The Smart Money 📚 Tour in London | #AreseUgwu

The Smart Money 📚 Tour in London | #AreseUgwu

Hi guys, got to attend the smart money book tour in London at the GOAT restaurant on Friday 17th March. Before I attended I wasn’t sure what to expect really.

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I just wanted to have a good evening with smart ladies. Obviously getting a copy of the book which I’d hard great reviews about was a plus.

Hosted by Seun Awolowo, it was basically and Q&A session with lots of A. Arese shared some personal bits about her life and what motivated her to take control of her finances. Watch on the video.

I loved the event as it got me thinking about savings and my financial health. I definitely took a lot home which I shared with my partner. Also loved the fact that her inspiration was from a real place.

Met a really cool lady who runs an NGO whilemon yhe queue and we also sat together.

Totally had a sweet time…had to rush back to work after that.

Thanks for your time 💋 


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