Working From Home Tips + New Home Ideas

Working From Home Tips + New Home Ideas

I am not one of those people that hate my day job. Its 9-5, I am employed and loving it to be honest. Ultimately, I’d want wealth that grows without me having to do what an employer says.. in fact, one that has me giving people means to their living.

I was thinking the other day and came to the conclusion that I had made back all that was spent on me for tuition. Primary school.. High school.. BSc and Msc. All in my 9-5. This is possibly as a result of being blessed, my location and maybe choices.

In the eventuality that I’d move into a place with my partner possibly in the near future (Dec/Jan) I have some ideas I’ve been looking to inculcate. During my off 9-5 periods (trust me they were lots) I was compelled to ‘work from home’.. I’d be sharing below, tips for working at home in between inspo photos.

(Chevron Curtains, Chevron Carpets or even a Chevron Bean Bag are an absolute need for me)

Tips to ensure you practice when working from home;

Be Clear About Your Working Hours/Set A Routine

This would help you get used to the idea and get work done quite quickly.

(In love with the colour scheme and cuteness of this vanity section) 

Get Dressed

Your pyjama might feel like a better option but you need to actually dress up to raise your mood. If care is not taken you’d end up wearing your nighty from a.m to p.m…nothing reeks of lazy than that.

Take Breaks

There might not be a need for this as the temptation to take more breaks than necessary is in your face.

(I can already imagine how much work I’d get done – shot by Desk Life Bliss.

Make A Designated Area Your Office

You might not be able to afford a spare room, in that case, create a cutesy space in any room with a table and chair to use as your office.

Have A Plan/A To-Do List / A Schedule

This will definitely guide actions through the day/week.

(there is something about chevron curtains that add such a vibe and freshness to your space) – shot by PBTeen

Avoid Cluster – Keep Your Work Station Neat

Self explanatory much?

Stay Off Social Media  – Switch Phone Off 

For the most bit of your working hours, might be best to switch off your phone since we can’t turn off apps. The temptation to pick up your phone and click on your fav apps is REAL.


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