H̷TrumpDay.. #weekWorkLife, #wishfulWednesday

Hi guys, Today’s job role will be a Management Consultant. Before that though, Congratulations to Donald Trump for winning the presidential election. To be frank I really hated how Mr Trump came off during his campaign. It was more annoying to me as his show, The Apprentice is my fav ever tv show. I have read of his books and totally admire him as a business man. Well, he campaigned really hard and used the media to his advantage. During one of the commentaries this a.m I heard some guy on tv says Hillary Clinton had some 201 days break with no rallies or anything in that period during the campaign. Meanwhile, Donald actually visited about 5 states in 2 days. Hardworkd + a good Startegy pays off and that’s one thing Donald always preached on the episodes (the Apprentice). Congratulations once again. The world is hopeful. Enough of the bants, click here to view my post on Melanie Trump. Today’s look.. #managamentConsulatant ————– ————– ————– ————– ————– ————– ————– ————– ————– Face shots ————–

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