Hautey Of The Week 2017 Finale | Marketing Associate, Udeogu Nonye

Hautey Of The Week 2017 Finale | Marketing Associate, Udeogu Nonye

This year we decided to have the #HOTW features just a bit over every quarter. Click here to view @Chicamastyle’s, @Thestyle_train’s , @Pankee_roy’s and  @Dr_Nonsky’s. It’s been a really beautiful year for us at Metrogypsie, major s/o to all our collaborators (favorite being the gracious people at @eniito and @teamghostlamp). Works already in place for our first 2018 collaborators, Sarah Smith and JaydaWoman.

If  maintaining an Instagram feed palleter like a serious blogger was a thing to you, our week’s Hautey would be one to keep an eye on. This post therefore, is a style spotlight on Nonye of @thisthingcalledfashionnEnjoy xxox.


Occupation – Relationship Manager/Marketing Associate by Day, Per time Fashion Consultant / Model, Fashion Blogger & Content Creator All Day.

Interests – Fashion, Music, Movies (Romance, drama, a bit of comedy & action + a sucker for Indian movies) don’t judge me 😂, I love Fashion videos, traveling and documenting

My Alarm 🚨 goes off at 6:20am I snooze it till 6:40 then I take my ass out of bed, get breakfast ready for my folks (Parents & Dog) then I head out to work but it’s funny how I never have time to make myself breakfast

Basically my responsibilities involve handling social media accounts, creating social media plans for brands, creating newsletters for fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands (If you need or know any brand ready to asosify their standards in terms of this I’m your girl). As a relationship manager I stand as the link between our clients and brands/Influencers/Brand Ambassadors, also handle creative direction and organization/online promotion of photo/video shoots.

I got my job by, okay honestly I’m still a very fresh graduate trying to start off my career in the fashion industry, I studied Economics in School (Which would always be useful to me despite where I find myself).


On a random day I’d makeup, go out and take pictures for My Blog and Instagram Page but honestly I create content everyday

My most memorable work moment was The First Newsletter I sent out for work and we got a lot of positive feedbacks and people kept asking who did it. One person even said it looked Net-a-porter ish which was a really good thing because My Boss is a sucker for Net-a-porter (it’s an international fashion & beauty retailer of luxury brands)

The worst thing about my job is hmmm it can get very not busy but I have my side jobs (Fashion consultant/Model) I’m just starting out to keep me busy

Favorite thing about my job is we get invited to the coolest events + I get to work with a lot of known popular people so I actually get to know how they are one on one.

A skill I wish I had is to control minds (You can do anything you want) or maybe taking out money from ATMs 😂, but in reality I just want to learn how to swim

After work hours, I go home 99.9% of the time because the usual Lagos traffic makes my house seem further away and I try my best to get home in time. But a few times I go for those cool events I mentioned earlier

On my ideal weekend I Clean the house, do my laundry, take pictures for my blog, go for an event or have a work shoot. In 2018 I’m going to do better at actually going out and just relaxing.

1 Coffee or tea? Coffee

2 Black & white or color? Black & White

3 Dresses or skirts? Skirts (Not Pencil skirts)

4 Pepsi or coke? Coke, Pepsi is a counterfeit 😂

5 Ice cream or yogurt? Ice Cream

6 Boots or sandals? Boots


7 Body weight exercises or lifting weights? I hardly ever do either but I think Body weight

8 Smile or game face? Both depending on my mood

9 Bracelet or necklace? Necklace (dainty ones)

10 Fruit or vegetables? Vegetables

11 Dark chocolate or white chocolate? Damn this is hard cause I loveee both but Dark

12 Antique or brand new? Brand New

#MgComment:- So much street Style potential



There should be one more post before 2017 🏃🏻‍♀️ out and then my Vogue 73 Questions Parody will be up. That should be my first post of 2018 possibly (if no deadline creeps up on me).

Thanks so much Nonye for spending your time on here..



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  1. December 30, 2017 / 6:22 am

    I loveee reading this, thank you so much for having me 💛

  2. December 30, 2017 / 10:51 am

    My pleasure babe. I’m certain you’d inspire other readers. Was well worth it.
    Happy New Year in advance.