My Trip To Abuja Nigeria | PreWedding Vibes

My Trip To Abuja Nigeria | PreWedding Vibes

Hi hon, how is everything going with you right now? Hope alright. Just make the best of yourself situation and try and find the good – possibly the humour in whatever is going ‘wrong’ around you right now. This is an outlook I’ve been imbibing recently, it’s working and helping those around me as well. We’d talk about planning my traditional wedding on channel & blog on another post after the event. (ps:- subscribe to our channel if you haven’t). 

Had to fly into Nigeria from Abuja this time around for a first as my sister Nelly was basically in charge of most of my vendors. Spent Sunday to Wednesday doing fittings, slight shopping, chatting with the Photog and my asoebi girls, hooking up with a few, doing my nails and of course eating & taking photos. 

A lot of my Nigerian followers and followings complain about annoying backdrops in Naij so decided to inspire them. Yeah the clouds might look bluer and the environment neater overseas but I appreciate some red sand and creativity Nigeria offers. Enjoy the photographs.

Day One

Landed at 5:45 spent about an hour at immigration/carousel.. Nelly spotted my “yellow body” some 2 minutes after I’d stepped out. She’d already bought my sim + call credit.  Made all necessary calls showered and has a good sleep. 

We spent the evening at Shoprite cinema watching King of Boys – such an amazing plot the movie had. Actually wished I reviewed. Tons of Instagram- worthy captions as well. Caught up with my friend Nonye and met her baby as well.

Day Two

The most chilled Monday ever. Went for my outfit fittings today both outfits required adjustments. Hooked up with Funmi & Ngozi afterward. We went off shopping at NEXT Cash & Carry for a new powerbank (left mine on the plane). Funmi also got some props for the after-party. We also had the yummiest lunch at Funmi’s followed by huge helpings of cold stone ice cream 🍨 . Got back to Funmi’s to see my god-son, Tireni.



Day Three

Stayed home till about 1pm. Had bank runs and final fitting then karaoke with Funmi. Sorted out my account restriction and got  new ATM that same day. Still got a bone to pick with the bank as they charged me a lot of extra charges for messages they’d been supposedly sending to the person who now owns my previous Nigerian number. *sigh*. The dress needed more adjustments. Got that done and ended the day at Sofa Lounge singing our hearts out.

Day Four

My last full day in Abuja on this trip. I made an itinerary of 10 items for the day and gave Nelly to her joking-displeasure. Had breakfast at Salamander, for the Bob’s saloon for nails and henna (for Nelly)..then Area 1 for Kilishi and some photos. A quick drive to Maitama for the Unity Fountain. Got some nice shots on Shehu Shagari Way. Went again to Shoprite to pick up a couple perfumes and almonds for nibbles.

 Day 5?

I don’t enjoy flying but ironically love travelling. Decided last month I was going to go to my village by road.  Boarded the Mercedes (usually the first one) at God Is Good Motors (GIGM). 20 minutes in to the trip, there was some sound and the driver pulled over to change a tyre. I decided to start writing this blogpost and then took the shot right below. 

Right now we are stuck on this intense traffic on Okene-Lokoja Road. 

“You’re fully prepared for this trip” the guy sat beside me says. Lol! It’s 4 hours into this trip and I have consumed my bowl of Habib yogurt, turkey and just pulled out some kilishi. *i can’t shout*

News has reached me that my brother and his wife have landed Nigeria. My heart is so warm as I’m sent a photo of both my sister in-laws, the now-Okafor girls.

The driver has also turned into a different street to cut off the madness that traffic.

Found this come in my bag from my BA flight ✈️ from London. 




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