Lagos Fashion Week 2018 – Day Two | Absolute Vibes

Lagos Fashion Week 2018 – Day Two | Absolute Vibes

Today has been sooooo busy.

In between posting the Day One blogpost and right now I have been to some 6 different places shopping and getting ready for Nigeria basically. Making sure everyone that is entitled to a gift gets has been catered to.

All showered and dinner had, I looked at the time and it’s just 17:58! Talk about a productive day. I’ve closed the weekend vlog and super ready for the week. Hopefully, I’m able to complete this post and Day Three’s as well.

Alright let’s do this. Day 2 was exciting to anticipate as I spotted my girl Adenike’s brand in the list. (Oh btw, as I finished off this post I realised the clocks had moved back this morning) 🤣🤣. 


Demure by Denike

House Of Kaya


Black Coffee


Lisa Folawiyo



Odio Mimonet


Sunny Rose

Ugo Monye

Day Two must have been absolute fire. Love the styling of most of these collections. Thanks for your time on here. Kindly subscribe to the channel and follow us on Instagram.

Photography:- Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)




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