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Hi guys,

It was Ash Wednesday last, the official start of the lenten season, what have you given up?? Mine
has to be food, been grubbing so much lately like its going out of trend *sad face*.
Lent for those who aren’t sure is the 40-day period (asides the Sundays) before Jesus Christ was crucified.

Just finished watching Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 and I’ve been wondering if it would ever really be chic to wear sneakers with workwear, as in skirts suits and all. Love love the whole waist accentuation, Karl got going with the Spring Summer collection. Then that Supermarket setting he had for FallWinter 2014 was amaze-balls. Like and check our Facebook page for more pictures.

Rihanna and Keira Knightley, Chanel Spring 2014.

More Rihanna goodness from Paris Fashion Week
(Labels and names all on our Facebook and instagram pages).

My Favs from the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, 2014.
(Labels and names all on our Facebook and instagram pages).

My weekend with my friends, Kasie and Amaka.

Bridesmaid, Amaka and Guest Funmi (lol).. Our weekend.

I wore this Emilio Pucci Spring 2012 replica dress. 
If I may ask, is there any dress or outfit Kim Kardashian hasn’t worn? 60% of the ‘Who wore this better?’ I see on social media have Kim in them. Lol.

Okay enough of all these distractions, lets moonwalk to our week’s feature..

Tosin Olowo
Occupation: Management Consultant
Interests: Coaching & Mentoring, Music Eating -out and Travelling.


Style – Spring Elegance


Style – Utility Chic


Style – Simply Chic


Style – Ruffled Puffs


Style – Casual Chic

Tosin’s work inspiration is basically her being an usher in church as she decides what colours to were as planned by the fellow ushers.

That’s it folks! Thanks a lot Tosin for letting us have you here.

Have a blessed week everyone!


“Every generation laughs at old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” – Henry David Thoreau.

London Fashion Weekend + Fashion Week Favourites February 2014

Hi Guys,

So far this week, my life has been poorly accessorised. From losing 2 brollys on the underground trains
to getting bounced of the audition process for some program I can’t really speak much about at the moment *tear drop*. Replaced the former with the sexiest Moschino piece out there though, thanks to my beloved TKMaxx (its not online, I’d have shared a link).

Was at the Somerset House on Sunday for London Fashion Weekend’s Day 4 with my friend who’s in from out of town. It was so windy and cold but as fashion lovers, everyone looked to happy and comfortable ready to devour what the exhibitors had to offer.

 The trends that were spotted at the show were Metallics, Lace, Florals and the whole Sporty vibe. Loads of ladies had matching jacket and shorts suits.. I really loved it. Also bold colours as always, brogues and HATS! I actually lost my hat enroute the venue and only realised after I’d alighted in front of Somerset House.. Lol.

Just before I share pictures from the event, I want to share my favourite collections from the Couture show in Paris and New York, London and Milan shows.


Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture
Basically this lady has my heart, kidney, lungs. She just distributes life on the runway collection after collection. Just as elegant as she is. *deep sigh*

Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 Couture
Unfortunately my favourite outfit is been missing from this picture. I’d describe, its a double breasted ankle-length dress made of the same fabric as the white pants on the left (and jacket next to it), same gold bottom detail which had just the middle bottoms done. You can totally wear that and the two on the right to work.


Tess Giberson Fall 2014 Ready To Wear
I love how very well put together her collection was. Nothing all over the place even though it had various textures, wool, sheer, leather, silk, cotton and then patterns and prints. Smart looking models. Loves it.

Suno Fall 2014 Ready To Wear
Love love love.. You know when you see an RTW collection and everything is downright up your alley.. That’s how Suno made me feel. Kenya’s is a second home to Max Osterweis and till date some of the brand’s items are produced there.


Pringle Of Scotland Fall 2014 Ready To Wear
I’d say ‘yaaay, home grown designer’ but I’d be guilty of major famzing so yeah, let me behave.
Originally producing just knitwear, this brand was established way back in 1815. Although this collection seems a bit more mature than I’d normal go for, its freshness is too appealing. 
Every item looks so crisp and of great quality. That bottom 2nd jacket to the right is so dope.

House of Holland Fall 2014 Ready To Wear
I only really paid a lot of attention to Henry Holland after I saw photos of him with Rita Ora at some event in Bicester Village and I have been a believer ever since. This collection had showcased for barely 48 hours before Lily Allen sported the bottom middle dress at the Brit Awards.
I really love colour on the runway too and Henry is an absolute genius with that.

Aquilano.Rimondi Fall 2014 Ready To Wear
Very well known for the architectural look of their clothes, the duo behind this brand got on my better side this year. Looking at the pieces above, you’d notice their playfulness with fabric. Interesting. Wallowing in my love for work fashion apparel, I’m totally loving this collection. The bottom right one, I really love the mix of the elastic fabric at the hems.

Moschino Fall 2014 Ready To Wear
Need I say more? Gushed on and on about this on the instagram page. (@Metrogypsie).

That’s all from my top 2 collections from he fashion weeks.
Now for pictures from London Fashion Week February 20 – 23 2014.

Friend, Rico..
Jacket – Zara
Shirt – Forever 21
Trousers – Topman
Shoes – Shuddy
Wrist Watch – Hugo Boss

She had this sheer shirt inside (didn’t show much) and the friendliest fiercest pose. Beauty.

Totally loved this couple.. Such a foce dude with that hair going on. His shoes game too..

Hi cutie..

Jacket – Urban Outfitters
Dress – Misguided
Shoes – Topshop
Bag – Céline
Eyewear – Asos

iSpy delicious bag game..

 At the catwalk show..

Drinks after the show..

Favourite pair..

Spotted Elegante by Tiannah Styling’s CEO, ATM Lawani.. (windy day)

Caught up with this really cool pair just as we were about leaving.

That’s all folks !

Hope you enjoyed the post..
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Got this amazing London Fashion Week summary video off Loves it and decided to share offffff coursssseee.. 🙂
Have a great week ahead


“And when he does his little rounds ’round the butiques of London town, Eagerly pursuing wall the latest fads and trends ’cause he;’s a dedicated follower of fashion.” – The Kinks, “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion”.

Gentleman’s Work Style Featuring LOLU EsQ

Hi guys,

How was the Valentines Day weekend? Did you fall deeper in love? Did you dump? Did you get
dumped? Were you just chilled out? Are you now broke? It was basically just another day for me…went to my job but then the weather was so horrible afterwards to even contemplate doing anything. 

Tried to get tickets to the London Fashion Week to no avail so I settled for the discounted ones for London Fashion Weekend that were emailed to me. I should have some pictures from that next week.

This past week has been really eventful in the fashion calendar. Anna Wintour has been friendlier than I’ve ever seen, Cara Delevigne launched her own bag range thanks to British brand, Mulberry, Tinie Tempah hi-fived Prince William during his performance at the BAFTAs he would also do some weird dance with Lupita Nyongo.
(check our Facebook and Instagram pages for pictures)

This week, our feature is not just a stylish gentleman, he is also a man on his grind. You sure do how much we love those species.


LOLU John Arokodare
Occupation: Head of Creations @ LOLU
Interests: Music, Wine, Football, Food, Shoes, Perfumes, Art, Cars

Look #1 – Modern Dandy

This might just be my favourite look of his. That Leather Animal Skin Bag, has all the life I need to go through a hectic day at work + that extra mile my daddy taught me.

Look #2 – Sexy Structure

Double-breasted dope-ness. 
I would say the eyewear can be used to dress down this look too but they seem to be taking this outfit to a higher notch, my neck hurts trying to keep up.

Look #3 – Silican Shine

Still thumbing-up the fullness of the turtleneck fold? Well take a look at the pair of socks.. Retro heaven.

Look #4 – Botany Lessons

What more form of lushness does one need to be faced with at work with this kind of weather we have now??
And no, its not Spring/Summer, its goodness in a tie.. Quick peek at the pocket squares though.. Such impeccable pattern match polka dots and camp respectively.. I got your back guys, BE INSPIRED.
Talking about camouflage still..

#Look 5 – Millitary Maniac

My heart just skipped a beat ¡ No lies.. Quite unsure about the freezer in the background but that’s beside the point guys..
I’d say this just once, take that leap, dare to be stylish.
Hi Lolu in the first picture, we need another angle to see more of what your eyewear be serving.

Look #6 – The Sophicticate

The prints trend didn’t just stop with shirts and pocket squares..
Fitness and colour of this suit gives you a sharp and trendy appeal.

Look #7 – Pimp Daddy

Give your white shirt look an edge with this weirdly shaped bow-tie. Loves it. So damn classy.

Look #8 – Turn Down

HAYYY! These double monk straps thoughhhh.. *lovestruck*
Dressing down with the double breasted jacket (look #2 above).
More eyewear game.

Look #9 – Quirky Prints

Pattern matching.. J’adore. Such a lush ethnic look.
You don’t always have to wear your ankara looking trousers with a plain top/t-shirt, Blackmagic style, PUUSSSHHHH your boundaries. Love the slippers, gives it an effortless vibe.

#Look 10 – Block Party

Just when we thought we were done pushing.. *sigh*
Lolu gives texture mix a twist here. He has a beanie on too yo!  
I’d suggest you re-consider the beanie if its to a serious occasion, church or something of that sort.
Some arm candy would be lovely for this look as well.

Look #11 – Star Boy

Still on that leather behaviour..

Look #12 – Horoscopes?

Versatility of design.. Here its the stars. Works just as well on traditionally outfits.

Look #13 – The Exhibitionist

Dots on Dots in various colors. This is such a crisp look only more exaggerated with those loafers.

Look #14 – Ditzy Florals

Who said we were done with the flowers??
Here’s another way to rock that tie.. Don’t even think about thinking of over-the-top because this is just the right dosage.

Look #15 – The Ingenue 

As the metrogypsie brand forever would preach versatility, this is such a great way to interchange jackets (and waist coat, lol) for two different urban looks.

Look #16 – Wild One

Talking about waist coats, hello Mr. *wink*
I really do not think GQ ws ready after he dressed uo today.

Look #17 – Shape Shifter 

I am not a vegetarian but I’m so satisfied staring at the green tones in both these looks. My Gosh tell me about that cantaloupe vest he’s got underneath.. I saved this pictures for the end cos I am totally dean to the greens and oranges..

Look #18 – Absolutely Flawless

The dark orange and green hues still flat-linning me. Gosh.
So in love.

So guys, that’s about it from Lolu. The great thing about this feature is that you can get any and ALL of the items in all of his looks from his website or by a direct enquiry. 
Thanks a lot Lolu for letting us have you on here.

Website: or click here.
His website is so classy too, you’d probably just keep clicking away and get your life. 🙂
He responds promptly and is so cool so feel free to ask your questions or whatever..

Do have a great week guys and don’t forget to slay at work with your individual style.

Love you lots..


“A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.” – Tom Ford, 2011.

His Hers Work Style + Vals Day Gift Suggestions

Hi guys,

Love Love Love Love is all the oxygen I’m getting right now, oh my days! Don’t get it twisted though,
I don’t create air (if you know what I mean). 

Its a good thing too and I am not complaining cos truth be told, I do love love.

This week I’d be inspiring you my beautiful readers with some matching work styles for couples. I would also be sharing gift ideas for Valentines day for all you late birds that have been too busy to make arrangements earlier.

Nowadays, no one wants to be conventional anymore and the thought of stuff like matching outfits with your partner seem to eek people. I can already imagine a statement like ‘wearing asoebi even at my traditional wedding is too mainstream’.  Calm down please!
(asoebi as explained in a previous post , is a Nigerian term for matching outfits where the fabric worn is exactly the same). 

 There are ways however to do this, it mustn’t be the exact fabric y’all would have on, it could be texture match, colour match, opposites (as in top matching bottom and vice versa), it could also be a style genre match.

Lets get started..

Colour-Match – Subtle

This is one of the really classy ways to match, really popular too especially with the trains at weddings. I’m sure all y’all allergic to wearing the same stuff as your partner can deal with this. #Suits


I think this is really cute.. Don’t you? Lol..
Well, its quite out there, first of all the colour pink, then the fact they are matching is extremely obvious. I don’t care, I don’t care.
Then again, the shades differ and if you notice clearly his tie goes with her shoes as well, colour-wise. Okay okay, this is one cheesy match. Hehehe..


How are they matching one might ask.. Well, the stripes. The is such a subtle way to match with your partner/friend with work wear. Its so not obvious in this case as the stripes are sized and coloured differently. Whooosshh.. #MetrogypsieDinner


Breathtaking I must say. 
They are actually matching colour wise but his jacket puts a dope twist to this form of match. The aesthetic on his jacket goes so beautifully with that on her lacy dress. Jadore.
Also if you watch #Revenge, the tv show, you wouldn’t ever put this two together. Its all for illustration.


Yeah yeah yah, I know I initially said work wear but as I’ve always asked, who says being a student isn’t a full time job??
These ones went all out on the matching. It is so adorable considering their ages and can you see how their patterns are so different? Impressive styling. #MadMen


This picture of off a past post on Men’s Work Style, click to view. I came to take pictures of my feature and realised we sort of matched so I got a picture with him as well. #GentOnHisGrind


Such a lush way to match especially with a metrosexual guy.
These have an accessory match game going on as well. #GossipGirl

Opposite Genre-Match

These rebels.. 
Asides the colour scheme supposedly going on with the pair in the second picture (its because he had his jacket on), there is no match with these set of people. We can say they matched oppositely. The ladies are all smart and sophisticated and the guys, casual. #MetrogypsieDinner

Colour-Match: obvious

The lady’s frock doesn’t scream work wear right now but don’t forget the metrogypsie brand stands for versatility as well. 
With a blazers this can be work appropriate. Anyway, this is obviously a colour scheme type of matching. #Revenge

Pattern-Match: not your average.

This pair are serving it. They have just taken the concept of matching up a damn notch. Both looking formal in their own ways, ones’ outfit is matching with the other’s folder, pattern-wise and the patterns aren’t even the same. Dope.

Colour-Match Subtle

I know I have illustrated this type of matching above but I just had to use this couple. Possibly the only real couple amongst all others on this post.

Gift Suggestions For Him..

1. WESC Leijon Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt | Hedge – N8,000.
Its all about the prints for that sassy look on your man.
For those in Nigeriaclick here to order and get it instantly.

2. Kitchen Jazz Bundle – N19,600.
Ladies, if he still lives with his parents, this gift would get him to start house hunting. If he already has a place or you are already living together then jazz up that kitchen with this thoughtful set of items that would make him love cooking as well.
For those in Nigeriaclick here to order and get it instantly.

3. Puma Original Grip Bag – N5,500
You know how much we love the Puma brand on this blog right?
Is he a gym head? Even if he is not, let him go to work with this stylish and versatile man bag with you in mind. Lol.
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

4. Cochise Black Dotted Lace Formal Shoes – N4,950
Let him enjoy work a little bit more in these classy pair.
For those in Nigeriaclick here to order and get it instantly.

5. Spider On A Web Clock – N7,500.
Isn’t this clock so unique and stylish? Every bachelor pad needs this. Every stylish homes deserves this.
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

6. Tom Ford Black Orchid 100ml – N24,000.
I am very sure I do not have to even talk about this fragrance.
For those in England, Selfridges..
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

Gift Suggestions For Her..

1. Wana Sambo Party Chic Pencil Skirt – N10,000
Whether or not you are going on a romantic dinner date, she needs this number in her wardrobe, trust me. Its perfect for a night out or a classy event. and its WANA SAMBO !
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

2. Style Rebirth Lace Teddy Bra and Panty Set | Red – N3,600
Need I say more? Ladies if he doesn’t get you this, help your self please! Spice up your marriage. Lol !
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

3. Liberal Designs Ola Fuse Crocodile Bag – N45,000.
Such a memorable gift to bless your lady this this season.
Has a vintage appeal to it and its clearly extremely sturdy.
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 | Black Mist – N87,000
If she is such an iSheep like yours truly, this may be a wrong idea. If that’s not the case, then yes, these are quite affordable and would be really cherished. Plus your communication would only get better, win-win.
For those in Nigeria, click here for the black mist and here for the white frost.

5. Smart Trust (paper back) – N4,450
An educative not-so-conventional valentines day present but yes, it says a lot about you and you motives.
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

6. Liliana Love Studded Platform Pencil Pumps Heel | Black
The name of these gorge shoes already show their appropriateness. Heels so stunning, she wouldn’t forget this gesture in a hurry.
For those in Nigeria, click here to order and get it instantly.

There you go guys, you have no excuse not to get something great, even if not these precisely. I always hope to inspire.
Bookmark this link so you can always come to click and shop via these links (for those in Nigeria or who want to get stuff delivered to someone there) they are reliable.

For my single ladies, you can have fun by any of these fun items I sourced.. Lol.. Here..

1. Rise Up Sisters T-Shirt by Marc Jacobs – £25 or $35
(only at the Marc Jacobs boutique Mount Street and online).
2. Baron Von Fancy for Juicy Couture – $198
Buy it online here.

3. Olympia Le Tan Embroidered Clutch – £1,035.
Exclusive to Net-a-Porter online here.
4. Fifty Shades of Feminism – £12.95
Amazon, online here.

For the single guys, go and talk to that lady you saw and fancied and stop being too laid back !!!

Feel free to shop via the photos on the right side bar of the blog..

Hope you enjoyed this guys.. I sure did.


“Fashion is a tool…to compete in life outside the house. People like you better, without knowing why, because people always react well to a person they like the looks of.” – Mary Quant.

Anniversary Dinner + Top 10 Classic Bags Ladies Should Invest In

Hi guys,

I’m sure you can presume from the title of this post how lengthy it’s going to be, as a result of this, lets get straight
to business.

So I always have a craving for new handbags and so earlier today while I was admiring Louis Vuitton’s new collection of plain and studded bucket bags, the Cuir Nuance and the Audace, I decided to start my week’s post with my opinion of top ten handbags that are worth one’s investment.

This definitely isn’t just for ladies though ! The gents should take a cue and create long-lasting memories by gifting their ladies with any of these precious babies.

In no particular order…

#1. The Marc Jacobs Stam Quilted Leather Satchel

I remember when I first heard of this bag in SS3 (high school), my friend Oluchi used to go on and on about it. Loved it instantly then.
Now I’d say its such a classic. Retailing at £898.05, this bag was named after Jessica Stam who needed a large bag for her portfolio.
Available is various colours, its well complimented by the gold detailing. It also has this chilled out-chic-vintage look about it.

#2. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

LV has loads of way more expensive babies that you may want to choose over this but nah.. I am not even saying just any bag from the Speedy series but the monogram ones! The Alma is doing so well I must say but I’d certainly mention this one above and even the Neverfull before most of its other bags. 
Retails at £545.00.

#3. Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

Need I say more?

 #4. The Lady Dior

Born of a desire to create an instantly recognisable bag with a strong identity, Marion Cotillard created this legendary bag in 1994, 2 years later, it was baptised with its name as a tribute to Princess Diana who fell in love with this baby on a trip to Paris.
I am in love (not lust) with this bag. *sigh*…and yes just to be precise again, its the patent one.
Retails at £2,450.

#5. The Hermes Birkin Bag

I doubt I even know the price of this bag, I have read in Forbes that at auctions it could start at $30,000 and go for up to $70,000 . Also doubt you can get it in store cos I remember after them Sex & The City days, I asked at a store for it and was told I had to register or pre-order or something weird like that.

The Herbag Zip Bag, is a pretty number and affordable substitute (£1,490).

#6. The Gucci Jackie Bag

According to Gucci, this bag stands to the enduring allure of graceful sophistication. First created in the 1950s, also handmade, its got some variations with colour, fabric, pattern and even little add-ons like the tassels in this one.
Colloquially referred to as the Jackie O, this bag was inspired by the late Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis.
Retails at £1,730.

#7. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Muse

Not so proud to say this but I was torn between choosing the Muse bag and the Balenciaga Giant bag to make this list. Imagine!
Such a work of art, Stefano Pilati, YSL’s creative director say his inspiration came from Picasso’s painted narratives about women-his wives as well as his muses.
Retails between £856 and £1,441.

#8. Mulberry The Bayswater Bag

Precisely the textured-leather ones, this tote is an update of the British brand’s classic bag.
Such a refined product, the bayswater is so elegant and big enough to carry all your bits in such a chic way.
Retails at £1,100.

#9. Alexander McQueen Knucklebox/Skull Clutches

What a gorgeous piece. Other brands have openly replicated this clutch. Even when replicated by other brands, it take nothing from either brands, still gorgeous and a huge statement piece.
Not for the weak I must say, this ‘it’ purse retails between £1,200 and £2,200.

#10. Prada Gaufre Lambskin Leather Tote

The classic bag herself. To be honest I almost did not have this bag on this list as I was seriously considering Fendi but no no no.. The brand itself Prada wouldn’t have that. This bag is one of those with a huger celebrity following which also have that quality to transcend from season to season. 
Another characteristic is that they are produced in limited edition quantities with varying gorgeous fabrics and sometimes even a wooden outer frame.

Finally I would want to add that the Safiano might just be one to watch later in the future as its doing really good.

They now come in bi-colour pieces and were almost a must-have amongst ladies in 2013 and inspired basically all high street stores.

The Gaufre retails for about £1,375.

A lot of people make a fuss about how expensive designer stuff are compared t its cost.. This post isn’t really for them because I do not even want to go into explaining how much these brands have invested in their names yada yada yada..

So yeah, get investing and experience whatever lifestyle you’ve chosen as you do so.

As promised in the last post, here’s more from our anniversary dinner.. 

In attendance..









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“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”— Diana Vreeland.