#HauteyOfTheWeek – 2016 Finale with Olalekan, @shortblackmodel

Hi guys,

…to end 2016, we’d be hanging out with Eggy Olalekan..@shortblackmodel on Instagram. His edge and daring poses should be a strong way to pull the curtains of #HOTW2016.

Omolade Olalekan

Occupation -Student
Interests – Computers, Comics and Movies

Let’s get to know more about Olalekan..


I wake up by 6am to prepare for the day , light meals or cereals for breakfast before heading to school or work . On my way to work/school when am in the bus I play my music mostly blues and check my social media notifications.

Once I alight at my destination I exchange pleasantries with my colleagues at work/school and we might have a discussion about how our previous day went etc…then I get ready to face the task ahead for the rest of the day.



I do a lot of things for a living apart from me
being a student,I also have a job on the sideline
and venture into some other gigs as long as it is legal.

3.What’s a skill you wish you had?

Fashion Designing. I would like to be skilled in making nice pieces and show men how to  look good

4.What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials?

 #Shoes #Tshirt and #Jeans



Ideal way you’d spend
your weekend?

Resting OR Spending quality time with my
friends; that’s if I don’t have any photo-shoot.

6. If you could, what would you say your personal
style is? OR What makes you stand out?

I would describe my #personalStyle as #Smart and #Laidback but essentially with my comfort in mind.

7.Your favorite places to shop? – Why?

LagosIsland, it is the largest Shopping area
where you can get anything you want to buy, you can easily get out of options cause you always find something else that gets your attention asides what you had set your mind to get initially. 

8.Favorite color/colors?
– #Black and blue. 

9.What book are you reading at the moment? 

I have an examination going on at the
moment so I am only reading books and

handouts related to the list of courses I will be
writing but the last book I read was Quo Vadis. 

10. Fashion item every man should have?

 Wrist watch.i think all men should have a good
time piece .



Any other thing you want to tell us about yourself? 

I am short but my drive & dreams are so tall…LOL, I
am @TheShortBlackModel


Either-Or Tag

1. Coffee or Tea?

2 Black & white or color?
– #BlackWhite 

3 Pants or Shorts?
– #Shorts  

4 Pepsi or Coke?
– #Pepsi 



5 Ice cream or Yogurt?
– #IceCream  

6 Boots or Shoes?
– #Shoes 

7 Body weight exercises or lifting weights?
– #LiftingWeights  

8 Smile or Game face?
– #Smile  



9 Bracelet or necklace?
– #Bracelet  

10 Fruit or Vegetables? – #Fruit

11. Dark or White Chocolate? – #Dark

12 Antique or brand new? – #BrandNew 


Happy New Year in advance guys xx 🎈💞🎈




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