50’s Themed Wedding – Yewande and George Thorpe

Hi guys,

Remember our fierce media mogul feature with Yewande ‘Sobamowo’ sometime last year?? On
the feature after hers, I told you (in this post) that she got engaged the same day we got her post published also. Click the relevant links to refresh your memory. 

Well Well Well, she eventually got married two weeks ago, her lovely wedding had a theme. I do love weddings with themes and hers was 50’s themed. So lush.

So guys, grab you glasses of ‘liquid’ and lets have a photo fest.. 🙂

Black Tie Dinner
This dinner was held after their engagement on both their birthdays. Oh yes! They are birthday mates…how cute?

Engagement Shoot
This was college themed..

Hen Night

Obviously organised by her friends, Yewi’s bridal shower was 20’s themed. The lighting didn’t help to get loads of really clear pictures but in summary, most people were in embroidered frocks with loads of pearls, frills, feathers and fringes.

Traditional / Engagement

At this event she appeared in three different looks.. 


Some extremely happy friends..



Asoebi Girls

With her maid of honour, Atim, owner of the fab Afrolems blog..

The Guys

Pre-White Wedding

White Wedding

This turn-up must have been mad fun!

Decor | Hostesses | Drinks 

50s Inspired Bridesmaids

50’s Inspired Guests

Honeymoon (Lol)

All in all this was a very well put together series of events. Extremely memorable for all who were a part of it.

Here is wishing the couple, Yewi and George and fruitful and blessed union.

Bride’s Make-up – FacesByLabisi
Profesional Pictures (engagement and first pic) – Akintayotimi
Wedding Planner Hostesses – Bachnlorette
Drinks Catering – Drinkspro and DrinksDotCom

Do have a lovely week ahead guys… Thanks for your time on here..


The key is falling in love with something, anything. If your heart’s attached to it, then your mind will be attached to it.” – Vera Wang

Milan Fashion Week | StreetStyle | LFWeekend Sept 2014

Hi guys,

Its 23:01 and I am having a cup of ice-cream (Jesus take the wheel) while doing up 
this post.. Oh well, barely had a meal today so its allowed? 🙁

Okay so last weekend I hung my laundry out on the hangers in my balcony and two dresses just got missing when I came to get em the next day. So so annoying!!!!

Anyhoo, life’s been very well asides that. Extremely thankful. Do enjoy my favourite shows from Milan and of course a few Street Styles. Loads more pictures on our Facebook here, and instagram @metrogypsie.

Day 1

Stella Jean

Looking at this collection, one feels transported to some holiday destination. I wondered what city or region inspired this collection when I initially looked at the pieces.
I recently read her mum was Haitian and she was born (or was it raised) in Dominican Republic. 

The print are absolutely amazing and her pairings are interesting and practical. Also note the nod to the sporty trend with her varsity tops.


A 70s inspired collection that I loved from the depths of my heart. The large bronze buttons, suede, colour and denim.

Day 2


Clearly inspired by Barbie, Jeremy Scott expressed himself as loudly as ever this time around again. Remember the McDonalds inspired collection??
So you can ooh at the looks of these lovely barbies and see if you can find your personal sort of Barbie. Like if you were Barbie how would you look sort of thing.


I’m definitely in need of that red suit.I loved the loose fit of their pieces, also the accessories, use of colour and most of all, the fact that all the models donned a piece of that sexy eyewear. 


My most convincing collection so far. 
Inspiration behind this collection was how fashion and architecture have been able o show modern innovation in recent times.
Not as much colour as I am usually drawn to but his cuts are unparalleled. 
Most of his pieces were serious at the same time real fun.
Denim is definitely a trending fabric for SS15.

Day 3


Free | Windy | Light | Floral | Ethnic | Stripes | Headgear


Very glittery.. Lovely cut-outs as well.

Day 4

Emilio Pucci

Another 70s inspired collection. Spring would be a hippie one.
This is my fav designer after Ulyana Sergeenko.

Jil Sander

Androgynous | Minimalistic | Reverse Print | Tomboyish

I also thought the range of styles was narrow.

Giorgio Armani

This is just the height of sophistication….to the damn core.

Day 5

Dolce and Gabbana

This collection was inspired by the Spanish invasion of sicily between 1516 and 1713.
Spot Kendall Jenner serving front-center.

Milan Street Style

Barbie Style at MFW

London Fashion Weekend with Remi and Ify
Knitted Blouse – Asos
Knitted Skirt – Asos
Socks – Topshop
Bag – Thrifted (Portobello market)
Shoes – Irregular Choices
Sunglasses – Portobello market

I would make such an awesome paparazzi though.. 🙂

Obligatory Selfies

Major jokes at the Sunglass Hut stand in between shows.

Linda Farrow chilling..

That’s all folks. PFW coming as it ends… Yewi’s wedding as well soon on blog.. Lastly, our pop-up shop, Retrogypsie would be up soon. You would be able to find both new and preloved designer items. Keep your eyes here!

Do have a lovely week earthlings…


“[Peggy Moffitt] taught me how much more a model puts in her work than just a pretty face.” – Twiggy

How To Rock Fashion Week Like My Friends – LFW Day 2 and 3

Hi Guys, 

If you had seen the previous post here, you’d know this is an extension. So on this feature today, I would
be sharing pictures of our time at Somerset House on LFW Days 2 and 3.

LFW Day 2 with Ify – September 17 2014

Spring Elegance..

White Mesh: Topshop

Yellow Camisole: Topshop
Light Yellow Hat: Portobello Market
Pink Skirt: Asos
Chanel BoyBag Phone Case: @Pamboogie (instagram)
Yellow Fur Clutch: Topshop
Black Scallop Waist Belt: Topshop
Neck Chain: Gift
Socks: Primark (male section)
Sunglasses: Aldo
Shoes: Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa


The paparazzi were feeling guys though. I was so damn shy to say the least. Acting all awkward and stuff. Thank God Ify was there though, she was basically ‘gingering’ me. Arghh..

Sexy structure..

Take a closer look…

Oh YAS!!!

Some solo shots I managed to take…

We stepped outside Somerset and these crew were going crazy on the road.. Gosh I love Fashion Week!!!!!!!

** obligatory selfie **

 *** The End of Day 2 ***

Day 3 with Funmi and Uju – 18 September 2014

Okay before we commence I would love to inform y’all how I had to basically force these girls, to get their behinds to Strand with moi.
2 styling sessions and a concept creation later they agreed to come along.

Seasonal Black..

Black Beret: Liverpool Street Market
Black Corset Dress: Urban Renewal
Black Jacket: H&M
Bronze Neckpiece: Céline (inspired by Jay Z, the material i.e)
Glasses: Aldo
Black Boots: DKNY
Burgundy Portfolio Bag: Texier

With them girls.. Uju and Funmi
Hope you get the concept.. Lol!

The New Pretty..

Monochrome Queen..

There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.” – J.K Rowling, Harry Potter and the  Sorcerer’s Stone

“What if evil doesn’t really exist? What if evil is something dreamed up by man, and there is nothing to struggle against except out own limitations? The constant battle between our will, our desires, and our choices?” Libba Bray, Rebel Angels

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Okay enough of these quotes and depth…

Friends that slay together…

Jacket off!

*Kiss Kiss*

*** Obligatory selfies ***

*** Minnie Marj Time ***

 I had an appointment after LFW so I switched shoes to suit my next destination.

Some of my features..

Swatch had a photo booth for pictures and a twitter competition so this last one isn’t a feature..
That’s it guys. I hope you have enjoyed both my days at LFW. There would be more pictures after London Fashion Weekend.

I would be there Saturday, 20th Sept. Do have a wonderful weekend.

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‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.’ – Lauren Hutton

London Fashion Week – Street Style – SS2015 – RTW – Metrogypsie

Hi Guys, 

I have been in such an amazing space lately. Could be
the fashion week, who knows? Well work has been great, my new team is proper brand new, making new friends at work, my team leader is amazeballs as well.

Fortunately/unfortunately there’s barely time for banter on this post so lets go in.
This week, just as we saw in New York at the previous post here, we would be seeing lots of street style from London including your truly’s and friends (Funmi, Ify and Uju).

I am inclined to start with pictures showing my experience at London Fashion Week (LFW) but that would distract me a lot so lets get with my favourite designer(s) from each of the 5 days fashion week was in my city.

Day 1 Fav

Fyodor Golan

I though this collection looked digital before I read about their Microsoft partnership. The Bottom left gown has some footie field print on it’s bottom layer.
“Our spring and summer 2015 season collection is an expression of modernity and youthful romance in the digital age. We wanted to translate fast-paced visual language onto ready-to-wear items that translate that vision and showcase vividness and energy.” – Fyodor Golan

Day 2 Fav


This American label so adored by Hollywood’s finest broke camp and showcased in London this season to mark it’s 10th Anniversary.

House of Holland

My love for House of Holland’s showcase on Day2 was mostly the message behind his collection. I also really loved the prints, not so much the cuts.
The sign backstage to motivate models read BE STRONG, SEXY, CONFIDENT. YOU’RE ON THE LIST.. YOU WROTE THAT LIST.
About his muse he said; 

Day 3

Vivienne Westwood (Red Label)

Stripes are so fresh when combined right like dem ones in Nigeria’s  iAMiSigo’s White Noise collection. (Lord knows the pictures from that collection are sitting in my drafts *sigh*).

Mary Katrantzou

So prominent for someone who has been in the game for 5years, Katrantzou sells in about 200 stores across 50 countries.

Sophia Webster

Apparently, she felt people took the brand as too girly so in a jungle inspired show, this collection was a way to show its ATTITUDE! Well this looks like a candy store.

Day 4


This collection has colour and not in an all-over-the-place manner. I also loved how the denim jackets were so fitted, literally showing waist curves. Then peplum! who does peplum with denim? Christopher Bailey of course. The use of chiffon as well, and that white top that looks like scales of a fish, looks so fresh like its edible.


So damn healthy looking…all that green. Lol.
Loved Erdem’s collection a lot, maybe it’s because I’m so into green juices right now. haha.. The embroidery on some of these pieces though, top notch.

Roksanda Ilincic

Of course there is a third fav today, can’t say no to all this coloration. Simple shapes, geometric cuts, color blocking and the structure of her clothes, I loved…not so much the sticking out folds/scribbles (unsure what they are even called). Yeah, loved Roksanda Ilincic. My Serbian hero.

Day 5

Anya Hindmarch

Stick-Em-Up #AnyaHindmarch #AnyaFixation #Stickers These would also be available @chaosfashiondotcom. #SS15 #Day5 #LFW #Stockdalecharlotte + #Anyahindmarch.

Simone Rocha

Really meticulously thought out details the pieces on this collection have. The scallops trim, on such tender material, then the red dress, must have taken ages to achieve those (not sure what to call them) frills? on the dress and shoe.
What I love most however are them shoes, as some would know already those are so up my alley.

That’s it from the designers.. Lets share some street style collage pictures…


I know I have made these shots really tiny on here. They are all also up on our Facebook here,  and Instagram @Metrogypsie.

Street Chic Collage

That’s about it lovelies.. I have just decided to make my LFW experience another post. as this one seems long enough.
I would be at London Fashion Weekend on Saturday, 20th September. I have got Gold tickets so I’d be seeing a Designer show and a Trend show (or even 2 Designer shows, can’t recall.)
Would be going with my friends, Ify and Remi so I would share that as well. 

Afterwards, Milan Fashion Show. I have seen some pieces from Gucci’s show, *drool*. Stella Jean literally stopped my heart beat for a second. I really cannot wait to share my favs from Milan. 

Have a quick look at BryanBoy’s clutch as seen on him after the  Gucci show today…

Yikes !!!!!!! *sigh*

Do have a stylish rest-of-the-week lovelies..


‘The hardest thing in fashion is not to be known for a logo, but to be known for a silhouette.’ Giambattista Vall 

NYFW Spring/Summer Ready To Wear 2015 BuyNigerian!

Hi Guys,

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward

to the future…this is known as Fashion Week” – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City).

How delicious is this quote which we hear and still love every Fashion Week?

If you haven’t already, keep up with out dope collection of Street Styles and collection favourites from New York. Its been amazeballs. Id go right into it as we might have quite a number of pictures. 

There goes..

Day 1 Favs;

Kaelen Spring/Summer RTW 2015


“I’m such a fabric freak…until I have the fabric I don’t know what the silhouette would be.” – Kaelen Haworth at her Spring 2015 presentation in Manhattan.

Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer RTW 2015


Earth coloured pastels (if there is such a colour) with relaxed silhouettes. What I loved so much about this collection is the classical look of some of the pieces. Even where he had crop tops, they looked conservative with a touch of class.

Day 2 Favs;

Kate Spade Spring/Summer RTW 2015


So garden party chic. I would totally love to have a get-together with friends in this theme. Fresh looks with most of the pieces being in my fav colour, green. The dark green dress on the model with sunglasses is so 50’s and keeps giving me life.
Her purses were also really creative, playful and cute.

Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer RTW 2015


She is most popular for her bridal dresses. For some reason I kept mixing up this collection with Tadashi Shoji’s. 
I really heart the sheer fabric, and the embroidery sprinkled all over some pieces especially the purple ball gown and the pink from hem dress.

Day 3 Fav;

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer RTW 2015

I almost loved every outfit in this collection. Christian definitely has a knack for that finishing touch. The simple dresses have a certain slight cut or curve that oozes class. Loved the use of silk, this season’s deep neckline and lace.

Day 4 Fav;

Diane Von Furtsenberg Spring/Summer RTW 2015

Seeing Naomi Campbell (who closed the show) strutting in that flirty dress, Kendall Jenner (whom it was an S/S debut) just two people behind her in a pretty lace and possibly tweed dress was enough to distract me but no. The calibre of people at DVF’s show and the versatility of the collection, one could see this is the perfect collection for the America working woman.
There has been quite a number of checkered looks this week. Lace and strong silk were also spotted.
I saw my darling Ivanka Trump at the show as well. Pleased.

Day 5 Fav;

Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer RTW 2015

Flowers Flowers Flowers, definitely the inspiration behind this collection. Love the accentuated waists, length and the structured dresses.

Day 6 Fav;

Dennis Basso Spring/Summer RTW 2015

Very metallic colours. I really like the structured looks. This last one with a front slit (which loads of pieces this season had) is an amazing mix I’d say…serious and feminine.

Day 7 Favs;

Delpozo Spring/Summer RTW 2015

Omigosh! Ethereal is the word for this collection. The pastel is a tad deeper than usual. Such creativity with scriptural but also soft elements.
you also know I can’t help but stare when there is colour.

Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer RTW 2015

Even before sighting anything from this collection, I was certain it would be one of my favs.
I read that there were toy elephants perched on everyone’s seats, these were gifts from the Clinton Foundation to raise awareness for poachers. Cuuuuuutttteeeee.
This collection was obviously classy as usual, but he also showed midriff. I’m in love with the Pants look with lacey top and pastel blue checkered kimono.

Day 7 Favs;

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer RTW 2015

Really dark and classic collection. Quite simple, great cuts and patches mix. Also , good use of leather to work in Spring/Summer.

Nigerian Designers at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

–> Lisa Folawiyo Spring/Summer RTW 2015 – Day 4

Both my fav looks at the bottom. I thought Lisa’s collection looked rich. Possibly excessive on the patches/cut-outs, she still made them quite wearable. I wish I could rock one of these.

–> Deola Sagoe Spring/Summer RTW 2015 – Day 4

Oh my! I need these dresses at the bottom. So so classy.
Some pieces in this collection were flirty (surprisingly). *smiles*
I love the deep plunging necks and sheer cut out on the navy blue silk dress.

–> Clan Spring/Summer RTW 2015 – Day 4

SO damn impressed. The ladies at Clan styled these models perfectly. I love whats going on on their hair. The collection is easy, fresh, young and playful with a touch of edgy. I already see my self in the red crop look. Great future ahead.

That’s it from New York guys. Hope you are inspired?!!

Fashion Week would never be complete without at least a couple Street Style pictures. As I earlier mentioned, there are loads of pictures to keep your adrenalin up on our Instagram page (@Metrogypsie.)

Honourary mentions which I would post up on instagram later today.
These three people kept serving in New York daily all week long and were very consistent with impeccable style.

–> Aimee Song (@Songofstyle)

–> Blake Scott (@blakescott_)

–> Olivia Palermo

I just couldn’t get enough of the Burberry look

Big ups to these 3 and loads of others. They kept us alive in style.

#RandomThought: why are there 3 magazines between September 2014 and October 2014 with those on the cover in the same pink Chanel suit??!? 

Oh well…

Do enjoy the rest of the Fashion weeks and do not forget to stop over here after each one to be served.

Have a lovely fashion week and weekend and do not forget laughter is always in season.

Photo Credits: VOGUE, @Melodiejeng (IG), @quistyle, @songofstyle, @blakescott_, bellanaija.com, genevieveng.com and pulse.ng.


“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future…this is known as Fashion Week” – Carrie Bradshaw