Sales! Cute Topshop Items.. Christmas Gift Ideas

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I have decided to blog about items on sale especially this period where most of us would be buying gifts for our loved
We are going to start with Topshop and Topman (next post) today, and I would keep serving you as the days go by.


Fringe Mesh Bodycon Dress
Was £45.00
Now £15.00

 Meek 2 Cut-Out Slippers
Was £28
Now £10

 Scallop Trim Shift Dress
Was £48
Now £22

 Giggle Geek Shoes
Was £30
Now £10

Brushed Metal Shaped Necklace
Was £12.50
Now £5
 Puffy Jacquard Pencil Skirt
Was £40
Now £15

Crinkle Ditsy Print Dress
Was £60
Now £10
 Deep Dye Mesh Panel Dress
Was £29
Now £7

 Sleeveless Flippy Dress
Was £46
Now £22

Two-Tone Metallic Clutch
Was £38
Now £18
 Print Panel Bodycon Dress
Was £36
Now £15

Seaside Lace-up cut-out Shoes
Was £30
Now £15

Stripped Crop Jacket
Was £58
Now £30
 Moto Soft Ripped Denim Boyshorts
Was £32
Now £18

Chandelier Earrings
Was £18.50
Now £8.00

 Thread Wrapped Cut-out Cuff
Was £14.5
Now £8
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Mega Pearl and Chain Collar
Was £16.5
Now £8
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Crotchet Patch Dress
Was £60
Now £30

Birkenstock Madrid Sandals
Was £40
Now £10
Engraved Multi Row Bracelet
Was £14.50
Now £8.50

Saffiano Tile Print Tote
Was £36
Now £15

Oval Stone Cocktail Ring
Was £6.50
Now £2.50
Okay so I couldn’t find a link to this, I think its from Topman so it would be in the next post.

Crotchet Flower Drop Earrings
Was £10
Now £3.50

Hot Wings Classic Tee
Was £30
Now £15

Scuba Deep V Bodycon
Was £35
Now £18
Plush Heart Knit Top
Was £28
Now £15

Plush Heart Knit Skirt
Was £30
Now £18

This comes in orange as well..
 Central Saint Martins Cut-Out Collar
Was £30
Now £15

Central Saint Martins Cut-out Triangle Earrings
Was £20
Now £8

Fantasy Print Kimono
Was £38
Now £10
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That’s it guys. The next post would have items from Topman and trust me that would be filled with better deals.

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Gift Ideas from Topman.. Sales!!!

Hi guys,

So as promised,  here is the follow-up post with items from Topman. 
On this one, I would paste a link to
the Topman sales page so you can have a wander about as well as some chosen items I think are cute. The Topman site is an easier site to navigate actually so its all cool.

Some of these tees are as low as £6.

Some being as low as £3, these bracelets are very stylish.


I would just paste the links here once again..

Some of these tees are as low as £6.

Some being as low as £3, these bracelets are very stylish.

That’s all folks.

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Street Style + Day 4 GTBank LFDW 2014 Lagos Nigeria

Hi guys,

So its finally Day 4! The final day for the GTBank LFDW 2014. Couldn’t get photos of Odio Mimonet and Ejiro
Amos Tafiri’s collections.
Do enjoy the rest of the awesome show-cases.

Ituen Basi’s Diffusion

Fresh | Fun | Measure

Ade Bakare

Silk | Puffs | Creative

Bridget Awosika

Fringe | Structure | Ruffles

Mai Atafo Inspired

Hats | White | Black | Androgyny

Meena’s Muted Ways

Structure | Embellishment | Lace

Wana Sambo’s Ode to Toni Jo

Dark | ThighHigh | Grey

Sophie Zinga’s Abyssinia

Inspired by an old Ethiopian empire and features Ethiopia’s orthodox church which is interpreted as symbols and geometric shapes, this collection was easy and wearable.

Okunoren Twins

Tailored | Ethnic | Artsy

This collection was dedicated to the memory of designer, Remi Lagos. May he RIP, Amen.

Lanre Dasilva Ajayi’s Rock Delight

Inspired by the Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State in Nigeria, this collection was totally exquisite.
LDA Couture’s fabrics are always so stunning that – though she has creative cuts – even the simplest of silhouttes always come out so glamorous.

Feminine | PureSilk | Glamorous

Tiffany Amber

Metallics | Sheer | Plunging

Street Style Time + Green Carpet Photos

That’s all folks. 
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Mai Atafo at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2014

Hi guys,

Apparently, Ituen Basi could not make the event so I would just share Mai Atafo’s collection on this post. 

Enjoy guys..

I really need to see MAI in New York for AW 2015 0r SS 2016.
He has taken his designs way above his peers in Nigeria.
His pieces have quality, nice subtle details and his collections, a nice story. 
He is also so much fun on the runway. One of his collections I saw last year had his male models all James Bond-esques with guns. It was a bridal collection because I recall the ladies in wedding dresses.

Then, his showcase at LFDW 2014, all his models took selfies at the finale and they had a group one as well. 

Photo Credit:- Simon Deiner / SDR Photo.

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I hope the pictures for Day 4 would be ready tonight so that I can update the blog…if not, tomorrow.

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Day 3 GTBank Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2014

Hi Guys,

So its Day 3 time already! How has your weekend been going? Mine has been proper busy as I am trying to get my next stock to Konga
I hope you have been shopping our stuff on their site. Click here to see our previous stuff on Konga, how I styled them and you know what to do do afterwards???? Buy em all up!

Lagos Fashion Design and Style week got all turned up this weekend (Friday and Saturday) so you should really enjoy this post.

I have pictures from Mai Atafo’s collection at Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Week 2014 in Johannesburg but I really want to post them in the same post with Ituen Basi’s and I can’t seem to find pictures of her collection. I would give it a couple more days.

Here is Day 3 of LFDW..

Ella and Gabby

Ankara | Prints | Embellished

Kiki Kamanu’s First Kiss

Bring | Back | Our | Girls

Collection looked so fun! Great structure with the pieces and a greater message passed through fashion.

Republic of Foreigner’s Candy Plantation

Orange | Floral | Chiffon
The model on the bottom right section looks like Lupita Nyongo don’t you think so?.. Sweet..

Re Bahia’s Coup d’etat

 Crops | Artsy | Abstract


Top | Notch | Styling

Orange Culture’s H.E.R

Modern | Fresh | Freedom

Adebayo Oke Lawal:- “Orange Culture is not here to make you comfortable with the clothes we make, we are here to create clothes that tell interesting stories”..and YAS there’s some interesting details in this collection I would share on the Instagram page tomorrow.

Iconic Invanity’s Rhythm

Patterns | Capes | Stripes
So fit for a queen, I loved this collection.

Tsemanye Binitie

Fringe | Prints | Bridal

Lisa Folawiyo

Inserts | Mixed Prints | Layering

That’s it from Day 3 folks. Do have a wicked Sunday.
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