How To Tell If Budget Jeans Are High-Quality | #mgGuest

How To Tell If Budget Jeans Are High-Quality | #mgGuest

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Today’s post is by a guest to the blog – ensuring you make the best purchase decision on affordable denim.

Here goes..

These are the ways you can tell if jeans are high-quality:


God is in the details, which is why the design details are important when looking for the perfect pair of jeans. For example, if you notice copper buttons or rivets on jeans, it means that the manufacturing is of high quality. However, there are people who imitate such features to sell cheap jeans.

That is why it is crucial to look at the quality of the details when you are buying jeans. Once you do, you will make a better decision and find the perfect pair of affordable jeans in no time.

Heavy Fabric

The quality of the fabric will tell you everything you need to know about the jeans. While we understand that there is lightweight summer denim, you must still check the denim’s weight and feel before purchasing. The fabric of low-quality jeans will not be great, and they will feel extremely light.

Heavy denim also ensures that your jeans last a long time to come. After all, you don’t want them to fade too quickly after spending money. So, be sure to check the fabric of the cheap women’s jeans before purchase.


The better the stitching, the better the quality of the jeans. To understand the quality, you must look for the stitching around the pockets, hems, and side seams. One good way to tell the stitching quality is to look for chain stitching or double stitching, as that means the manufacturer put some thought into the jeans.

However, a single stitch row is good, too, as long as the thread is durable and thick. If you are shopping inside a store, you can always stretch the jeans at the seams to check. If you witness the pulling of threads, it means the jeans are low-quality.

Read Reviews Of The Brand

Finally, before getting cheap women’s jeans, be sure to read the reviews. Another person’s experience will let you know if it is worth it to buy the jeans from a certain brand. It will give you an idea of what to expect once the jeans arrive.

You can also ask friends and family if they have bought the jeans from the same place. Once you figure this out, you can get the best cheap jeans in no time.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to finding the best cheap women’s jeans, no matter where you are. Be sure to follow these tips if you want to invest in the perfect pair of jeans at a low price. Once you do, you will enjoy wearing the jeans for a long time to come.

We recommend buying wholesale jeans as they have an extensive collection, they are available all year, and the quality is good. So, follow a way that suits you best at finding the perfect jeans.

written by Natalie King.

That is it lovely, vamped with all this knowledge, it is time for us to make better jeans choices

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