Instagrammable London Locations – Hidden Gems

Instagrammable London Locations – Hidden Gems

Don’t know how I thought I was going to achieve visiting all these locations in one day. Anyways, this took me 3 days.. the middle day was a spur of is located so close to where I work. Montrose Park is a walk away from home, spotted its entrance as I was walking a different route that morning.

Due to storage, all my photos would be on Pinterest here.

Click here to watch full video. More details below with some photos xxox.

Here is a list of my instagram worthy hidden gems 💎 in London.

0. Saint Boltop-without-Bishopsgate Garden
Found this gem when I was trying to locate St Ethelburga’s Peace Garden to no avail.

This really petite garden houses a church. It’s right in the city (of the very commercial/Office based London) so could be a lovely way for City boys and girls to spend lunchtime with God. Look out for the open door built right in the middle of the lawn.

1. Richmond Park

This park is actually so large, from what I’ve read, it’s the largest of London’s Royal Park. Here, you’d find lots of bits and bops in secluded areas. Lovely pathways for that inspiration type shot. Right across the road from where I entered is a river type situation with boats 🚣‍♀️ and all in all lovely scene.

If you are in search of peace, here is the place.

Location:- TW10 5HS
Closest Station:- Richmond (underground, overground & national rail), click here for bus details

Times:- 7am – 7:45pm

Entry:- Free

2. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Right from the Richmond underground, there were posters about this garden. I also spotted a kiosk type stand selling tickets etc. This put me off a bit because this didn’t fit my ‘hidden gem’ description. I was in Richmond already anyway so decided to continue. After about 9minutes walking in the rain, I asked the guy at the entrance if it was okay to take photos to which he offhandedly (almost rudely) said “you have to pay to visit the garden”.

Decided this not-so-hidden gem wasn’t worth it also because of the weather after he mentioned £12 something. Lol.

This garden is a public body in the UK sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, it employs 723 staff.

Location:- TW9 3AB

Closest Station:- Richmond (underground, overground & national rail)


Entry:- £12+

3. Nunhead Cemetery

Don’t miss the “the amazing burnt out church in the center of the cemetery and view of London from the top of the reservoir.”

Location:- SE15 3LP

Closest Station:- Nunhead (national rail)
Entry:- Free

4. The Horniman Museum and Gardens

Location:- 100 London Road

SE23 3PQ
Forest Hill

Entry:- Free (charge for aquarium and butterfly house)

Times:/ 10:30am – 4:20pm

5. Morden Hall Park

Once a deer park, the rural escape in Morden Hall Park is now a haven for nature and wildlife, and will give you a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Location:- SM4 5JD

Times:- 8am – 6pm

:- Free

6. Montrose Park / Also Silkstream Park

Located iN North West London in between Colindale and Burnt Oak, both parks are an open mass of space with not much inside them asides well trimmed grass. The latter has a mini bridge at its middle.

7. Kyoto Gardens

Lovated inside Holland Park, Kyoto is a garden is the ultimate hidden gem with ostriches, squirrels, waterfalls are all sorts of birds 🦅. It’s aesthetically pleasing to say the least, definitely a beautiful spot to take photos and experience nature’s beauties.

Location:- Holland Park, W11 4UA

Closest Station:- Holland Park

8. The Parkland Walk

Location:- Florence Road (housed in Crouch Hill Park)
, N4 3EY


This place serves a forest art vibe. There are lots of graffiti designed walls in this walk. Apparently l, it’s an abandoned railway line that’s become a forest. Look out for the adult sized playground apparatus – graffiti splashed of course. As with most parks, tons of joggers and dog-walkers have a constant presence.

9. St James Park

There’s this willow tree in St James’s park near Buckingham Palace that has a hidden bench underneath it. It’s so magical to find a hidden and quiet spot right in the middle of central (and very touristy) London.”

Location:- SW1A 2BJ

Time:- 5am – 12am

:- Free

10. Phoenix Garden

Located at the beautiful and ever buzzing Covent Garden, Phoenix Garden is some 10 minute walk from the aesthetically pleasing Neal’s Yard (click here too view post/video on this gem).

Location:- 21 Stacey Street London

Entry:- Free (no commercial use)


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