What’s On Christmas Giving List | Ideas ft @Mina_Wines – AD

What’s On Christmas Giving List | Ideas ft @Mina_Wines – AD

Hello lovely,

Compliments of the season to you and yours. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas or believe in it, its almost impossible to escape the feeling/vibe all around you. This year, I really have nothing on my wishlist per say, just contentment really. Happy for friends, a job, good health and my partner. Got lots of goodies, gifts etc from friends and colleagues following the wedding so I am really fine. So what am I giving people?

It’s proper easy to wish we had this and that but guys, there are people in need of stuff even money cannot buy. I’d be sharing below my giving list (fulfilled and not-yet fulfilled) to inspire you;

  1. Clothes, Shoes, Accessories – These could be pre-owned or new stuff. Cold be gifts you don’t think suit you. Look closer at your instagram comments (and DMs) you’d find people who’d appreciate and need your items way more than you do.

2. Money – This goes a long way and can be offered in so many ways. For meds to treat someone, lending to help someone’s business, helping out someone in a situation, just giving out to maybe a jobless friend.

3. Time – Giving your listening ears and maybe advice to friends, family or someone feeling down really. Break-ups happen all year long but in times like this, it hits people harder. Some people also have bad memories from past occurrences this season like death of a family member, be there for them by calling, visiting, texting etc

4. Treats/Experiences – A Photo-shoot, lunch, dinner, spa, theatre play, cooking, walks or just anything fun that the recipient would appreciate.

5. A cute gift – Every commercial area right now haas shops where there are tons of gifts. You can also purchase online and get these delivered to the recipient. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t really get gifts this Christmas but a brand made me happy with their thoughtfulness to send through a bottle of wine. Packaged so beautifully, it doesn’t need to be wrapped tbh – thank you @mina_wines.

Message from the manufacturers

We are bringing back the traditional way of making wine together with a more modern look and feel. Most of the wines that areproduced on the market are full of additives and chemicals that are harmful to the body and environment on the long term.But here at Mina Wines we believe in quality over profit hence usingthe traditional methods of wine making. Also we are committed to using all recycled packaging for a more sustainable ecosystem.

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Have a wonderful time and don’t forget it’s a time of giving !



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