Hautey Of The Week Fashion Consultant, Abidemi Adedeji I

Hautey Of The Week Fashion Consultant, Abidemi Adedeji I

Hi guys, hope you’ve been checking out my looks from fashion week. Starting this we with a new Hautey. Let’s get to know him 

 Adedeji Abidemi Ibrahim
Occupation – I run a fashion consultancy and PR firm called Styledbybie, also a fashion entrepreneur and blogger

Interests – Traveling, Shopping and Cooking 



#MyAlarm 🚨 goes off at 6am, I say a prayer to God because he is the author and finisher of my life, open my emails and attend to the needful, reach out to my assistants then lay down the plans for the day. Idly, set out to the office at 10am.


Basically #MyResponsibilities involve styling clients according to their briefs, develop contents for all my clients regarding Fashion PR

#IGotMyJob by infusing my knowledge from Information and communication technology into fashion which was what I originally studied in the university.

#OnARandomDay: I will invite all my friends to mines, cook for them and we will all just merry.

#MostMemorableWork moment is after successful executing a styling job be it for a music video, photoshoot is always memorable for me because I always look out for client satisfaction


#WorstThingAboutMyJob is the fact that I barely have time to attend church services because most music videos are shot on Sundays
#FavoriteThingAboutMyJob is the fact that I wake up everyday doing what I love to do 

#ASkillIWishIHad is speaking different languages most especially French 

#AfterWork I’d usually get home, have a hot bath, roll up a joint (covers face) and retire to my bed whilst catching up on the fashion scenes through blogs and TV stations 

#OnMyidealWeekend I will shop all weekend 


1 Coffee or tea? Tea 

2 Black & white or color? White 

3 Dresses or skirts?

4 Pepsi or coke? Coke 

5 Ice cream or yogurt? Yogurt 🍦 

6 Boots or sandals? Sandals

7 Body weight exercises or lifting weights? Lifting weights 🏋 

8 Smile or game face? Smile

9 Bracelet or necklace? Bracelet

10 Fruit or vegetables? Vegetables 🥒 

11 Dark chocolate or white chocolate? White chocolate 🍫 

12 Antique or brand new? Antique 

#MGComments:- he sure spends time looking towards his right. 👈🏼


Thanks for your time on here Abidemi xxox


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