Dating And Relationships – Red Flags 🚩 Not To Ignore

Dating And Relationships – Red Flags 🚩 Not To Ignore

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In recent times, I have come across tons of situations where girls have issues with their partners while already in marriage. 

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In most of these cases, the habits that is now the issue were already existing traits they seemed to ignore while dating. Decided to share some red flags you should oat attention to so as to try and change, manage or exit.

1. Partners that can’t seem to cater to themselves 

with such a person, if you cannot be a “MOTHER” to them forever, then run.

2. Partners who want you to important stuff in secret.

this shows a huge lack of respect and slimminess.


3. Possessive partners ❌

just very worst.

4. Persons who wants to disrupt your core values

you would continually give up things for them which would make you resent yourself. This gets worse when kids become involved.


5. The ones that need a ‘fixer’

if you can’t deal with what 3/4 of the personalities and traits one gas developed in all their 20 – 30 years living, then move. There is only so little you can effect even in 5 years.

6. the ones who want to change you drastically 

habits like your sense of style, what you like to wear, what you like to eat, your hobbies and just generally your lifestyle (if not hurting others), are already an important part of you. As you’d know, this is such a huge ine for me. In recent times i have been very drawn to loungewear due ti their oracticality and versatility. Loungewear sets for instance require minimal styling as you basically only decide your footwear.

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I hope you’re abke to discern red flags in your current or next relationship. Thanks for your time on here – let’s link up on instagram.



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