Modernizing The Vintage Trend – @Styledbybie #MGGuest

March was one h*ll of a month; having to shuttle between several job deadlines, my vintage store (@VintageMenNG) having its own outdoor sales event, meetings and of course personal issues that arise daily. Hence, my little disappearance of the blog but not to worry TheStyleTrain is always here. 

I try as much as possible to remain in my style sphere whilst pulling different trends, rather than going for the typical 70’s trend i opted for the contemporary vintage style

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It’s What’s Under Your Clothes that Builds Confidence | #iManscape

Self-confidence is something a lot of us struggle with. A lot of the people you see on a daily basis that wouldn’t appear to have an issue with self-confidence actually do. It’s a common thing to feel down on ourselves sometimes it’s just human nature.

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