How To Style:- The Belois Couture Candy Top

How To Style:- The Belois Couture Candy Top

Receiving this piece from Lagos got me so excited I had to shoot a video. Worked with the photographer Adeola of @hrsdee and we shot on a Saturday morning in Knightsbridge. I managed to get some video clips with my camera and iPhone to make the video below.

On this post, I styled this top in 4 ways. Over a dress, paired with denim pants, a pinafore skirt and a pair of shorts (with & without a jacket). Hope you love these looks and get inspired to purchase your piece. Yes It comes in so many colours.

watch my cute video

Look One – Layered over a Maxi Backless Dress


Backless Bow Black Maxi Dress:-
Slippers:- @Gafasandals
similar slides:-
Purse:- Chanel

Paired with the denim pants





Denim Skinny Pants:-
Purse:- @Retrogypsie – £30


Pinafore Skirt:- @Retrogypsie
Lace Boots:-

Paired with Shorts

with a jacket 

shop jacket here..

Similar Jacket –

without a jacket 

Shorts:- @Retrogypsie
White Sandals:- (prettier version)





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