How To Pray As An Entrepreneur

How To Pray As An Entrepreneur

Hi lovely,

this post is clearly made for Christians, ones who lead a business (businesses) in any form.

I recently launched my first product business on the 1st of June 2020 – Amina londoN. In this time I have seen much wisdom and divine favour play a role in your growth and success. Following my research I’d make two blogposts: HOW TO PRAY AS AN ENTREPRENEUR and HOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS. The later would be in the next blogpost.

The Bible teaches us to pray about everything. Our business, and getting more customers is extremely important. Rather then just ask the Lord to send us more customers and business, Focussing on our approach and thought process as the business owner is a better angle.

For example, “Lord, help me set the highest possible quality level, as a reflection of you. As you made everything good, let my products and services always be good, If I mess up, show me quickly so I can correct the problem.”

“Lord, help me see the needs of customers that I can meet. Show me those who will benefit from my product or service. Open the eyes of those who need my product. Help me find ways to advertise and reach out to those people that will benefit most from my business.”

“Lord give me the ability to serve in such a way to shine the light on my business.”

“Lord, make me diligent in all things. Help me follow up promptly with customers, help me follow through on every request, help me reflect your work in everything I do. If I leave anything undone I should do, help me pick those loose ends quickly”

“Lord, help me be clear and concise in all my communications. Help me develop the habit of explaining quickly my best features, so I don’t waste a prospect’s time on something they do not need.”

“Lord, make me a good listener, so I may hear, understand and then act on what the customer needs, and wants. Help me to make my words few, and allow the customers words to be many so I become a person of understanding.”

“Lord, If there is anything in my life that keeps me from you, if I have any area of unresolved sin, Lord help me see, understand and then repent from that sin.”

”Lord give me the wisdom to make those who feel they may not benefit or have a use from my product find some satisfaction in supporting me whether for themselves or their friends.”

As each of us asks the Lord to help us with each point, and others that will come to mind, we will more strongly reflect the Lord’s glory in our business.

Customers will then want to seek us out and become our customers. As we all strive to reflect God, then we can generate a genuine revival through our business.


Hope this helps you and gives you a guide to praying for yourselves regarding being the leader of your business(es).

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  1. Tamara
    July 2, 2020 / 7:38 pm

    This was a great read. Thank you

    • Metrogypsie
      July 3, 2020 / 6:53 am

      My utmost pleasure Tamara. Thanks for spending time in my space 💖

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