London Christmas Markets | metrogypsie

London Christmas Markets | metrogypsie

Hi lovely, so I decided to visit 7 Christmas Markets so have a complete and total vibe of how things happen so I can relay information to you perfectly. Click here to watch my buddy Lanre and I take the streets of  London on a cold December weekend.

1. London Christmas Market in Trafalgar Square

Nearest Station:- Charing Cross Station
Dates:- November 8 — January 5

2. London Christmas Market on the South Bank

Nearest Station:- Blackfriars
Queen’s Walk, South Bank, SE1 7PB

Dates:- November 8 — January 5

3. London Christmas Market at Winter Wonderland

Nearest Station:- Hyde Park Station

Dates:- November 8 — January 5 – Hyde Park

4. London Christmas Market in Belgravia

Once a year. London. This local market takes place for one day in December, and it brings the area’s famous Elizabeth Street and hidden Eccleston Yards to life with seasonal cheer.

Date:- December – 01 only


5. London Christmas Market in Leicester Square

Nearest Station:- Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus

6. London Christmas Market in King’s Cross

Nearest Station:- King’s Cross Station

20 – 22nd December 2019

7. London Christmas Market in Mayfair by Novikov

Nearest Station:- Marble Arch

Dates:- Dec 1st – Dec 2nd

Amongst other activities, it would be really cool to fit in one or two of these markets into your schedule.

Thanks for dropping by, let’s link up on instagram as well. If you haven’t, watch the video here.
See you next time



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