Give-away Winner: Versace Versace Versace

Hi guys,

How does someone abruptly stop talking to you? Like some recent incident just got me thinking and I’m really tired of thinking. Lol.

So the later part of last week/this weekend has been proper weird + exciting + different. Not going into detail about this either. Lol.

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On to the matter for the week..

Occupation: Student
Interests: Music, Fashion, Movies and people with a great sense of Humour.

#Look 1

#Look 2

#Look 3

#Look 4

#Look 5

Thank you so much Adaora for your time spent in putting these together. Here’s hoping dress and shoe winners would send their pictures as quickly as possible. *side eye*

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“Funny that a pair of really nice shoes can make us feel good in our heads – at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.” – Levende Waters.

London Fashion Weekend SS14

Hi guys,

Contrary to what you were expecting, this week’s post would be on my attending at the London Fashion Weekend which would be wrapped up by the end of today, 22nd September. As a result of this , the give-away bag winner’s feature would be slated for next week. Apologies to whoever this may affect adversely.

So as promised last week as well, I went for the fashion weekend and brought back some little goody bags in form of pictures.. hehe..

Oh yeah, before I go on, I would like to share my favourite collections from the 2013 SS14 Fashion Week. 

Burberry Prorsum (London Fashion Week)
I loved their use of lace, embellishments and my all time favourite clothing item, the pencil skirt was majorly represented in this collection. It was so chic, ‘metrogypsie’ and elegant.

More pictures on our instagram account (@Metrogypsie).

Moschino (Milan Fashion Week)
This brand gave the mfw the well needed lurch with an 80’s inspired show representing opposites and alter-egos. I love love love concepts and creativity so this got my attention big time.
Good Girl-Bad Girl, Good Girl Gone Bad, For Every Good Girl There Is A Bad One, Every Good Good Girl Was Once Bad. 
Lol, interpret it your own way.

More pictures on our instagram account (@Metrogypsie).

Versace (Milan Fashion Week)
Finally, I loved how the people at Versace used Migos feat Drake’s Versace song for the final walk through during their show. DOOOOPPPEEEE!!!

So yes, back to the one I attended.
I got to watch Ashish Gupta’s catwalk show. The collection had lots of sequins, sport wear and the whole fun-loving vibe.

I hope this video would get to play here, if it doesn’t, you’d find it on the instagram account as well.

Didn’t get to take photos of the models but definitely took loads of myself and my friend, Ify..

Jacket: Ghost
Top: Versace (signed by Donatella Versace, click here for the post.)
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Republic
Tights: Primark
Bag: Louis Vuitton

The pretty Ify..
Shirt: River Island
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Couldn’t get enough of her.. Sorry.

Some really good looking people in attendance..

#1 and #2

– 3 friends, they had this happy bubbly air around them. Loved the maxi skirt with boots look, everyone loves lace and loved the lil fur coat as well.

– The other picture were of these really gorgeous mother and daughter, absolutely amazing.


– I was more drawn to the brands they had on.. Lol. Peep that cute yellow Louis Vuitton bag, their sneakers again.. I suppose right are Isabel Marants and Zanottis on the left. They seemed frightened or even angry as I asked them to pose for the snaps though. Lol.


Aww, she looks like such a nice girl, her brows were just like Cara Delavigne’s but she didn’t have the mischievous vibe. Loved her shoes and the cute metallic rock sack.



You couldn’t have seen her and not taken a second glance. Such an eccentric get-up. She mentioned Cannonbury when I asked after her shoes. Cute Lulu Guinness bag. She, Setsuko, runs a tumblr account at,


Totally loved the colour of her jacket and the hat. She is also a fashion and style blogger on,


Love these shoes and earrings. Also, I have a penchant for the colour black so I can be drawn.


There was nothing grey about this look, ironically. So hawt and easy. Totally embodied the expression, ‘slight work’.


Wearing.that.skirt.was.a.daring.move.. She carried herself pretty well though. The jumper’s colour and cut are so lovely and pairing them both with these chelsea boots was perfect for a girly and playful look. The structured bag then gave her a bit of seriousness. The buckles on them shoes too, j’adore.


Two lovely students.. Love how the one on the right paired her patterns and then brought them together with her rock sack, sneaks and name tag. The lady on the left spiced up her look with the patterned bag and sandals. The looked ‘fit’ walking together. 


Was approaching Somerset House’s exit when I spotted this military-street looking gorgeousness. Had to take permission from her guardians (parent/aunts or something). She looked so amazing, never seen the scarf tied that way. Not a fan of platform sneakers but man did she do these pair justice or what?


These young men gave us life.. Ify spotted them at first, thankfully so, and I just had to have a shot at their looks. Very Kanye West, the dude far right..and as I stated earlier I am very much drawn to the colour black.

That’s it from me this weekend loved ones.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Thank you for your time, also, your comments are very much appreciated.


“Dress is at all times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own aim.” – Jane Austen.

Give-away Winner: Neckpiece

Hi guys,

For the next couple weeks, we’d be looking at the winners from the give-away in June rock their prizes.
I have been under the weather for some days now, sadly, but I am feeling stronger right now. also, I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the last week in September/first week in October *excited*.

Its London Fashion Week right now, I actually went to the Somerset House to get some pictures for you guys today but I couldn’t even stand for 10 minutes, felt really tired and came back home. Promise y’all some stuff next week from the London Fashion Weekend.

Winner: Nonye of Knonye Kouture 
Prize: Neckpiece

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

Look #4

Look #5

That’s it guys.  What’s your fav look?
Thanks a lot to Nonye for the pictures and your time.

Here is a sneak peek into next week’s post.. (The Bag Winner).

Drop a comment as I really love to read from you all.
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“Everything came from [the] wardrobe [department], even my brassiere. Yes, I did wear a bra, and no it wasn’t padded. A few more myths shot to hell.” – Lana Turner.

How to Party in A Costume

Hi guys,

How was your weekend? Mine was alright.. took some pictures for a post on Saturday, finally decided and made a booking I’d been on for 3 days….then went to Camden Market with my friend, Madalina on Sunday. It was really nice out there, they had like a whole massive section just for food, various country delicacies and demonic desserts *sigh*. In fact I should share a couple pictures..

Right beside this stand, was a stand with smoothies which I gently strolled over to afterward, to get atonement for my sugary sins, with a jar of fresh orange juice.

Today, I am going to share some costume party outfit suggestions and my outfits from the 2 days I spent in Germany before Ibiza.

Click here for my Ibiza trip with friends beach wear inspiration post.

While in Germany – though on holiday – I decided to look a bit smart. Not sure why, but it was probably because I was going to spend some hours at Olga’s office and then her colleague was taking us out to a steak place for supper.

Look #1

Top: TKMaxx
Skirt: A Start
Shoes: TKMaxx
Bag: Calvin Klein
Style – Sexy Smart
Inspiration – Explained Above. Also went costume outfit shopping for a boat party the next 

Look #2

Tank: Primark

Skirt: Personal tailor
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Ted Baker
Friends: Olga and Axelle
Style – Metrogypsie
Inspiration – Above + the skirt from yesterday was a bit uncomfortable during the day because it was hotter than expected so I decided on a flared one.

That’s all for just Germany..

Before we get to the costume party outfits, I’d share 3 other looks, one from the day I left Ger. and arrived Ibiza, one in Ibiza and one from the day I left Ibiza.

Leaving Ger

Shirt: Thomas Pink
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Office

Still trying to keep up with the serious look while in Germany. The weather felt a bit chilly on stepping out of the house but had to rush into the car cos I’m not one to miss a flight. I got changed into tights at the airport. (See below..)

Arriving Ibiza

Not the best decision ever, I couldn’t even manage a smile as it was HOT!

Spotted these at Duty Free, made me wish for a second that I was into drinking.. Dope.

My first and last days in Ibiza had no beach activities involved hence my donning proper clothes..

 Ibiza Day 1

Dress: Bohoo
Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Style: Summer Chic
Checked out the beaches, restaurants and chilling spots in San Antonio to properly know what activities were available then decide what days to do them as the rest of the crew were arriving later today.

Leaving Ibiza

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Office
Bag: Calvin Klein

Style: Casual Chic
Its such a struggle when there is a huge disparity between the temperature of where you are and that of your destination. I was roasting while waiting for ride to the airport, on landing London, I began freezing. UGH!

The Costume Boat Party

So I am definitely not going to write where these outfits were gotten from as that would have been doing too much on my part. Also, I am only going to make an attempt at explaining what my features were going for with their looks, as I’m not even sure what I went as.
These should serve as inspirations. 
Cheers.. πŸ™‚

Look #3

The tag on my outfit said ‘Officer’, so maybe a boat captain or even a Naval officer.

Look #4

Obviously, a cheerleader. Hello hottie.. πŸ˜‰ 

#Look 5

Not sure what they came as.. Maybe carnival hotdog vendors. Lol

#Looks 6 & 7

I suppose the lady was Hawaiian themed then the extremely tall guy, a cook/maid/milk man.

#Looks 8 & 9

Sleeveless top guy must be a builder/constructor, you know those handy ones that stereotypically get naughty and more handy than they were paid to be. hehehe..

Our host, @Legendarystuff, came as a proud KΓΆln young man.

#Look 10 &11

These group of people came as the US Air force.
The solo guy had this pirate thing going I suppose.

#Looks 12 & 13

The guys should be clowns.

The lovely lady, an arabian/fire/belly dancer.

#Looks 14 & 15

Both men had white tops and head stuff on their heads so I am not sure how to differentiate. Lol
Anyways, the guy with by one lady, I am not really sure what/where he is the king of.
Guy with 2 ladies, a Arab man.

#Looks 16 & 17

People in white, Naval Officers.. πŸ™‚
Guy in between the ladies, the US Air force.

#Looks 18 & 19

Two ladies came as work out lovers.. Its always great to work out in really bright colours for some reason.. Their outfits was refreshing as well.
The lady in the other picture came as a police officer and the gent by her came as a traditional Scottish man.

#Looks 20

This guy came as himself, just a bit more enhanced in the body suit.. Lol.

Its a wrap!

Thank you all for your time spent here. 

If you have a more suitable name/theme for any of the looks above, drop a comment.
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Have a great week and a lovely month everyone.


“The finest clothing made is a person’s skin but, of course, society demands something more than this.” – Mark Twain.

A Social Worker’s Work Fashion Style..

Hi Guys,

A friend of mine recently got a job as a social worker, after a really long while, so when I got to meet our week’s feature and found out he was in Social Works, I was elated. So here Eyesc, this is dedicated to you!

Another source of my joy lately is that Big Brother Africa 2013, my favourite television show has finally come to an end.. Weird right?.. Well now I can focus on some other aspects of my life more squarely. *whoop*

So yeah, here…

Adegoke Omoluyi
Occupation: Social Work Student
Interests: Fashion, Cars, Travel. That being said, my goal is to be able to work with less privileged people get the help they need to succeed and be self sufficient. Either through, social assistance or policy making.

1. Pay Attention 

Shirt: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: H&M
Hat: Vintage (thrift)
Inspiration – The movie, ‘Tailor Of Panama’. I was getting a vacation vibe + it was like 38 Β°C today, pretty hot.

2. An Illusion

Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: Bespoke (Custom made)
Waist Coat: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Bow-tie: Thomas Pink
Shoes: Zara
Inspiration – It was cold today and my girlfriend had just bought me the cardigan. I also wanted to create the effect of a three-piece suit without a suit.

3. Smart

Jacket: Ermenegildo Zegna
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Tie: Tomas Pink
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Topman
Pocket Square: Vintage (Thrift)
Inspiration – My friend who wore a similar outfit. I only made mne more formal by adding a jacket and  a tie.

4. College Kid

Blazer: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Tie: Thrift Store
Suspenders: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Kenneth Cole
Inspiration: My presentation at school today and definitely wanted to look the part.  I went for an Ivy League, preppy-type look. 

5. Metrogypsie

Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Hugo Boss
Pants: Zara
Belt: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: Zara
Wristwatch: Vintage Longines
Inspiration – I had a difficult time picking out what to wear to church today, but I was sure I really wanted to wear these shoes. Saw them pants lying around, you can’t ever go wrong with a white shirt so yeah… bam!

6. Preppy

Shirt: Hugo Boss
Jumper: Tommy Hilfiger
Belt: Tommy Hilfiger
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Wrist Watch: Breil (although the strap’s a custom NATO one)
Inspiration – Built this look while shoe shopping with my brother. I was like ‘shoes, pants, shirt, oh! and a red belt’, and the outfit was born.

7.  Handling the sun

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Hermes
Inspiration – I hadn’t worn the pants in a while and was originally gonna pair them up with a T-shirt but the girlfriend persuaded me to try the shoes and everything else fell into place.

8. Casual

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Inspiration – This outfit happens to be my least thought out. Basically threw on my cleanest shirt and it worked.

9. Convinced?

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Waist coat: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Tommy Hilfiger
Inspiration – Sherlock Holmes in the television show, Elementary was my sole inspiration for this look.

There it goes from the Social Worker, Adegoke, thank you so much for letting us have you on here. Its the Notting Hill Carnival his week, also, 
the last bank holiday for the year is today so yes, one is pleasured.

For any enquiries guys, hit me up on or

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Do have a great week.


“The only man who really needs a tailcoat is a man with a hole in his trousers.” – John Taylor.