Bridgerton Walk Tour of the Beautiful Bath

Hi lovely,
welcome to my space. The husband gifted me with a trip to Bath earlier this year as we had visited a couple back and found it refreshing. This time around I went with Sommy, a fellow Bridgerton enthusiast and decided to book a Bath Walk 🚶‍♀️ tour guide, Richard. This was to enable us cover all necessary grounds.
On my first visit to Bath, this was the guide I took with me. Luckily the rooftop bus tour helped cover some of them:
Roman Bath • Bath Abbey • Royal Crescent • Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum •
Old Theatre Royal • Royal Crescent • The Jane Austeen Center • Prior Park Landscape Garden • Royal Victoria Park • The Thermea Spa (where we and then ended out last day).
My recent trip however was very Bridgerton inspired so my walk tour was tailored towards that.
The Bridgerton sites include:
  1. Bath Street • its cobbled street floor and striking line of colonnades running down each side appears in the first trailer for the show and is used for several street scenes.

2. Abbey Green • Covent Garden + Modiste Couturier.

We had breakfast outside this shop unknowingly before we met the tour guide that morning. This was where the ladies of the ton go to gossip as their dresses are fitted by Madame Delacroix.


3. Trim Street and Gunter’s Tea Shop –

Remember in S01 E03, the spoon licking incident? This was were  Simon and Daphne later had the talk outside. The grey door just this side of the shop was the backdrop to this emotion-filled scene when Simon ends his friendship with Daphne (S1 Ep3 39:00).


4. Beaufort Square

The scene with both my favourite girls, Eloise and Penelope. They walk beside the square’s railings during a long conversation displaying their respective interests in feminism and gossip, in S1 Ep2 6:41.


5. The Holburne Museum – Lady Danbury’s mansion! Literally did a photo shoot for my Instagram birthday post which I eventually didn’t use. Lol. (will be posted once I am done  with this post and it’s YouTube  Bridgerton Video.


6. The Royal Crescent and Circus – The Featheringtons’ house on Grosvenor Square


7. The Assembly Rooms and Guildhall – The interior was used for ballroom scenes in Bridgerton; its Tea Room standing in for Lady Danbury’s ballroom in S1 Ep1, where Simon and Daphne first meet. Lavish balls occurred in both these locations.

Thanks for your time on here. You can watch my video log on my Bridgerton Visit to Bath. Let’s link up on instagram @metrogypsie.
stay positive 
credit for the photos of scenes from Bridgerton – LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

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