We Heart Mondays Creative Space in London | @bloggermondays

We Heart Mondays Creative Space in London | @bloggermondays

Located in East London, around Bow Road,  We Heart Mondays is an aesthetically pleasing space for creators. Right now they are testing things out but once done you’d be able to use the area for £19.99/month.

Trust my words when I say the lighting is absolutely amazing. I took some pictures of myself using the self-timer option on my G7x Markii (brought it along as I was vlogging today. Find below some shots I managed to snag..

The vlog containing my visit will be out soon..meanwhile check out my latest video here. 💕

My only issue with this space is the fact that fimiling a speaking video might be impossible – as you will be disturbing others – if not alone. Okay except one uses the meeting room, maybe.



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