How To Wear The Hijab Stylishly

Hi guys,

The weather has been wonderful these past few weeks, thanks be to God for this. Work for me has been so great as well, I have
changed teams in my officeOkay  and sincerely that’s one of the best things that have occurred at my work place.

I wish I could hear more about y’alls jobs. Feel free to drop whatever form of comments you want to.

Okay so this week, our feature is a classy young lady I met on recently. She is pretty, talented and really well put together. Extremely good with her hands, a DIY queen indeed,  she has easy methods to make practically any basic item. At the end of this feature, I’d put links to her YouTube and Instagram accounts.


I wake up early in the morning to pray. Then I exercise, usually a quick run. Make breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea. Then I spend time with baby girl before I get my day started.

I absolutely love Miss Dior Cherie. I wear it year round.

I wish I knew how to fix cars. Whenever something goes wrong with my car I always feel like I’m being overcharged.

My #1 essential item is a scarf. I have them in every color style and print.
 A maxi skirt whether is a circle skirt, a line or a tulle skirt. It’s a must have for me.
Last but definitely not least, Blazers! I love blazers, my faves are vintage/thrifted finds.

My ideal after work is to Spend time with my baby girl, it’s what I always look forward to. There’s nothing better than seeing her smile at the end of the day.

My ideal weekend is Good food + Good company = Great Times.  My girlfriends and I hanging out and of course doing a little shopping never hurts.

I keep my outfits pretty simple with a pop of color here and there. I think that’s what makes me stand out. Simplicity at its best.

For shopping, I love thrifting, so Goodwill or a consignment shop are my number one choices. I like pieces that I’m not going to see everyone else wearing. Nobody likes to see themselves coming down the street.

I keep my hair covered but I like my scarves like I like my hair. Big, bold and beautiful. 

Everyone should always have their Confidence, don’t leave home without it!

I have an affinity for red and leopard prints, and of course black.

I just finished reading The Alchemist again and I’m always reading the Quran.

At every point in time, I’ve always got Lipstick, at least a few different colours inside my bag.

I don’t know that I do lol I promise I need more hours in day. I try to make sure that I always make time for family because at the end of the day that’s what’s most important to me.

Wear what makes you happy and what you feel good in. It doesn’t matter what’s on trends or what others think. If you like it and feel good in it then you’re style is perfect!

That’s all folks.. Thanks so much Nadira for letting us have you on here. 
”Nadira037” to get in touch with her via Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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“Accessories are what , in my opinion,pull the whole look together and make it unique.” – Yves Saint Laurent.

CetteOnline’s First Lookbook: Fashion & Football Fusion.

Cette’s First Look Book (Issue 1: A fusion of football and fashion)
The Cette Team is proud to present 
to you its very first Look Book!

CetteOnline store is an online fashion store that stocks popular International high street brands including Zara, Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins, Virgos Lounge e.t.c and they also have their own label and an African designers section that includes both local and international brands. 

This look book style is inspired by work-chic fashion, this season’s hottest trends and best of all this summer’s the biggest event- the 2014 World Cup.

The work collection slightly deviates from the norm into what they call ‘work-chic’ fashion which incorporates colours, prints and amazing cuts, as we all know colours + prints equal fun!

All outfits featured in the look book are available on their website so hurry and shop, limited items available!

Visit their website.

Thanks so much for your time guys. Be sure to patronise them as they are a great start-up, really affordable and most importantly, they deal with very strong brands.

Have a lovely week ahead everyone


How To Be Stylish Without Spending Too Much by Guest Writer

Hi Guys,

I am sure you would be expecting pictures from the little event I mentioned last week. Well we 

have got something better and extremely helpful. Unlike most posts on here, this one doesn’t have as much pictures but its such a properly sized post with relevant information.

Our guest is a lady who has done some really helpful articles elsewhere so I was really glad to have her on here. 
Enjoy darlings…

Everyone wants to look his or her best in the latest trend in the market, but this can often be difficult to do on a limited budget. With most of the top trends usually being quite expensive, it is difficult to accomplish, but it is possible. From repurposing existing members of your wardrobe to tips to make you a savvy shopper, there are several ways to attain the trendy look you want without spending all your money.

Reorganize & Repurpose
Before embarking on a shopping adventure, reorganize your closet; doing this beforehand will help you decide what exactly you need to buy. You may also find articles of clothing that you completely forgot you had. Going through your closet will also make you aware of clothes that you may no longer want. Removing clothes you no longer want is a great way to figure out what you have and what you need, but don’t simply get rid of them – repurpose them. One of the easiest transformations to make is cut-offs. Turning pants into shorts, with or without a sewn cuff, can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can also stencil designs on pants or shorts to give them a whole new look.

Use the Internet
Another alternative to just getting rid of unwanted clothing is selling them. There are several sites online that offer services to not only buy clothes at a great price, but also sell them as well. The internet offers so many websites that concentrate on discount clothing sales. Sites like an example of an online portal that connects sellers and buyers of discount clothing through classified ads. This is the easiest way to find the best deals, especially if you are looking for something specific.

Spend Less
Even though it may take more time and patience, shopping at bargain and thrift stores is very rewarding in the end. As mentioned above, figuring out what you have and what you actually need is the first step to not spending frivolously. After reorganizing your closet, make a list of“must have”items. This way you will not spend your limited money on something you already have, or don’t need.

When shopping at your favorite store, don’t spend time looking at the new, just-released items. These are always the most expensive. Spend your time looking through the sale racks; these items will fit your budget and in a few weeks the newly released items that caught your eye will be there too.

Thrift stores are great for anyone shopping with a limited budget. Every article of clothing here is reasonably priced and sometimes you can even find clothes with their original tags still attached. Stores like this are also great for one-of-a-kind jewelry. The best part is, nobody you know will have the same item. Thrift shops are always perfect for finding authentic vintage clothes.

One thing to look out for, when buying sale and bargain items, is the return policy. They usually differ by vendor. Check out these policies especially when shopping online because you often will have to pay to return the items.

Buy clothes that can be versatile. Look for clothes that give you several options when creating an outfit. The more functions a single article of clothing has, the more outfits it can be incorporated in, will make it a much more valuable, and cost effective, part of you wardrobe.

By using these tips, you will be sure to find a wardrobe that not only fits your style, but also your budget.

Stephanie Adeyemi
Occupation: Student/Freelance Writer
Interests: Literature, travel, sports (especially basketball)
What book you are reading now: Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
Ways to reach you: My Facebook Profile

Photo Credits: Image courtesy of Sattva /

That’s it folks. Much thanks to Stephanie for sharing her knowledge with us. Even without being on a budget personally, I love my thrift shops, asides the fact you don’t spend so much (most times), you wouldn’t usually see people wearing the same stuff as you.

The next post would come up sooner than you expect so sit tight, lol.

Have a great rest-of-the-week lovelies.


“Its always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting.” – Jean Paul Gaultier.

Work Life With Eddie Aigbe

Hi guys,

I am looking forward to a get-together/games evening at mines this weekend. Loads of food, music, good banter, beautiful people

and of course pictures for you!

Work has been great, the weather has been much more co-operative thankfully and my life has been pretty much lovely.

Our feature this week has no social media account whatsoever and is such a sucker for work-out and fitness.

Occupation: Redress Analyst
Interests: Fashion, Basketball, Gym and Reading


Double-Breasted Jacket – Reiss
Tartan Trousers – The Kooples
White Shirt – T.M Lewin
Brown Shoes – Zara
Brown Leather Strapped Watch – Hugo Boss

I normally start my day with a quick exercise that includes, 20 minute jog, 100 push up session and about 70 sit ups and then oat cereal for breakfast and an apple to start my day with a bang.


Navy Blue Top With Multi-color stripped Collar – Brick Lane
Navy Blue Chinos – Zara
Black Shoes With Tassels – Office
Hat – Camden Market
Silver Strapped Wrist Watch – Emporio Armani 

I love simple but yet rough perfumes like Calvin Klein’s Truth and Christian Dior’s Intense.


Black Jacket – Zara
Light Blue Shirt – NEXT
Stripped Tie – NEXT
Light Grey Trousers – The Kooples
Black Monk Shoes – Aldo
Wrist Watch – Ebay

I am a bit a of a soulful guy and love soft and melodic tunes, my favorite instrument is the guitar, so that is something I wish I could play. YouTube lessons have been coming in pretty handy though.



Steel Blue Shirt – Zara
Tailored Trousers – Penguin
Brown Shoes – Office
Hat – Zara

Every guy should have a tailored double-breasted dark blue suitas it just speaks classsssss in a subtle way. The 2nd thing should definitely be a pair of burgundy shoes to add a bit of style that stands out. You can never go wrong with a pocket square to me so this would have to be my number 3.


Tribal Print Top – Brick Lane
Black Trousers – River Island
Black Sneakers – Office
Black Hat – Tailored
Silver Strapped Watch – Armani

After work, I normally spend my evening at gym playing basketball, watching a movie with my family (I come from a very big family and the only male), watching YouTube on tips on how to play the guitar.

Monday 02

Tweed Jacket With Pin Stripes – Ede and Ravenscroft 
White Shirt – TM Lewin
Tartan Pants – The Kooples
Tie – Tie Rack
Black Shoes With Tassels – Office
Wrist Watch – Hugo Boss

I absolutely enjoying seeing new things and travelling. For example this year alone, I have been to 6 different cities in UK, as well as, Tunisia, Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France) and Lisbon (Portugal). So my weekend usually comprises on short trips abroad.

Tuesday 02

Grey Double-Breasted Jacket – Reiss
Shirt – TM Lewin
Grey Trousers – Reiss
Brown Shoes – Office
Pocket Square – Camden Market

There you go folks! That’s it from this week’s feature. Great thanks to Eddie for letting us having him on here.

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Do have a great rest-of-the-week


“Every time a woman leaves off something she looks better, but every time a man leaves off something, he looks worse.” – Will Rogers

Solange’s Style + #BugoSomto2014

Hi guys,

It was Solange Knowles’ 28th birthday on the 24th of June 2014 and we decided to pay her a style tribute
on the instagram page (@Metrogypsie). 
I thought it right to include the pictures in our next blog post.

So here..

This weekend was pleasantly eventful. From going with Chizua to Nwabugo’s Bridal Shower on Thursday, 26 June 2014 to seeing my high school mate and long time friend Nkechi (and her son Chike) on Friday, then attending Nwabugo and Somto’s wedding with them on Saturday as well as seeing lovely faces from way back like Chidiogo, Rume etc to finally going on a bus tour on Sunday.

Quite exhausting I must add but a marvellous weekend  it was.

Bugo’s Shower..

The theme of the event (as organised and chosen by her bridesmaids) was ‘Parisian Chic’.

Chizua and I enroute Bugo’s shower in our Parisian looks..

Absolutely stunning Bugo and her best friend and maid of honour, Nneka.

Obligatory selfies with Chizua

Stole some selfies with Nnneka..

 My team won the tissue wedding dress game (but of course)..

..and we got hefty prizes.. *whoop*

Bugo and her BFFs, Nneka and Adaku..

Hawtie Hawtie Hawtie..

The Wedding
Love all in the air, the couple looked extremely happy. It was such a lovely wedding.
Bride adorned in Maggie Sottero.

Nkechi and Chike, #gang..


Sister of the bride, Nwady. Sister of life. She gave the loveliest speech at the reception, made sure we were all comfortable and was basically on top of everything from Thursday. #Best.

Nkechi, Somto, Chidiogo. Was so good being and chatting with these lovely ladies after such a long while.

 Expatriate, Remi..


 Bintu, Adaeze, KC

 Bride and her well wishers..

Selfie Behaviour; Bintu, Nkechi (Top Picture)
Nkechi, Emeka, Doris (Bottom Picture)

Beautiful Girls, Bintu and Hilda..

Couple, Best-man, Maid Of Honour and the Bridesmaids.

It was such a lovely way to spend one’s Saturday. This wedding was very well organised and intimate. Beautiful atmosphere with lovely people everywhere. We danced our feet out. It was just wonderful.

I sincerely wish Bugo and Somto divine favour in all their endeavour as a couple, unlimited blessings and wisdom from God.

The next post would be sooner than expected.

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Do have a lovely weekend folks


Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin.” – Francesca da Rimini.