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Following my video on YouTube I thought explaining things a bit more on here would be necessary. I’d mentioned 3 mains apps I use for (Facetune, Snapseed VSCO) and others (Afterlight, Faded, BeFunky and FUJI) which I hear are amazing. I’d break these down below with links to download.

1. Facetune

This is almost my favourite really. It’s not free. With Facetune the main tools I make use of are;

• smooth:- to clear marks/scars on skin especially face and under-eye. It also helps flatten a surface like your tummy when I slighty out. It has single smooth and the double one which has more effect.

One sec,

• reshape:- this is used to add at reduce size. Within reshape, there is reshape, refine and resize. Refine raise up or down or sideways and Resize tucks in and out.

• defocus:- this has defocus for light blurring and Blur form strong blurring, and Erase

• whiten:- to whiten

it’s also got other tools and filters you may enjoy using.

iOs download here.. android download here.

2. Snapseed

This app has the basic tools as well as some other filter-type  ones like Vintage, Grunge, Noir, Retrolux, Drama etc. Drama is amazing for nature shots. I have a soft spot for this app as I’d started out using it. It’s also free and it’s for some tutorials as well as some already done edits called Looks.

There is so so much to this app. Take your time to explore it. 


This is a creative’s fav. It’s got tons and tons of filters when you upgrade to the premium (about £19/year). On the filters as with most apps, you can reduce or increase the strength of filtering. VSC Alao has a platform where one can post photos on their account as you’d do on your Facebook or Instagram.

Another thing I love is that you can copy and paste edits from one photo to another. You can also create a recipe (not tried that yet). Lastly you can actually use it’s tools and filters on a video.

4/5/6/7:- Afterlight, Faded, BeFunky and HUJI

I haven’t really invested my time using these. HUJI is like a camera of its own really. Haven’t gotten a hang of it but you actually use it to snap the photo which now comes out with some pretty filter.

See below;

Regular iPhone 8plus photo on the left and a HUJI one on the same Iphone on the right. Taken by same person.

Other phone apps I haven’t mentioned are Lightroom, PicStar, Mextures.


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  1. July 10, 2018 / 8:50 am

    I only know using Instagram filter :p Thank you for sharing! Gotta try these apps.

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