What Did You Graduate W̶i̶t̶h̶ In?

What Did You Graduate W̶i̶t̶h̶ In?

I can only recall 2 of my graduations. From QC (Queens College, Lagos Nigeria) and from University of Leeds, in England. The uni I had my BSc degree was so frustrating that I only wanted to get my NYsC outing and be out! For my O’levels graduation, i wore a white shirt paired with a  white front split skirt and heels.. I looked something like this;

(For a lack of original photo) – shop similar here..and skirt here..

For my MSc graduation, this was my look, a pinkish purple dress from TKMaxx;

Original photo.. lol.. shop here.

Anyways, my girl, @sinyusiu slayed her graduation  look and that totally inspired this post. 

Check her out 🙏 all that monochrometallic goodness.

Those boots are most likely these topshop ones..shop here.. black shorts .. white shirt.. braces



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