understand your friend better.

Friendship is crucial as we navigate life. Doing our daily life alone really is the pits. We’re all hungry for meaningful connection and the kind of relationship where we can raid each other’s fridge and keep no thing hidden. We want to be received as we are now and encouraged to grow into who God created us to be. We find God as we love each other.

Make that move..mend a broken relationship. 👯👫👬


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