London Restaurant Review D’LUXX Nigerian Restaurant

London Restaurant Review D’LUXX Nigerian Restaurant

Paid a visit to D’Luxx as suggested by a friend of mine a few weeks ago to try out their delicacies. We ordered different starters and mains and were not let down one bit.

In general, I’d give the place a 9 out of 10. Reason for the -1 was because out mains were served while we were still half way gone with the starters. Worthy to note that the goat 🐐 suya my friend had was the tastiest I’ve ever had in London. I kept 💭 ing about it days and days after. *sigh*. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos below..


Starter:- Nkwobi – £10





Starter – Goat Suya – £10




Main:- Okra + Fried Fish (hake) + Pounded Yam – £12



Main:- Fried Yam – £5

I had Origin Zero (non-alcoholic).. a first for me. It was actually really good.

Enjoy the video below

Must Have:- Goat Suya!!!


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