Nigerian Restaurant Review | 805 London #GYPSIEHUB

Nigerian Restaurant Review | 805 London #GYPSIEHUB

Took my crawling pads to Hendon for a review of 805’s branch located there. I’ve been to 805 quite a number of times, I mean, what Nigerian in London hasn’t. Those birthday meals or the  let’s-do-Nigerian hangouts  I’d reluctantly attend or decline  because it was all the way in Old Kent road came to an end when the Hendon branch was a opened. *North West Baby*.
I’ve had some weird experiences at 805 to be honest, I mean two weeks ago when I visited with Lanre, we were waiting for our good when he caught sight of one of the waitresses sniffing the soup 😳 possibly to decide what it was. We almost wept 😩. That day was a busy day too so our waiting time was a bit long. The male waiter apologized though..also tried to make it up, he did great actually, we left laughing. Back to my recent visit on the review day. Here are the photos of our meals (video and final words below).

Roasted Plantain aka Boli – £6

Had this with Efo-Riro – £14 (usually with p/Yam etc)

Grilled Whole Croacker Fish + Salad + Fried Yam – £18

Drinks 🍹 

Non-alcoholic Chapman – £7

Alcoholic Chapman – £7 + £4.50

Nigerian Guinness Stout (big) – £5.50

Take-out all packed

Final Words

Overall I’d give 805 Hendon Restaurant a 7.5 out of 10.

If in wasn’t there with my friend who’d ordered the grilled fish, maybe a 9 out of 10 (minus 1 for serving me the wrong dish and not even knowing it was wrong after I asked. Was impossible for my mate to enjoy his fish so he had it all packed up to go so he could find a proper peppered sauce for it. Doubt they have one at all as the lady could only provide stew after he complained.

805 should;

• make a sauce to be served with their grilled fish 🐟 

• educate the staff on what each item looks like (not smells like)

Sweet Spot;

• the toilet 🚽 area !!! #perfection

Enjoy the video



You can find them;

• 805 Old Kent Road
SE15 1NX

• 66 Vivian Avenue
Hendon Central

93 Aminu Kanu Crescent
Wuse II, Abuja

3 Third Close
Off Volta Street
Airport Residential Area


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  1. Amaka Chigbue
    September 6, 2017 / 10:39 pm

    Never been bold enough to try this mix but I just might….just the other day got snails (was so excited it was in season!)

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