LFW SS19 Photos + 10 Wealth Tips

LFW SS19 Photos + 10 Wealth Tips

Had no intentions of coming out this year for fashion week until 2 mates from Lagos came around and were keen. Would come out with my camera but made do with my phone. Stress-less vibes really. Anyways spent my time at Fashions Finest with @mayreejay for a bit. Spotted @itsmaryamsalam and @edaowofashion and  @hyperfashun and her sister-in law (basically rolled with the later).

I’d share some of the photos and mix them up with a message; Tips To Increase Your Wealth;

at Fashions Finest where Mayree was backstage styling the models. <dress:- Topshop.. sneaker:- Zara.. purse:- River Island.. hat:- HM>

1. If you want to change the 🍇 🍈 🍉, first of all change the roots.

You can’t change the fruit that’s already been produced, but you can make tomorrow’s fruit sweeter. You nurture the parts hidden under the ground, knowing that eventually, your efforts will affect the entire system of the plant. 

Life is the same way. If you aren’t getting the results you want, it’s important to make sure you’re focusing on the real problem, not the end result. Focus on the invisible in order to change the visible.

My fav spot since LFW moves from Somerset House.

2. Take ownership of your life

If you want to create real success in your life, you need to believe that you are the one creating your own life. And on the flip side, that you are the one who creates any mediocrity or financial struggle.  Because if you’re the one responsible for your own failure, then you’re also capable of changing your life for the better. 

This is how wealthy people see the world, and it’s one of the reasons for their success. Most middle class and broke people see things very differently. Instead of consciously creating their lives, they see life as something that happens “to” them, instead of “for” them.  

3. Be willing to be uncomfortable 

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, challenged, or discouraged – that means you’re growing.

this Zara sneakers were bought just like this. People always think it’s DIY. Wish I had a closer shot.

4. What you focus on expands

Instead of looking for reasons why everything is wrong, commit to looking at what’s right. By really focusing on your goals in a new and more dedicated way, you’ll find new roads opening up that you never would have noticed before.

S/O to them nice chauffeurs

5. Be a good money manager

If you have a poor habit of managing your money, then there is a good chance you’ll still have a bad habit no matter how rich and successful you become. The answer is to first build the habit no matter how much money you earn because money management is one of the biggest differences between rich people and most middle class and broke people. It could make all the difference in whether or not you achieve success and increase wealth potential. 


6. Your word must become law

How often do you start projects and never finish them? So often, we hear from people who start new programs, who set goals for themselves and then never follow through. Finishing what you start is more important than you might think, and it comes down to one word: integrity. And that doesn’t just mean in terms of being honest with yourself (although that’s important).

<shoes:- Asos.. skirt:- River Island.. Blouse:- River Island>


7. Model rich and successful people

it’s imperative to find people who are rich and successful – and study them to learn how they got there. 

You don’t have to meet these role models face-to-face to use this strategy. You just need to do your homework. Read their books and watch interviews they’ve done. Find out what you can about their past through biographies and news stories. Learn what their lives were like when they were at the same point in their journey that you are now. And then, do what they did.

@hyperfashun and @evaklimovaodogwu

8. Don’t put a limit on your income 

To be truly successful, your business needs to be able to run without you having a hand in every little thing. If you can step back and allow the systems you develop to run your business for you, even better! Once you step back and allow your business to run without you, there are no limits to the income you can earn.

with editor Genevieve magazine, @hyperfashaun

9. Stop focusing on money. Focus on solving problems 

Stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on others.

10. Never stop learning 

Set aside time in your life (and money in your budget) to invest in programs that will teach you something new each day. You’ve probably heard the saying that “knowledge is power” – take it to heart!

Thanks for spending your time on here. Photos taken by friends and edited by myself. Thumbnail shot by LFW Photog @reinolda. Tips from T. Harv Eker’s book and wealth for you! More on my instagram.


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  1. October 25, 2018 / 5:15 am

    Hon! I’ve been away from the blogosphere a bit and now I’m back! I feel you, when you’ve been on the fashion scene a while, you know if you miss one fashion week, there’ll always be another!
    Great life tips, I need to really put into practice the one about focusing on what’s right and not wrong. It can be a very difficult mental exercise!
    Have a good week! Xo

    • October 31, 2018 / 7:08 am

      Welcome back hon. Sometimes you just act going with your instinct and vibe. In some situations, right and wrong are relative.