Career Path Choice: BLUE Chip vs SME

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I hope you enjoyed day 1 of my first work week of 2015 series. Yesterday’s was few tips on breaking walking through negative situations. On the series today,
we would be talking making a decision between working for a Blue-chip cooperation or an SME (or start-up).

Quick Question: Would you rather be a big fish (eja nla, hello D’banj.. lol) in a small pond or a small fish in an ocean??

On this post, I would just highlight the advantages of both choices and give a final tip at the end of it. As always all that talk would be mixed up with pictures from the Outfit Of The Day which relates to our topic somehow. Lol, exciting times.

As my social media friend, Grace Alex, @T2pitchy said in one of her posts I saw today, ‘I want to be able to tell visual stories worth sharing. I believe that any outfit of the day (OOTD) picture is as good as the stories we tell with it.‘ This is so what we are doing with the Work Series thing so I found it so interesting when I saw her caption. Also, this was the reason we did ‘inspirations’ for every look of people we featured for over a year when this blog started.

Day 02

The first struggle after graduation is usually getting that job offer in the first place. On this feature, we are going to assume that ‘wahala’ has been overcome and we are even spoiled for choice between a big and great company and a small/medium one.

Working with a Blue-Chip company has advantages like;

– Structure: These companies usually have been inexistent for a long time so there is a good plan for how graduates settle in and work across various departments and all that.

– Benefits: Things like healthcare, pension scheme and even better pay are usually associated with this organisations.

– Higher level of resources like trainings, opportunity to garner overseas experience at their other branches/offices. Stuff like this increase the technical know-how of its employers and their skills and exposure as well.

– Ability to withstand economic crisis thereby giving you a higher sense of job security should a melt-down occur.

For Small/Medium enterprises, these are some advantages;

– Wider experience opportunity in a shorter time compared to a Blue-Chip company due to the vast amount of responsibility that might be given to you. This is a good thing because you learn really fast on the job and you know or are even connected to how other aspects of the business are carried out really quickly to enable better relationship amongst departments

– Much more easy to get flexible work hours that suit you. There is a research that was carried out by the Trade Union Congress that found out that employers at SMEs were less stressed and less likely to be bullied

– Lastly, your impact is more likely to be felt when working with an SME.

All that being said, to be honest, if faced with the choice of these two – except in a situation where the role gotten at the Blue-chip company or the company itself isn’t in the same direction as your career path – I would implore you to go for the Blue-Chip company.

This is because it makes your cv read better, its usually more secure and really, moving jobs should be much more easier with that on your resume.

Hopefully one day while at your Blue-Chip job, you would dabble into creating a start-up yourself.

That’s it from Tuesday. Hope to see you back here tomorrow for Wednesday’s Office style.

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