Retrogypsie: – The Shoot #VintageShirts + Models

Retrogypsie: – The Shoot #VintageShirts + Models

Hi guys, we have launched metrogypsie’s vintage inspired pieces and retro clothing under the brand name, Retrogypsie. We’re launching for sale officially on 23rd April 2017. Due to the way sales for the preloved items go easier on the @bloggerschest instagram page, we’d do the same for @retrogypsie.

The shoot for retrogypsie went so well I’d love you to meet our wonderful debut models; Žiga (@zi_luk), Charmeline Matuba (@instabacharm), Christa M Jackson (@christa_mjackson), Carima Marica Niamey, Prince David (@daprinxy), Yuqiong Zheng (@yuqiong_summer).

The Day Tripper – Žiga (@zi_luk)

Žiga was such an active soul and a great sport. Showed up really punctual, he was quick with his fittings and very ready to strike up quirky and fun poses that totally worked. Follow him on instagram xx

The Good Sport – Carima Marica Niamey

Marica was great to communicate with. She confirmed booking promptly, asked the right questions in preparation for the shoot day and was really great with instructions during the shoot. Spoke beautiful French with the fellow French -speaking models.

The Girl Wonder – Yuqiong Zheng (@yuqiong_summer).

Summer’s great bod and personality made all items donned by her shine through. The queen of unlocking poses.

The Absolutely Flawless – Charmeline Matuba (@instabacharm)

Girl with the turban game. Charmalaine’s presence has a backstory of loyalty and integrity. Fully appreciated by us, she brought her pose game on all through the shoot. Also all about the ‘un-looking’ pose life.

The Effortlessly Sexy – Christa M Jackson (@christa_mjackson)

Her looks, hair-do and general aura added so much spice to this shoot. She brought a great vibe to this shoot.

The Downtown Hero – Prince David (@daprinxy)

His presence albeit short-lived was greatly appreciated. He managed to lift spirits towards the end of the shoot. Didn’t appear in some group shots as he had to race down to his job.

Thanks once again for your presence and vibe everyone.. The African Print Shoot (same models) – from the Grow The Naira Project – will be coming soon.

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