Hautey Of The Week – Student Model, Chidera @pankee_roy

Hautey Of The Week – Student Model, Chidera @pankee_roy

Chidera Oliver

Occupation – Student, Model, Entrepreneur 


•My passion for modeling as a career 

•Work activities that deals with artistic forms, designs, patterns ,works which allows self expression while working

•The enterprising aspect whereby your being paid after a job (earning) and other side attractions like features, shows and becoming a public figure which it modeling offers too 

#MyAlarmGoesOff at exactly 6am with my regular family morning devotions then followed by my daily compulsory house chores , by 6:45 I should be rounding up with my chores then I’m off to the mini gym at home…. Little workouts and then drop my kid siblings at school get back home just in time to prepare for work!


1. Displaying clothing and merchandise in commercials, advertisements , and/or fashion shows 

 2. Following strict routines on diet,sleep and exercise to maintain good appearance

 3. Collect informations/feedbacks from agents concerning jobs available, pays ,dates,time and probably length of jobs 

4. Pose as directed or strike suitable interceptive poses for promotion and selling merchandise of fashions during filming or photo sessions 

5. Pose for artists and photographers 

6. Promote products and services in television commercials ,photoshoots or in videos 

7. Walk the runway to demonstrate features of garments for observers at fashion shows ,private showing and retail establishments . I got my jobs by selling my good works via social medias, through different features and from agencies I’m being signed into.

#OnARandomDay well I do dance videos because I really love dancing a lot, surf the Internet, take pictures with my phone , then probably chill with friends I really enjoy the company of my friends tho !

#MostMemorable work experience lol was when I had to wear a torn garment given to me by a designer at a big fashion show to walk a runway that was so embarrassing but I just had to keep straight like it was designed to look like that!

My job is fun lol it looks all tiring but then trust me it’s much of fun striking poses in front of the camera getting to meet people exploring places so much fun.

#FavoriteThing about my job well I’ll say is umm the spotlight #winks

#ASkillIWish I had would be let me say errmm the power to control time lol

#AfterWork I’d usually visit a restaurant not too far from where I work stay there for a while and relax after a hectic day .

On #MyIdealWeekend I spend with my family I always try to make sure we have a lot of time to spend together 

• Tea or #Coffee 

• #WhiteBlack or Colour

• Skirts or #Dresses

• Pepsi or #Coke

• #Icecream or Yogurt 

• #Boots or Sandals

• PushUps or #Body weight exercises 

• #Smile or GameFace

• Bracelet or #Necklace 

• #Fruits or Vegetables

• White chocolate or #Darkchocolate 

• Antique or #BrandNew 


#MGComment:- we’d like to see Chidera get more gigs possibly diversify into other parts of entertainment like acting. Not sure he is certain what his style is but there’s definitely some aspect of casual.



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