How I Spent My Holiday – Christmas

Hi  guys,

How have you done so far with your new year resolutions?? 

Welcome to 2014! Yipppppie!!!

So this week, I am going to share pictures from my two-week holiday in Nigeria. Hope you enjoy it and learn a thing or two..hehehe.. 🙂

18 December 2013

My sister, Elizabeth-Thelma dragged me along to her job. 
It was the Fayrouz L’original campaign event at Oriental Hotel.

Bumped into my friend Jackie whilst on her MTVBase grind. 
You all know how much I love my ladies on their grind.
She made me answer some red carpet questions and of course I was yarning balls. LOLL!
(Next picture) with Gbemi Olatero of Drive Time Show on The Beat FM 99.9, Lagos.

Making faces with the sistuurr towards the end of the event.

In exchange for the IVs, we were given Fayrouz currency for food, drinks and the bidding afterwards. I won a spa date at Make-Over Surulere for 7,500 Rouz. Hehehe..

19 December 2013


Sleep over with my day-ones..

Prior to sleeping we had a meal..

…and a random photo session back at the house. Lol.

20 December 2013

Day out with the sisturrrss.. Amaka, Elizabeth-Thelma and Nelly.

Lagos Nights with the sisturrsss..

21 December 2013

Former friend plus-oned me to some wedding at Tafawa Balewa Square.. 

We MMR’d as well at the Eko Hotel and Suites..
I didn’t get to take good pictures, that night was something else. Weird one.
(Music Meets Runway)

22 December 2013

CMB’s End Of Year Party at the Civic Centre with the sisturrss..

23 December 2013

Spent some days at my villa where my mum fed me like I was a dying kid.. 
This was constantly in front of my 3x daily.. *sigh*

24 December 2013

Daddy’s birthday.. *whoop* 

25 December 2013

Church with my other mummy in Enugu.. 

Post mass photo session.. *sigh*

Just some lil Enugu behaviour for the road..

Had to see my God-Daughter named after me as well. Chimamanda Stephanie.. 🙂

God-Daughter’s siblings.. xx

Finally met Santa Arida!!! My girl. Oluchi’s munchkin.. Had to do some aunty duties.. hehehe..

Uju’s bridal shower..

26 December 2013

My girl, Uju got stitched up !!  🙂

My very able date.. Best boy.. :*

A very lovely wedding indeed.. We all had a good time.

Beautiful cousins and all.. :* :*
School daughter’ and darling friend’s handsome son (in the next picture).. :*

29 December 2013

Friend dragged me along to Skymit Limited’s Tayo Ayeni 51st birthday.
Have no pictures from there asides these with Emmy Collins.

31 December 2013

Eventually got to meet ‘ the sister’, Nkiru.. With her hips of life!
(Next picture) Adeoye (my fav buddy), the couple, Inyene & Jumoke Benson and Nelly.

01 January 2014

Got to see my good friend Chikodi and his girlfriend, Debola..
Next picture is me sporting the same outfit as Rihanna’s mum.. Lol.

Caught up with my baby Nnenna finally after lord knows how long.. *yaaay*

Nelly and I chilled with our friends from NYSC, Abiodun and Ejike, doing big things in their various lives.. 

02 January 2014

Needed amala from Olaiya but she wasn’t open on this day, January 2nd so I settled from Amala Shitta in Surulere, Lagos. 

Most brilliant evening with Diana and her friends at Prive. Wish we hung out moreeeeee..

03 January 2014

Last outing was Ure’s wedding.. Didn’t stay more that 65 minutes though..

So yes guys, that’s it. Hung out with other people like my lil sis, Adaora and friend Patrick and did some other stuff I forgot to take pictures during.

I didn’t make an elaborate list of my New Years resolutions as I usually do but I want to reduce my junk food intake, be less generous 🙁 and love those who deserve it much more.

Had a great time back home. Real life resumed again this past week *sigh*.

Send me an email if you wanna be featured on the blog on; 

Wish you all a splendid 2014 !!!!!!!

“If you are a dog and your owner suggests you wear a sweater. . . suggest that he wear a tail.” – Fran Lebowitz.

My Christmas Inspired Work Looks – 8 days.

Hi Guys,

How’re you doing? *does the Wendy wrist movement*.. I am very well myself thanks to the fact I am

currently spending my holiday in my home country, Nigeria. 
This is most likely going to be the last post for this year and I would be making it the extensive version of the article I did for Click here for the said article.

Without much ado here it is..

Ding Dong Merrily on High in Heaven the Bells are Ringing… Silent Night Holy Night… Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly Fa la la la la la la la la… Jingle Bell Jingle Jingle All the Way… All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth…Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer had a very Shiny Nose… Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow… Mary’s Boy Child, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day.
Theses are the top 8 Christmas songs that continuously play in my head this same time year after year since my performance during my High School’s huge Christmas event back in 2002.
Sincerely speaking, this isn’t my favorite part of the year, in fact, Christmas carols sound so depressing I cannot begin to explain my unending struggle for joy during this period. It’s concisely an if-you-cannot-beat-them-join-them time but this year, I have decided to dress my inhibitions away.
As obsessed with Work Fashion as I am, I decided to frock it ‘like Christmas’ for the first 5 working days in December, 2 days in the weekend and 1 last one I termed ‘the morning after’. Hahaha.. Yes I just couldn’t stop once I started. *Hides my face*. An infusion of the Christmas colors in all looks..
So yeah, here..

1. Ghostly Lace

The look below is a conversion if there’s a do after work hours.
(Jacket: Zara, Top: TKMaxx, Day Time bag: Louis Vuitton, Night Time bag: Aldo, Shoes: Christian Louboutin.)

2. Greench Kid

Quirky back-to-school inspired outfit. Dress code at some jobs could be this flexible. If not, be inspired by the velvet infusion.
(Pinafore: Miss Selfridges, Shirt: Personal Design, Shoes: Republic, Socks: Local market).

3.  Nativity Rock

The jumper encapsulates the very essence of Christmas, which if not taken care easily takes a backseat in our minds. Top can be paired with a smart straight or very full skirt as well.
(Jumper: Topman, Shorts: H&M, Rucksack: Forever 21, Chelsea Boots: Topshop).

4. Pretty Edgy

Another great texture combination, the snuggly furry feel of this jumper with hard structural look of faux leather.
(Sweater – Local Market, Skirt: Asos, Ahopper Bag: Folli Follie)

5. One-Piece

Simple jumper-dress. Doesn’t have to be worn as an off shoulder. Added the belt to give the dress some shape.
(Dress: Tu, Boots: Jones, Bag: Marc B).

6. Vintage Print

Donned this gorge dress for my client’s Christmas party. Shoes were a tad uncomfortable though.
(Dress:, Bag: Religion, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Birdcage: Aldo)

7.  Gold Strands

Carol of Nine Lessons after church today, seeing as I’d been alternating between Red and Green all week, decided on this.
(Dress: Asos, Shoes: Kurt Geiger, Purse: TKMaxx)

8. Morning After

Tartan prints have been such a huge trend this year so why not?
(Jumper: Primark, Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt, Pants: River Island, Bag & Shoes: Labeled above).

There you go..

Hope you loved this as much as I do.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Love you


“Just around the corner in every woman’s mind, is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creation of her.” – Wilhela Cushman

What Do You Want For Christmas??


Lego Builder iPhone Case – This can be found here and is a really cute gift.
Dumbbell Alarm Clock – Found here, this could be a silly gift to a colleague who perpetually comes late to the job.



Soft embossed Oxford Shoes – You might have to sneak these to whoever the lucky sod on the receiving end is. Found here.

Versus Versace Black Saffiano Leather Safety Pin Shopping Bag

 – Found here, this is such a statement gift to that work colleague you have eyes on.

Hi guys,

..tis the season to be jolly, tralalalalalalalala.. *whoop* *whoop*.  I am really trying to immerse myself in the whole Christmas shenanigan. 

Truthfully, I am not one to be excessively excited during the yuletide but I always make an effort to appreciate the real reason for the season and try to glorify Jesus, his parents and the Holy Spirit, most especially his mum for gifting us with the Nativity.

This week guess how many features we’ve got? 

Well, quite a number of working ladies and gents who are going to share their Christmas wish lists. 
You should hopefully be inspired if struggling to decide on what to get your friends and foes alike or basically just be enthralled.

Metrogypsie Suggests

A lot of offices make this period fun by playing the secret santa game amongst teams/units. Whatever the case may be at your work place, when getting gifts for colleagues, its best to keep it simple, no need to attract raised eyebrows. 

Not a fan of office romance but the only reason to go a bit over board is if you fancy him or her.. then yes! This is the season to get something that could be suggestive or set the tone for…

…then the people spoke.

1.) The Social Worker (Canada)

Goke: Gummy Bears. I really love them, could eat 3 packs in one day.
I actually want a Mini Cooper S, but I’ll settle for Gummies..

For gummy bear lovers out there, found so many people suggest online that soaking em in vodka or some form of alcohol is a fun way to have em.

2.) The Trainee (Abuja)

Seember: I would love a return ticket to Dubia.

I really wanted to spend Christmas away from Nigeria and even though Dubai is a predominantly Muslim country, its a nice destination for some much needed recoup.
Lord knows I am long overdue for some peace and quiet. being able to pack up and leave these zones for a few days is not luxury, its a necessity for one’s sanity.

Tell me about traveling. I totally get where she is coming from. 

3.) The Finance Advisor (London)
Greg: A Ted Baker Messenger Bag.. 

I have been using the same one for years.
You can get this good looking bag here.

4.) The Fashion Designer (Abuja)
Nonye: I would love love love to get a pair of Christian Louboutin Red Patent Leather Chilli Pointed Toe Pumps.

I have craved those pair of shoes since like forever but somehow, I haven’t gotten around to order a pair for myself and it would go with every of my outfits especially during this joyful Christmas season.
An Ipad Air though. 

I’ve always wanted to change my blackberry playbook to an iPad as that restricts me from downloading certain apps I need as a business/work lady.

Extremely difficult to find these shoes in same colour in stock. Everything’s sold out. These 100mm pigalles here, are in a different colour and similar.
Argos had the lowest price for the tablet. Find here.

5.) The Cyber-security & Mgt. Student (Warwick)

Raymond: I want a PS4 and TLC.

This is just because I get lonely too often.

Click here for the PlayStation 4..
Hahaha at the second request, one can only hope Santa comes through. Here for great spa deals anyways.

6.) The Finance Guru (London)

Miriam: Jo Malone Gift Set.

I love her collection.
This is fast becoming a favourite amongst ladies in the UK. I have never tried any of her fragrances. Should correct that as soon as possible. For a wide variety of gift sets containing her stuff, click here.

7.) The Entrepreneur (Abuja)
Charles: For Christmas I would like a TSATSAS bag. They are beautifully minimal, suitably majestic and luxurious bags made by a German husband and wife design duo.

As I work for myself, I tend to carry around my office with me. My laptop, iPad, wallet, money, chargers, pens, these things need a home that accurately represents my personal style and the aesthetic I feel most comfortable with. At moment, I have a bag I was given as a Christmas present a few years ago. Its a Selfridges x Henry Holland cloth tote which just isn’t big or smart enough. Fingers crossed, I’ll get my bag. Santa knows I have been the portrait of goodness this year.

If I were Santa, you sure would be getting this trendy bag. All that explanation was so convincing.
Well, when you eventually uncross those fingers or if some admirer stumbles on this post, click here to request.

8.) The Photographer (London)
Wincey: I want chocolate from Selfridges, they are called Pink Champagne.

This is because there is nothing in life I want at the moment.
Aww bless your little cotton socks dear.. Here’s a real quick link to get these cute looking aphrodisiac.

9.) The Banker (Lagos)
Sina Yilu: I want a job for my girlfriend. 🙂

Eerrr, she needs not to be idle…and money too.
*insert tear drops*.. Such a thoughtful man. Gidijobs is a recruitment site for Nigerian jobs run by a friend of mine, its not that popular yet therefore your chances are high when you apply to a vacancy on here. Also for Customer Sales Roles in Lagos, send cv to (you should have completed NYSC though).

10.) The User Experience Designer (London)
Antonia Anni: I’d love people to give more reason for the season, Christ.

Its your Life.


A Nintendo DS XL with game bundles.

I grew up gaming and its a part of my life but I do not have time these days to sit for the hours I’d love to on a PS or XBOX. Plus I gave my old DS out, so I’m in need of something bigger and better for my favourite games..


A DNA test from 23 and me..

I’m a curious person, maybe too curious sometimes but I’d really love to have information on my background, my genetic make up.. Its interesting and may blow my mind but its still amazing to know.

Giving more reason to the season involves you taking some time off partying and celebrating and putting some toward the actual birth of Christ, showing gratitude my the way you lead your lives and also helping those who are not as privileged as you are. If in Nigeria’s Lagos, Abuja or Benin, Christmas On The Streetz is a great way to give back, here for more information.
Click here for the Nintendo..
More about your ancestry and health related genetic tests here.

11.) The Information Analyst (Texas)

Moyo: A Microsoft Surface

I do not have a tablet anymore.

These look so innovative. 32GB can be found here.

12.) The Telecomm/Network Engineer (Philadelphia)
Ijeoma Illoh: I want shoes!!!!

I am a ‘shoeaholic’.
There is an actual website called shoeaholics run by Kurt Geiger where you find good deals for awesome shoes. For more information on online shopping sites click here.

13.) The Business Management Consultant (London)
Aditya: I do not really celebrate Christmas but I am gifting myself a holiday to Turkey for a week during the season. New Year in Istanbul.

Another member of the travel gang. Have a safe one!

14.) The Project Manager (Dusseldorf)
Olga: I want my friends, including you, to spend some time together like traveling or clubbing, because I miss those times in university when we used to travel around and have so much fun together.

Awwwww I miss you too darling. Don’t worry, our best days are ahead of us.

15.) The Accountant (London)
Feyi Fawehinmi: For Christmas I’d like a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for my camera.

I feel I have outgrown my current basic lens and it’s time to start taking better pictures.
Last year, one of my New Year resolutions was to start taking more ‘professional’ photos. I think I’ve done that but now I want to take it one step further.
I need to include owning a camera in the first place, to my New Year resolutions. I might just be the one clicking here for related items.

Loads of gratitude to all the features of this week. This post would be on for more than just this week. Lovely lovely ideas guys, I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together. I hope your wishes come to pass.

For any enquiry,

Do have a great week ahead.


“Its not enough to just to get traffic to your stores. You need to make the shoppers excited, happy and leave feeling that that they want to come back.” – John Varatos

How To Work It Like A Banker + Is Rita Ora Awesome Or What?

Hi guys, 

I have been under the weather this past few days. That damn flu. Between getting
the most disgusting gargle medicine – which I took just once – and my typing this post, my throat has been well behaved but this very second, its feeling weird. *wails*

Before I go into the our week’s feature I wanna tell you all how awesome Cara Delevingne’s wifey and Calvin Harris’ main squeeze is.. More like reasons why I think Rita Ora is so dope. 

Did I mention she is sometimes referred to as JayZ’s protégé? Well then..

So yeah, here goes..

– Her $2.5m (£1.5m) Adidas deal. Stella McCartney, David Bekham are some of the people to have partnered with the said company in the past. Rita had always wanted to design, and guess what? She mentioned this to Jeremy Scott and bam! This deal was set rolling.

Rita in Adidas sweatpants (left/top picture)..
Rita in Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers (right/bottom picture).
Considering J.Scott recent collection, I would say the bag is Jeremy Scott’s as well.

– Rita’s collection for Rimmel London hits the stores in February 2014. It is said to be a mixture of High Street and Catwalk with a tint of her London upbringing.

– Guess what??? DKNY! Ri is the new face of the said brand replacing (guess who??) Cara.. the wifey. LOL! Rita also closed DKNY’s NY show in September and is amongst those creating the label’s Resort 2014 campaign. 

Rita Ora for DKNY (left/top)
Rita Ora closing the DKNY show (right/bottom)

– Face of Superga’s SS13 campaign.
Guess who she replaced? Style maven, Alexa Chung! The collection was mainly flats too. Rita just makes everything cool.

– Something in the pipeline relating to Chanel. hmmmnn.. Karl Lagerfeld flew her and her wifey, Cara, to Paris after which she ‘Instagram’d’ pictures with hashtags ‘Secret Surprise’ and one with Karl, ‘taking a midnight stroll’.

–  The only one on ROC Nation label to dish out 3 number one singles from a number one selling album. Jay must be a proud papa.

– Miss Ora is the lead fashionplate for Madonna and Lourde’s Material Girl collaboration for teen clothing.

– She launched this year’s Bicester Village pop-up exquisitely donned in Nicholas Kirlwood shoes, Mawi jewelry and a Roksanda Illinic dress plus matching lipstick.

With Henry Holland (right/bottom picture)
Not quite understanding the outfit though but yeah exquisite still..
Btw, anyone know the lady in that painting? Been ransacking my brain..

Our week’s feature!

Chioma Okonyia
Occupation: Personal Financial Consultant, Standard Chattered, Lagos and Make-Up Artist
Interests: Movies, Event Organising


Suit: Guray
Camisole: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Style – Formal
Inspiration – Deal Closing Week. My Mondays are basically geared towards lots of meeting with my high net-worth customers hence the sharp look and comfortable shoes.



Dress: Zara
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Nine West
Style – Business Chic
Inspiration – Woke up feeling so happy I just wanted to take a run. After the run I realised I had to wear something easy and this dress spoke to me. Love how it accentuates my figure.


Jacket: Tailor-Made
Top: Zara
Skirt: Jaeger
Flat shoes: Michael Kors
Style – Smart Casual
Inspiration – You know when you wake up and a list just keeps scrolling through your mind of things you have to do? Today is one of those days. Have some sports event by a school owned by a customer to attend (Need to show her we care, establish a closer relation which would likely lead to more business) also, have an urgent meeting with another customer that called yesterday.


Jacket Insync
Dress: Calvin Klein
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Coach
Style – Metrogypsie
Inspiration – My Dream! I had originally planned out a different outfit the night before but I had a dream I can’t recall most of but I know it felt like tranquility. Psychologists say the colour blue represents peace, so there you have it. Boom!
Oh So Deep o/


Jacket: Goddiva
Top: Atmosphere
Jeans: Levi
Shoes: Atmosphere
Bag: Nine West
Style – Casual
Inspiration – TGIF. Who doesn’t love Fridays? Any chance to dress down, I grab my denims.

That’s it from Chioma. Thank you darling for letting us have you on here.
I was supposed to have done a feature with all the recreated looks from previous posts by commenters but its been really difficult getting our past ‘models’ wear these looks so I apologise for the fact that we may never have that feature.

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Do have a swell week !


“You have to have the kind of body that doesn’t need a girdle in order to get to pose in one” – Carolyn Kenmore

Where To Shop Online – UK Edition (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

Hi guys,

I am so tired out. Should have totally put this post together yesterday seeing as I was such a bum all day. Just back from my friend’s baby’s first birthday and it was such a lovely evening but I am a tad exhausted.

Talking about exhaustion, walking from store to store gets tiring no matter how addicted to shopping you might be, at some point your legs are like ***? ( I never get tired though). So I decided to share some websites I have actually tried out with my darling readers. Looking good is good business and comes at a cost so yea my honeys, make your life easier.

If you have ever shopped online, you might just be familiar with this site. Extremely awesome customer service, free returns, the collect+ option – both delivery and returns (for people who usually aren’t home) and the fabulous magazine they send you periodically of you have a premium account. Also, there’s student discount for NUS card holders.
One time yeah, I mistakenly used my old address as it was connected to my paypal so I called them and they sent me a refund!

This site sort of focusses on mummies I would like to think. Gorgeous great quality stuff for little boys and girls and all that comfortable stuff for women (mums, I’d say). Prices are average.

OMG! I love this site. Its quite pricey but you can totally get your life on here, you know those Celeb Boutique-esque bodycon dresses that give your body the best shape ever?? French Connection has some of those too.. Anyways, here is your spot. They have got free international delivery as well.
Your wallet may just not agree though so stay tuned for our budget-sites-list.

I really don’t think this site is in the UK or the US even for some reason its delivery was 5 – 15 working days for both countries. Worth the try anyways. The Vintage dresses section is amazeballs.

On this site, there is a section for party dresses that are £20.00 but in average the prizes are just about okay tilting towards expensive.

Sincerely trying to get registered on this site is stressful if you just want to get in, do your business and get out. For some reason they want to put you through a quiz thing to find out your style in order to suggest looks for you and all.
Asides that, they have got amazing stuff.

(for some reason this picture decided not to crop off my phone info at the top).

Cautious Spending..

On here, its just shoes shoes shoes. Mostly Kurt Geiger ones. Recently found out the site was run by KG. There’s also brands like Jessica Simpson, Vivienne Westwood, Nine West. Delivery is prompt. They also tell you if the shoes have any defects. There is a huge range of work shoes for my Metrogypsie goons :).

B. (
You need to get on this if you haven’t already. They have loads of party stuff for you night owls and pub crawlers, there’s dressy stuff for events, loads of swim-wear and of course work stuff of course.
I have been dealing with them for a long time now and even the delivery person is smart enough to leave my items in a secret place I write down at checkout (yeah, that’s great they have a lil box for more info). I recently realised they send collect+ stickers for free and convenient returns.
Their prizes are amazing! I also check on here for stuff I am about to pay on some other site.

Was just texted by my darling friend Liz that they currently have this huge clearance, so this might be a right time to get your shopping life with these ones.

So damn cheap on this site, just jump in and have fun. With them crazy discounted prizes, there is also student discount for shoppers with the NUS card.
My advice would be to get your basics and just be really careful for quality.

Your stop for amazing jewellery, accessories and they even have a blog! (Lol, I shouldn’t be saying this).

DESIGNER Cautious Spending..

According to a poll of 2000 people run by Vouchercloud, 62% of shoppers have never paid full price for luxury items.
As always, I look out for my readers so the final list is for my savvy shoppers who need to be on top of the trends with-not-just-the-high-street label.

For every person you invite on this site, you get a £10 discount (probably lasts 3 months or something).

Well, they do not really do discounts per say on designer items regularly, but once in a while there is something you wouldn’t find on the original label’s site that they would stock. Also, once in a while, there’s discount on their stuff.
(pic as shown above, the first picture)

So there you have it guys.. These are mostly just online stores (asides TKMaxx). If you have any other suggestions or stores you have used, feel free to drop it off in the comment section.

As you might have noticed from the Nominee Badge above, we have been nominated for the Best Fashion or Personal Style category at the Nigerian Blog Awards.

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Have a great week darlings..


“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent.