How To Find Your Content Creating Niche | major 3 points #ad

How To Find Your Content Creating Niche | major 3 points #ad

 Should have ideally titled this post my Outfit Of The Weekend #oOTW seeing as I wore pieces from just one brand between Friday and Sunday.

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Some of you might be considering converting your blog to a business. (tbh not everyone blogs with business intentions). Some other blog-help posts;

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Anyways, below are the 3 most important facets to consider when forming your strategy;

#oOtD Sunday

1. Purpose

Look within. Basically what’s your influencer strength?

Are you a writer? Speaker? Coach? Or Teacher? This will enable you know what platform will make you shine best.

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A YouTube channel (speaker)? A podcast (coach)? A blog? (Writer) Or even an online course (teacher)?

What is your core gift? Not just copying others. It is who you are in life.

Saturday #oOtD

2. Passion

Your passion should never equal pressure.

Unlike your purpose (or calling), this will change or fluctuate throughout your life. You need to;

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– enjoy learning about whatever topic

– what problem does it solve? It needs to solve something

– do you love the people who will be your niche?

Friday #oOtd

3. People

Decide who you want to SERVE.

Are there other platforms serving these people? It’s good thing when this is a yes as you want to be sure there is a market.

Is it a fad or something that will last? Beware of products or situations (eg fidget spinners or even diets). Search your topics on google trends.

Is there evidence of other people making money online with your topic? If yes? That’s a good sign!

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A successful blogger is one working in their strengths, connected to a real passion and working for a specific audience.

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  1. RoselomonTV
    April 6, 2019 / 6:40 pm

    This is really helpful! Thanks so much for writing this beautiful piece. Thought-provoking!

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