Do Followers Matter + Lockdown Fashion

Do Followers Matter + Lockdown Fashion

‍Hi lovely,

on this post I’d be extra candid with you sharing my recent findings, thoughts and plans going forward in my blogging career and what pieces I have been wearing while working from home.

Part of being a dope platform is one’s ability to share experiences gathered. I would  also be wearing my favourite loungewear pieces I have been wearing all lockdown long.

The craze for measuring social media platform success using follower count is alarming. Not to say the number of followers or subscribers on a said page isn’t important, it is not all and all. Whatever your goal may be; popularity, money or just a place for self expression the most crucial element is your Branding, Actualisation and Story.

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• What is your platform actually offering? – you may have forgotten this by now due to distractions and wanting to be a jack of all trades – to remind yourself, think of why you started?

• How do you execute? – for instance, as a fashion blogger, do you get clothes and just stand in the middle of the road taking photos and posing up & down? How about you create a story or vibe relating to your current lifestyle?

• What do people think about and then remember you? What’s that value you add?

• Forget those follower numbers..are there 500 people who can spend £100 on your or your recommendations in one year?

(such fun matching my joggers set with my mask 😷) 

Hmmpphh.. That’s basically my rant for this post. I asked myself these questions some hours ago and realised how I’ve strayed a bit from my initial plan for Metrogypsie. I started out this platform as a way to inspire working men and women style-wise with bits of my life outside the workspace in form of Travel & Food. I also intended for MG to showcase the creativity in the stitches of Nigerian fashion brands.

Although not so so much but I feel I haven’t focused that much on the Work Style bit of things. Going forward;

• I have pledged to publish more #howtostyle content on my IG and YT

• I’d work better and more creatively with our work style hashtags #ladyOnHerGrind #gentOnHisGrind

• To be more creative with my delivery of brand work and even prospective work.

Some future plans

• By the end of this lockdown, I’d should brunch with a few London bloggers just to establish where people’s heads are at

• Not forgetting my collaboration plan to highlight  on social issues in the world right now.

That’s is darlings. Thanks for reading. Please I’d appreciate your comments – I’ve been proper candid on this post. 

Click here for a video I shot earlier this year for small YouTubers like myself

this is my fav piece right now..of course tieDye.. it’s shop this Tshirt here..

What’s your fav piece in lockdown? Please leave in the comment section.

Follow my journey on instagram as well on here and on YouTube on here.

I appreciate you. Stay safe and shop more joggers !


(ps: this post contains affiliate links from FemmeLuxe)

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  1. July 28, 2020 / 11:13 am

    Really enjoyed reading your post! Well we live in a Follower world, and unfortunately those numbers are how the world sees you – both peeps outside the biz and those in it.
    I’m from a different era – the one where talent sets you apart. Of course having skills still plays a part in content – but not a big a role as it should.

    Take me for example, I’m a ‘nobody’ based on my Follower count on all my social media platforms but one look at my stylist portfolio will let you know what time it is.
    And maybe it’s my age but I’m not obsessed with Followers – what I do want is to grow a small community. A group that ACTIVELY supports my creative projects (i.e. does more than liking posts) and I do the same, we inspire each other…

    I’d like to go for a LDN bloggers brunch!!! Xo

    • Metrogypsie
      July 28, 2020 / 12:38 pm

      Very relatable words.
      Iā€™m currently thinking of an instagran page for Nigeria YouTubers based in the Uk. Just to help us grow and really have a community.

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