Blog Tips | Your First Year BlOgging

Blog Tips | Your First Year BlOgging

I have recently been getting tons of messages from people who want to start a blog, a new platform or an instgram brand page. With the IG page, I give advice immediately as I currently run more than a couple people’s company pages. For blogging however, I have decided to put this in a post. 

The following tips should be checked in your 6 months or even 3 months of blogging, depending on how serious you’re taking the art. My using one year on the title is to avoid overwhelming anyone which could create a recipe for disaster. Btw, I blog on WordPress (paid host), bloggerspot is an okay free platform.

1. Goals, set them

In other  I do this efficiently, you have to decide sincerely the reason you are starting your blog. When I started my blog, it was to share my story and love for work style. I never knew I could make money from blogging. Knowing that encouraged my passions like my interest in African (Nigerian) owned businesses, travel and food.

Other reasons for blogging could be to inspire people, to share religious beliefs, for humour, technology, beauty, product/service reviews, tv etc. Knowing your goal and aim helps you with short and long term goals as well as to track your progress.

2. Social Media Presence

You might want to set this up first because it’s the window to your blog. In the past, Conversations about your blog might have had to be face to face but now you can get millions of people to know about your platform by sharing on social media. Your blog should also have yout social media icons for readers to easily stay in touch with you.

I had my blog before Instagram but there was Facebook then. Instagram was great for me to further express my creativity coupled with the fact that you don’t have to pay for space on there. YouTube on the other hand was to further expand my lifestyle and skills part of content creating. Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr ,  Bloglovin  are good channels to have. Try to be consistent with your name. Also, get an email.

3. Find And Create Your Tribe

Connecting with other bloggers is great for you as a blogger at every stage. Your tribe could also be found in your readers and supporters. S/o to Amaka Chigbue, she is one of my most valuable readers. Your tribe sort of guide you as well. Critique your work, praise you, guide you and stay loyal to you. Have a number of golden subscribers too on my YouTube. Your tribe are a great support system.

4, Set Up Your Subscription 

This is soooooo important but then so easy to forget as a new blogger. A subscription list will help with your future newsletters and general progress. Every business today with the smallest online presence thrives on an email list.

5, Good Practice

Creditung photos, videos and other material to their original owners/sources is good and professional behavior. We have all made this mistake (I must add). I read some blogposts by seasoned bloggers and really cringe when I see photos from people’s pages/platforms without credit. Start early to learn the habit of avoiding plagiarism. It’s disgusting. Also have your style  (of ending your posts, of starting your posts or maybe just generally arranging your content).

6. Some Photography/Editing Skill 

Your blog might not need this if it’s one for product or service reviews like gaming or tv but as I’ve advised that you have a social media platform, photo skills might be required. Or possibly picture/video editing skills. To get traction on instagram for example, your photos and feed need to look superb.

7, Aesthetics

Your blog layout should also look pleasing to the eyes. White always works

8. SEO

This might take some time to learn but there are lots of tutorials on search engine optimization. Take some time to learn about keywords, placing keywords into your images and how to create SEO friendly blog titles. You can use these free tools to analyze your blog;

Website Grader

SEO ReportCard

GT Metrix

9. Set Up Google Analytics 

This is really important for your career as a blogger. Some companies request this to work with you. When registering for events like London fashion Week as a blogger, you’re asked for things like this. It also helps you track your visitors and details (location etc)

black unitard – @motelrocks, here .. brown jacket – Peter Werth (bf’s).. black tux – Moss Bross (bf’s) .. shoes – Salvatore Ferragamos and Nikes

10. Have Fun

By now, you should have an idea 💡 about what goes by into running a blog. A lot of effort with little material return initially. You have to love it and enjoy it. Dedicating nights after a possible long day at school/work is not far-fetched with blogging. Open your creative souls and met your juices flow. 

Best Wishes



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  1. March 25, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    Right, I’m finally here! Gurl, this list is the ish. You covered the fun, creative stuff, business and online marketing stuff. I wish I had read this list when I started blogging as I learnt about all the Google SEO stuff like 4 years in!!!
    I actually now do SEO Copywriting in Berlin and company uses SEMRush which is amazing BUT you have to pay! There are so many tools now Readability, Content Tracker, this that and the other, it gets overwhelming O!

    I’ll mos def check out those free SEO tools you mentioned.
    Have a lovely Sunday ( :

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