8 Valentines Day Ideas in Lockdown

8 Valentines Day Ideas in Lockdown

Hi lovely,

My city, London is currently still in lockdown- thankfully the projected numbers for the vaccines distribution are impressive.
(oh by the way, there is a video for this)

Valentines Day in 2021 is on a Sunday so one might be obliged to mark it. To be frank, it’s anything to minimise the weirdness of isolation for me.

Below are a few ideas for spending your Valentine’s Day at home;

Valentines Breakfast (breakfast in bed)

This is such a sweet way to start the day especially if it’s something you both haven’t done before. You also don’t have to cook. Hello justeast.com!

Film a relationship tiktok video

The ‘Who is more likely to’ tag video is a great one for couples. You don’t have to share on your platforms but make sure you film it. It would make for great memories.

Take a walk or drive around your fav spots

Driving around just because, music in the car, laughter and sweet conversation. This can also be a walk exploring your neighbourhood. I love midnight drives-park-walking around +
photos. Every where has a different vibe. It’s the little things

Dress up for a home cooked meal – cook together

Perfect for late lunch or dinner. You could dress up in a bodycon dress to make sexy photos but ideally loungewear is just perfect. You could cook together too, even if one party is present in the kitchen for company only.


Plan a home spa session – self care rocks!

Perfect for the evening. Fill your tub with salts and and all the affordable luxury goodness you can get. L’occitane products are a great way to go. Relax and rejuvenate yourselves for the rest of the evening and the coming week.

Watch movies with popcorn and drinks (movie marathon with treats)

Some love films on Netflix include:

❤️ Love Guaranteed | The Kissing Booth | Always be my Maybe | To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before | The Incredible Jessica James ❤️


Exchange simple personalised gifts (moonpig.com)

For the funniest bits, personalised cards  and cutest gifts moonpig is definitely your stop. I love them and they now deliver cards next day of you order before 6pm. Awesome!


Shop loungewear

At the moment, I am loving pieces from FemmeLuxe and would share in a soon-coming post of loungewear goodness.

Find below my last set of items;


Hope you have been inspired. Watch my YouTube video on gift ideas.

Enjoy valentines day, stay safe.



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  1. February 6, 2021 / 9:53 am

    Ok so the camouflage look is bangn!
    This V day may be the first V day in 7 decades ( ; that I am doing a lil’ something.
    You’ve written great tips – self-care, something fun to watch, dressing up….that’s a vibe, Xo

    • May 16, 2021 / 3:15 pm

      Thank you. Just had a look at you blog, lovely style you’ve got

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