Hautey Of The Week – Dr of Pharmacy, Nonso Ezekwueche

Hautey Of The Week – Dr of Pharmacy, Nonso Ezekwueche

Hi guys, it’s a new week and I know it’s been a minute since we had a #HOTW but yeah, we’ve got a stunner to calm your nerves, yup he is in the medical field so you are in safe hands 🤗.

 Ezekwueche Nonso 

Occupation – Pharmacist 

Interests – Reading helpful books, networking with people, listening to good music, movies etc


My Alarm 🚨 goes off at 6am. I jump out of bed, say my morning prayer, freshen up and have a quick breakfast after which I get ready for work. I leave the house at exactly 7am to bit traffic and settle in at the office at about 8:30am ready for the day’s work.

Basically my responsibilities involve: Scrutinizing and interpretation of Physicians orders, dispensing, labelling medications, rendering pharmaceutical care (counselling) to patients…etc.

I got my job by training as a doctor of pharmacy at the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria and got my job in 2013…

On a random day I’d (probably go see a movie or two or hang out with friends on my off day….

My most memorable school moment was when I was inducted as a pharmacist. That was the happiest day of my life so far.

The worst thing about my Jon is long hours and for the fact that some patients are highly impatient and sometimes agitated but like they say “customers are always right” lol

Favorite thing about my job is job satisfaction and the happy feeling of meeting the health needs of my customers.

A skill I wish I had is to be able foretell future occurrences…. 

After work I’d usually unwind with a drink or two but not to get inebriated.

On my ideal weekend I work sometimes at other times I just rest, exercise, read and meditate…


Kindly answer by choosing one option..

Either-Or Tag

 1 Tea or Coffee:- tea

2 BlackWhite or Color:- color

3 Dresses or Skirts:- skirts on a females 

 4 Coke or Pepsi:- coke

 5 Ice Cream or Yogurt:- Ice cream

 6 Formal shoes or Sneakers:- Sneakers

 7 Lifting Weights 🏋 or Body weight exercises:- Body Weight exercises 

 8. Game Face or Smile;- Smile

 9 Necklace or Bracelet m:- Bracelet

 10 Fruit or Veggies:- Fruits

11 Dark or White chocolate;- Dark

12 Brand new or Antique:-  Brand New

Have a fulfilling week ahead.

#MGThoughts: Nonso seems like a chilled guy who takes his stuff seriously with a semi formal default style.

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