Racism • Rape | how to support

Racism • Rape | how to support

“I’m so thankful for the person who made that George Flloyd death video.”… I can’t count how many times I have muttered these words.

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No adult living in 2020 should be unaware of racism and the fact that it affects black people horribly.
I can totally understand you not fully understanding how it feels if you aren’t black because to be honest, even black men don’t understand how it feels to be a black woman.

It’s something one needs to live to fully understand.
It’s not always as clear and aggressive and killings and police killings, sometimes it’s so subtle leaving your confused  and so angry.

This post is a gallery of messages from the  ongoing protest against police brutality in the 🇺🇸 and rape in 🇳🇬  + ways to support. I hope the images and bits of writing educates you to a large extent.

Black Lives Matter. It needs repeating right until the day it never needs to be pointed out again.

#PoliceBrutality is heart-sickening, devastating, and impossible to ignore if you’re a human being. This is the everyday life for people of a certain race.

Being able to go for a jog, watch birds in the park, relax at home, drive your car, walk on the street without getting sidelong glances enveloped in preconceived notions. These are things we should all be able to do without the threat of being shot, arrested, or killed.

Everyone is trying to do the same things—support our families, thrive at work, fall in love, take care of ourselves, learn, feel, live, and die.
However so many live a totally different reality, without those basic freedoms.

We thought we had seen the absolute worst with TINA (a 16 year old killed for nothing!! By a drunk policeman), then boom UWAILA (a 22 year old, Raped and killed in a church?!!?) and then right after, JENNIFER, which totally broke the very fibre of my being (raped by 11 men and she was only 12 years old!!!). 

Then the others that NEVER got the chance, the untold hurt, the callous and vicious attacks that never get filmed or made it online .

It’s an unimaginable pain coupled with the fact that the assailants most of the time walk free, possibly hurting others. #enoughisenough #justiceforuwa #justicefortina

Fundraising pages

(donate to the families affected)


Donate to women anti-violence charities in Nigeria 

Educate others, use your voice within your families and on social media.

Support black-owned businesses, support black creatives

Sign petitions

If you are silent then you are on the side of the oppressor. All we are asking for is to LIVE. Imagine having to fight literally for your life!that is literally what so many people have had to do decades ago and are still doing in 2020! We need justice, we need change and this starts with the people.

Educate yourselves on black history

Check on your black friends, family and co workers. Do not do it because us black people are being killed, do it because it’s what we need to do. ✊🏽✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿 

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  1. June 23, 2020 / 3:32 pm

    So much injustice right now, at least social media is helping to bring these crimes into the light and hopefully the outrage will lead to systematic change…law changes…institutional change. My heart goes out to all of the victims…

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