How To Dress like the Working Man

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I do not know which is more annoying, that Malala did not win a Nobel Prize or that I cannot seem to find any good quality pictures from the Guaranty Trust Bank Lagos Fashion & Design week in Nigeria. Not in any way trying to deprecate the former or make too much ado about the later but it is what it is. Anyway I would wait till its over proper to share my favourite collections coupled with bits and bops from the event.

Talking about Malala, (the now 16 year old girl who was shot by the Taliban for campaigning over the rights of girls to education in Pakistan), I’m guessing it was shocking to loads of us when she wasn’t announced. This is not to say the winner, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPWC) weren’t deserving but I mean, its their job isn’t it? Congratulations to them anyway, that’s quite an important venture giving that I am mostly interested in the latest episodes of Suits, ANTM and Scandal. *sigh*

Last weekend, I caught up with my friend Ify, at the mall. Same friend from the London Fashion Weekend post, (click here to view)..

Totally sprung on my Kanye West jumper.. hehehe

With Ify..

So our feature for last week got engaged the very day the post came up, how cool is that?
Congratulations from everyone at Metrogypsie to the beautiful couple, Yewande and George on your engagement.

As the post title must have suggested, this week, we are going to have a testosterone fest. Hope this doesn’t sound creepy.. Hehehe, my bad.

Well, here goes..

Look #1
D. Johnson

Occupation: Financial Analyst – Bloomberg, London.
Interests: Information Technology, Economics, Christianity.

Suit: Marks & Spencer
Shirt: Custom-Made by Charles Tyrwhitt (notice his initials on the cuff)
Shoes: Aldo
Tie: Tie Rack
Bag: South Korea
Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Style – Formal
Inspiration – Monday. Always have to be on top of my fashion game + dull colours at the start of the week.

…someone was elated.

Look #2
A. Ahmed
Occupation: Quality Analyst – Accenture, London.
Interests: Wrist Watches, Music, Investments (the stock market precisely), Cricket and Football.

Jacket: Topman
Shirt: TM Lewin
Trousers: Next
Tie: Marks & Spencer (should’ve done a proper close up shot, its gorgeous)
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bag: Ted Baker
Style – Formal
Inspiration – My Frgrance. A lot of times I choose to wear an outfit just because of the cologne I feel like wearing that day. Today’s was Aventus by Creed.

Look #3
R. Alao
Occupation: Process Industry Software Consultant, London
Interests: Traveling, Music, Sports.

Jacket: NEXT
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Trousers: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Aldo
Pocket Square: NEXT
Style – Business Casual
Inspiration – I’m usually very formal to work but I have been scheduled for training all week hence my reason to turn it down a notch.

Look #4
Occupation: PhD – Imperial University London.
Interests: Football, Chilling out, Academics.

Blazer: Zara Man
Shirt: NEXT Signature
Trousers: Fenchurch
Shoes: Dispair Hoxton
Hat: H&M
Style – Urban Commando
Inspiration – The fact I had no presentation today + I was going to have drinks while watching a match later in the day.

Look #5
D. Westwood
Occupation: Compliance – Del/Hunts/LBG project, London.
Interests: Football, Music, Movies.

Suit: Marks & Spencer
Shirt: TM Lewin
Tie: Gieves and Hawkes
Shoes: Samuel Windsor
Bag: Cambridge Satchel
Style – Formal
Inspiration – MidWeek Suave. I like to think that looking smart isn’t just for Mondays alone contrary to popular opinion.

Look #6
A. Daniel
Occupation: Senior Investment Associate – Verod Capital.
Interests: Building and growing businesses, Enjoying family, Reading Mark Gladwell books and articles.

Blazer: Ralph Lauren
Top: Polo
Trousers: Nesh Couture (Nigerian Designer)
Shoes: Johnston and Murphy
Scarf: Kenya Flea Market
Pocket Square: Charles Trywhitt
Style – Metrogypsie
Inspiration – I had to be at two really varying dos. First stop was an awards ceremony where my company was being honoured, the other was an evening with my mates from college. I had to find a look suitable for both as the later was really less formal.

Look #7

D. Johnson
Occupation: Financial Analyst – Bloomberg, London.
Interests: Information Technology, Economics, Christianity.

Jacket: Zara
Top: GAP
Trousers: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Aldo
Glasses: Tom Ford
Belt: Hermรจs

Style – Exhibitionist
Inspiration – TGIF + Last day at my previous job so I had a little get-together afterward.

That’s it from these group of grown and sexy men. *wink*.
Hope you enjoyed the post and have been inspired by it.
Major thanks to Mr Johnson, Mr Ahmed, Mr Alao, Mr Fizo, Mr Westwood and Mr Daniel. 

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“There are very few moments in a man’s existence when he experiences so much ludicrous distress, or meets with so little charitable commiseration as when he is in pursuit of his own hat.” – Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers.

How to Dress for the Beach: Lady on her Grind.

Hi guys,

This week, I am going to share some outfits one could wear to the beach. I was at one of the Balearic Islands a couple weeks back, with a group of people, and decided to make a post of our outfits as everyday was beach day.

Although most of the pictures weren’t taken on the beach as such, they an adequate representation of outfits that can be worn on the beach. Inspired by one of my readers, the feature consists of 6 people in two different continents.

I hope you enjoy it and it helps you during the summer or whenever you are off land/air.. I also tried not to write too much as its all easy to understand.


Shubby – Lashan – Wura – Ibiyemi – Stephanie
Style: Resort Chic
Inspiration – Water, Blue Skies, Sand, Wind.

Look #1

Stephanie (Ibiza)

Look #2

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #3

Lashan (Ibiza)

Look #4

Stephanie (Ibiza)

Look #5

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #6

Wura (Ibiza)

Look #7

Stephanie (Ibiza)

Look #8

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #9

Lashan (Ibiza)

Look #10

Ibiyemi (Lagos)

Look #11

Stephanie (Channelling Lagos)

Look #12

Ibiyemi (Lagos)

Look #13

Ibiyemi (Lagos)

Look #14

Shubby (Ibiza)

Look #15

Wura (Ibiza)

Look #16 (random groupings)

Lashan, Shubby, Wura, Stephanie (Ibiza)
Look #17

Stephanie (Ibiza).

That’s it people. Thank you so much for your time on here. I am sure you enjoyed it. 

Big thanks to my muse, Shubby and features, Lashan, Wura, Ibiyemi and Stephanie. :).

Your comments make me happy so do drop em if time permits you.

I was at a costume party hosted by a friend’s colleague’s dad in Kรถln (Germany).. I thought that at some point, my darling readers may be invited to, or would want to organise a costume party for your work mates/friends, therefore decided that I would share some of the looks I found interesting in a preceding post… you know I’ve always got y’all’s backs. LOL.

Do have a splendid week.


“If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater…suggest that he wear a tail.” – Fran Lebowitz.

GTBank Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013; Favs and all.

Hi guys,

While I was doing the mini research for this post I recalled a write-up I did for a friend’s blog, ( some 2 years ago, (click here for a link to that post).

This past week has been pretty awesome for me as Jesus has been really faithful. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wasn’t impressed with the first set of pictures from the Day 1 of this event. The seats were empty and that made the pictures look really odd. Its so important we as Nigerians/Africans support our growing upcoming designers, because they form part of the economic strength of the nation. 

Anyway, there’s gonna be loads of pictures on this post so I’d better get right into it..

Sponsors – Maybelline

Our Favourites

Washington Roberts

Sophisticated, Elegant and chic.


So classy, not overstated, I just love and can totally wear all these pieces.

Maki Oh

So damn fresh. Looks like fun, nothing over the top. Maki Oh!

Orange Culture

I love the fact that the trousers are of full length, as I think the ankle grazing ones have been overplayed. His pieces are also very wearable. Especially drawn to the outfit in first picture, the olive coloured pants one, so funky.

Wiezdhum Franklyn Collection

These fabric patterns are gorgeous. The model’s bodies defined the clothes and not the other way round. Just love.

Lanre Da Silver Ajayi

OMG! The prints, fabric looking so healthy. Like she bathed the models in some juicy stuff before they donned her collection. Their hair-do, GORGE! Pic 3 looking like Michelle Obama. Love!

Jewel By Lisa

Loving the musical symbol/bicycle patterned fabric she used in a variety of style genres.

Wana Sambo

As you’d notice, Wana Sambo definitely has an eye for detail. I wish I could have about 3/4 pieces from this collection. I would also increase the slit of the dress in the 3rd picture an inch up to get the white fabric involved. How do I have these in my wardrobe please?

Also, this closing shot, so damn adorable.

Bridget Awosika

Okunoren Twins

Re Bahia


Tsemaye Binitie

This collections looks rich. Easy on the eyes and oh what  breathtaking prints do the middle outfits have.

So Creative


Iconic Invanity S/S 2014

Glam and chic pieces in this collection. Obvious she put a lot of work with the fabric mixes and all but it still really works. Classy. Love.

Anita Quansah + Mo Saique

*looks at neck piece*.. *looks at sexy models*.. repeat 5x. Love this.

Valerie David

I thought this was really ceative. The ruffles and fullness of the skirts et al.


Nirvana by Tiffany Amber

This collection seems very Resort.

Mai Atafo

The shorts of the female model in the 3rd picture is so flattering.. Then the layering!!! Don’t you just love it? Female model in orange shorts and the male model with the orange shirt and skinny tie. I think he had an androgyny thing going on for them other female models.

Shola Obebe

Ejiro Amos Tarifi

Love the architectural influence on this collection. Doesn’t she look adorable waving too? ๐Ÿ™‚


Viv La Resistance

House of Form and Function

Christie Brown

Samson Shoboye

Beatrice Black Atari


House of Marie 

Absolutely cute collection I must say. The blouse in the first picture is so up my alley. She used really bright colours, its refreshing.

Kola Kuddus


Love the styling of that peach jumpsuit.

Love the model too.. :).

Odio Mimonet

Kiki Kamanu


Ladun Lambo


Reni Smith



Marayah O

There you go people, its a wrap!

Did you notice there is going to be a lot of white next two seasons (according to the collections above?), you sure did.

I wish I could tell you at this point where/how to get any of these pieces if you need them but I cannot at the moment, I would be sure to inform you as soon as I have such information.

Share this post on your social media platform(s) so we can all support all these talents.

Lastly, always Buy Nigerian.

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Photo credits;
Kola Oshalusi (Insigna) 

“Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion and surprise.” – VALENTINO.

Fiery, Fabulous and Fierce Media Mogul

Hi guys, 

One week’s gone already, is it just me or time’s flying by so swiftly this month? The weather has been so crap this past week in London though…aaarrrggghhh. Wind, cold and rainy, you know the kind of rain that stays drizzling all damn day right? Yes, that! Why can’t it just pour heavily and move on?

Hmmppphh, so have I said how devastating house hunting is? I was viewing flats practically every day after work in the crazy weather last week. No thanks to photoshop and deceptive angles that create an illusion of spaciousness on them sites.

Our feature this week is so dope.. While editing the pictures I was so excited and drawn to how confident and effortlessly chic she seemed.

Yewande Sobamowo
Occupation: Coporate Communications, GE, Nigeria
Interests: PR, Beauty Blogging, New Restaurants :), Nigerian Literature.


Top: Asos
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton Trevi
Style – Ladylike Glamour
Inspiration – As annoying as transiting from a weekend where I was all chilled out to a hectic work day, I am not one of those gloomy sods that moan about Mondays, thats why I try to be inspired by colour and vibrancy for my Monday looks.


Top: New Look
Skirt: Jane Norman
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Louis Vuitton Trevi
Style –  Ditzy Florals
Inspiration – Hectic day. The beauty about other days asides Mondays is that you can have an idea what the next work day would be like the work day before. I had tons of meetings today both in and out of the office so I decided to don a sleeveless shirt and sandals for proper ventilation for my skin while I’m up and about.


Blazer: Boohoo
Vest: New Look
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Michael Kors
Style – Metrogypsie
Inspiration – My after work activity. I was going on a beautiful date after work today so yes, that inspired this look.

I totally totally love this look, her shoes are so cute and flirty with those lovely heels. The chiffon blazer puts it all together is such a tender yet serious way. Then the picture, her stance, the wind…basically blowing me away as well. If you weren’t sure the blazer was enough to toughen up the look, the neckpiece pops and shows you that there aint no jokes here. J’adore.

Okay guys, lets take a lil break from all this fabulous female and see a few pictures from how I spent part of my weekend..

Friday – Hung out at the mall with a couple visiting friends..

Saturday – Worried bout noth’in with the visiting friends..

Sunday – Had supper at this really nice Lebanese restaurant, Levent. They had belly dancers as well. An exceedingly beautiful evening indeed.

Back to regular scheduled programming..


Top: River Island
Skirt: TopShop
Shoes: Rage (South African)
Bag: Michael Kors
Style – Retro
Inspiration – I decided to channel some vintage into my look today so that basically inspired this outfit choice, with a modernised twist.


Jacket: Woodin Shop In Ghana
Vest: Select
Jeans: Asos
Neckpiece: New Look
Shoes: H&M
Style – Tribal Chic
Inspiration – On Friday, its almost customary for those that don’t work in finance or roles where they have to be dressed corporate all week long, to wear traditional prints. I decided to mix up mine today with casual bottoms.

Those shoes girl…very appropriate for this tribal/casual mix up thing going on. Also, normally the picture with the back-view would end the collection but I wanted to easily reference this last picture. Her face looks FIERCE. Totally ‘werking’ it!

I hope you all have been inspired by this feature. Thank you so much Yewi for your time and all. 
Yewi runs a lovely beauty blog on  Click here to be straight on to more fabulousness from her.

Thank you all for you time on here.
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‘The difference between style and fashion is quality.’ – Giorgio Armani

Give-away Winner: Versace Versace Versace

Hi guys,

How does someone abruptly stop talking to you? Like some recent incident just got me thinking and I’m really tired of thinking. Lol.

So the later part of last week/this weekend has been proper weird + exciting + different. Not going into detail about this either. Lol.

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On to the matter for the week..

Occupation: Student
Interests: Music, Fashion, Movies and people with a great sense of Humour.

#Look 1

#Look 2

#Look 3

#Look 4

#Look 5

Thank you so much Adaora for your time spent in putting these together. Here’s hoping dress and shoe winners would send their pictures as quickly as possible. *side eye*

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“Funny that a pair of really nice shoes can make us feel good in our heads – at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.” – Levende Waters.