How to Wear the Pleated Flared Skirt; Working It series

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Welcome back to my blog. The previous post was up for two weeks as I put so much energy and time getting it together. Work has been pretty hectic which is very annoying considering the weather has been really beautiful lately.

There is so much going on right now with me, work, friends visiting from overseas, my professional exams et al so apologies if at some point the blog is updated every fortnight. 

You know how you’d have a certain frock that’s not one of your favourites but you always remember it when you got nothing to wear. Yes, that’s what the post is about. I realised the second time I wore this skirt that I never really wanted to wear it until I’d searched and searched my wardrobe to no avail…then I decided to take pictures whenever I did so.

Bellow are the various ways I have worn this skirt right from Winter 2012 till sometime last week.

Skirt: Primark

Look #1

Jacket: Ghost
Top: H&M
Scarf: Burberry
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: River Island
Neckpiece: Aldo

Look #2

Top: Newlook
Belt: Primark

Look #3

Top: Forever21
Shoes: Evie
Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Look #4

Sweater: Spirit Union
Top: Rock n Roll
Bag: Calvin Klein

Look #5

Shirt: Primark
Shoes: Newlook

then I unbuttoned the shirt…

Tank Top: Primark.

Oooooopps at the last picture. Lol.

So there it is.. Do you have this sort of relationship with any of your clothing items? Feel free to send an email to if you want to.

Cheers people, have a lovely week..


“Women usually love what they buy, yet  hate two-thirdsof what is in their closets.” – Mignon McLaughlin.

A Gent On His Grind

Hi guys,

So glad to be back to normal schedule programming. The give-away items have all been got in the right sizes and are on they are on their way to the winners. Congratulations once more and thank you to everyone that participated. 

 Quite a number of our male readers have asked for a male feature, so I have come around to getting one and this week, still in line with what we represent, Work Fashion. “A gent on his grind”. Whoop, we are going down testosterone lane!!!!!

Occupation: Stylist, Personal Shopper and Blogger
Interests: Fashion, Movies and Travelling.

#1 – Business Meeting

According to JS, when dressing up for a meeting, a formal one at that, you should avoid T-shirts or jeans, make sure you get stuff that suits you to enable you exude confidence and enhance attractiveness. Lastly, no flashy colours or uncomfortable shoes.

Above, the striped blue/grey tie matches the blue shirt and handkerchief..if you pay attention to detail, you’d notice the same blue colour can be seen on the socks.

Style – Corporate
InspirationA business meeting

#2 – Summer Time Fly

He was going to have drinks at the pub with his mates today.

Summer inspired clothes basically. Light blue blazer, purple floral shirt, coloured handkerchief and a pair of white trousers. Matched with, all black accessories; loafers, belt and wrist-watch for some degree of co-ordination.

Style – Urban Dandy
InspirationThe season, summer.

#3 – Burgundy

This look is simply a how-to-rock-a-burgundy-suit one.

Due to the fact that burgundy is sort of a loud colour, the accessories should tone id down a notch. Here, he chose black and white.

Accessories are like spice to an outfit, so they should be used to either sober up a look, or turn it up.

Style – Risky Corporate
Inspiration Colour.

#4 – Social Butterfly

Off to a social gathering but still want to be taken seriously? This is totally an inspiration on how to. JS has a fashion show to attend today so he is spotted in this number.

Here again, he has co-ordinated his jacket, (brown) to the handkerchief, (brown as well) which has little burgundy patterns.
Style – Urban Commando
InspirationYesterday’s look.

#5 – Styleesh

This look above is an education from JS on how to look really sophisticated which I would summarize. Lol.
– Try to look effortlessly put together
– Don’t let your colours or textures compete too much with each other
– Take risks, add some colour to your wardrobe, even if just with the accessories; brown, grey, black are too safe. To test the colour-risky waters, start with neutrals and pastels like camel. teal, the light version of primary colours.
– You do not have to keep up with trends, just stick to pieces and looks that hide your flaws and exaggerate your ‘selling points’. 
Style – Sophisticated
Inspiration Coffee

#6 – Night Owl

One needs to dapper up even on night outs so as to not to be insulted by arrogant bouncers at places you probably haven’t been to or aren’t known.
A stylish blazer, some jewellery and well ironed clothes would make a difference.
Style – Summer Nights
Inspiration – Club hopping

#7 – Keeping it Kasual

This is not the average casual outfit but clearly our feature does love a touch of seriousness to his looks which he does so good with blazers. He also sure does love him some burgundy. 
I really love the fabric of the jacket, the jacket unbuttoned, them tassels on his shoes and the face of his wrist-watch.
Style – Smart Casual
Inspiration – A date

#8 – Bow-Tie Bang

Here, the bow-tie and trousers are colour-matched, belt and shoes are colour-matched, then the tassels on the shoes link to the seater/jumper. A white shirt can’t ever get you in the wrong lane.

Almost same co-ordination done here, but the bow-tie matched both pants and sweater.
Style – Metrogypsie
Inspiration – A wedding I am styling soon.

#9 – Boy About Town

This is more like casual right? Compared to #7, I thought so too. 
This should be pretty much easy to understand. A lot of brown shades, the leather jacket and trousers both black.
This look is necessary when one’s comfort is totally imperative.
Style – Casual
Inspiration – House party.

#10 – Blue Loafers?

I decided to include this look as blue footwear are really popular these days. This is merely an example of how to style them.

#11 – Dapper Dude

Earlier today, our feature had some personal shopping to do for a client of his. He must have really loved the previous bow-tie looks as he decided to rock one again.

The white blazer in this look takes it up a million notches. He sure loves his shoes with tassels.
Style – Retro gent
Inspiration – Today’s client.

So guys, there it goes from Mr Style Figure. He runs a lovely mens fashion blog (here). Also, styles for events and shops for businesses and individuals alike. For more information or to get through to him, you can contact me.

He also has an open slot for a paid fashion intern who has to reside in London so yeah.. holla at me as well via email/comments.

After my shoot with him, I came up with an idea to do a his/hers work-fashion feature. A guy and girl in one picture with an item linking most preferably, colour or pattern wise. For example;

Yeah, so if you have something really nice you don’t mind sharing, email me.

Thanks for your time guys, my email as always:

Do have a splendid week.


“I spent two weeks prancing around a studio in Queens in my underwear with nine other guys. They were long days. But what the hell, it was Calvin Klein,” – Michael Bergin.

Giveaway Result

Hi guys,

So I made this whole post yesterday but it wasn’t even saving.. To think I went to bed a bit later than usual as a result. Anyways, here are the winners for the give away and the capture of the tool i used fro the draw.
I labelled each comment on the giveaway with integers so generating a winner wasn’t so difficult. Here is the tool..

The Dress:
The Footwear:

Black/Pink/White tee:
Black/White tee:

16 solo features and 1 joint one. If the joint one is chosen, I would run another round for those in that category.


The Neckpiece: Ankara in Modern Formal/Work Styles by Nonye Udeozor.

Finally, there were 4 entries for the last category.. (those who got people to like and follow the blog)..

Adaora, Nonye, Funmi, Genevieve.. (this is the order I received your emails in).



The bag: Adaora.

Thank you all for your participation.
I hope no one is too disappointed as well, just stick with metrogypsie and its going to be a jolly ride ahead.

I emailed all the winners earlier today, 27 June, 2013.
If I get no response via email in 48 hours, I would run another draw for that category.

See you all in the next post..


Giveaway Follow up. Final Call.

Hi guys,

Nice to know you all, our fervent readers, have liked metrogypsie on facebook and followed by email.
As mentioned last week, this post would be on the final updates for our giveaway.

Click here for a link to the original giveaway post.

So far, have received two entries for the exclusive item, the gorgeous Blue Versace Grab Bag, and I think I could do with just that or maybe one more entry. While on the bag however – due to an unforeseen circumstance – I was sent another colour. 

See below..


So now, our exclusive item is; The gorgeous Pink Versace Grab Bag. I hope this does not annoy anyone in any way. My sincere 
apologies for the colour change.

Do not forget to like us on facebook here, and also follow the blog by inserting and submitting your email on the top right hand corner of this page.

Lastly, the giveaway would be closed on Wednesday, 26 June, 2013 at 22:00 hours.

Do have yourselves a wonderful week.


“If honour be your clothing, the suit will last a lifetime but if clothing be your honour, it will soon be worn threadbare.” – William Arnot.

You Are Invited To Our Blog Giveaway


Hi guys, 

19 posts later, I have decided to do a giveaway obviously with work-relate items on here. This is our 20th post and I am glad I have been able to follow through. This blog as young as it is has opened some doors for me and I am totally grateful to you all my readers.

So before I upload these items, I would run through the prerequisites and terms and conditions to win;

1. Like Metrogypsie’s facebook page (via this link)

2. Click the ‘Join this site’ at the top right hand corner of this blog and join
3. Type your email into the ‘Follow by Email’ box also at the top right hand corner of the blog just above #2’s requirement and click ‘Submit’.
4. Drop a comment mentioning the item(s) you want to win or whatever you really want to say with an email beside it.

Giveaway item #1

As mentioned some weeks ago, this Hava Bardot Striped Midi Dress is our first giveaway item.
I styled it in 7 different ways 3 posts ago, (click here to view post).

Giveaway item #2

This gorgeous Combination Pearl Necklace by Zara is our second item.

Giveaway item #3

This Ultra feminine Manon Suede Cut Away Court shoes by misguided are next on our lovely list.

Giveaway items #4 and #5

Finally, grab a copy of the cute Third World Profashional Tee-Shirts.

The winners of items 1, 3, 4 and 5 are going to be chosen by an electronic ballot of all comments from everyone who has entered.

Item 2 would be a ballot for just those who have been featured on this blog in the past.

So do not forget what you have to do;

1. Like Metrogypsie’s facebook page (via this link)
2. Click the ‘Join this site’ at the top right hand corner of this blog and join
3. Type your email into the ‘Follow by Email’ box also at the top right hand corner of the blog just above #2’s requirement and click ‘Submit’.
4. Drop a comment mentioning the item(s) you want to win or whatever you really want to say with an email beside it.

That would have been it guys, but I got this belated birthday gift and thought why not add it to my giveaway items.


To qualify for this last item’s draw though, you would need to get 10 people to;

1. Like Metrogypsie’s facebook page (via this link)
2. Click the ‘Join this site’ at the top right hand corner of this blog and join.

That’s it. Then you send me an email with the 10 people’s email addresses and your name to (
So basically the people you bring in automatically enter the draw for 4 items above but you enter all the draws.

Giveaway item #6

The gorgeous Blue Versace Grab Bag.

Thank you guys for your time as always. At this same time next week I would let you know when the giveaway would be closed.

Everything is going be free and fair and I would upload the results of the random generator when we get our winners.

Lastly, for our male readers wondering why there is nothing for them, well, surprise a special lady with any of these items and trust me, it would greatness for you two all the way.


Term and Condition
1. Please if you win any of these items, you would be required to create a minimum of 3 work looks with it.

“Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women.” – Elsa Schiaparelli.