The Best Designer Perfume Dupes 2021 | Boujie on a Budget

‎Hi lovely, welcome to my space. This post is dedicated to all my boujie-on-a-budget readers. I have worn and researched a few designer fragrance dupes and would love to put you on. Worthy of note is that although opinions on some of these vary, my findings from personal use, Youtube… View Post

A Simple Guide to Creating the Flawless Eyebrow | #MGGuest

Hi lovely, welcome to my corner. I hope you are doing way better than “just okay”. Today’s post is by Lucy Zender, creator and founder of Tweezerfile. Kindly show her some love as you read in your thoughts, possible comments and your shares. I hope this inspires you.  💫  View Post

How To Style African Short Hair

Hi lovely, I finally decided to do the big chop last year. Due to the coarse texture of my hair, this had always been in mind. 6 months after my wedding I was ready. As fate will have it, I was contacted by DKUK to collaborate with their saloon and… View Post

Where To Get Your Facial, Waxing & SelfCare Done in London

‍‏ Hello lovely, How are you doing? I’m great myself, work and work are both fine. Lol. The fact my routine and schedule has been so packed lately has made me ensure I prioritise my self care. Even during my holiday to Bordeaux, France I ensured I took some pamper time… View Post

Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Hi there, its so glad to have you here. There has been a lot of changes in my life recently, thankfully for the good – we’d touch this on a later post. On my last poll on instagram, majority of you chose that a skincare topic should be up on here… View Post

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