8 Valentines Day Ideas in Lockdown

Hi lovely, My city, London is currently still in lockdown- thankfully the projected numbers for the vaccines distribution are impressive. (oh by the way, there is a video for this)

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A Simple Guide to Creating the Flawless Eyebrow | #MGGuest

Hi lovely, welcome to my corner. I hope you are doing way better than “just okay”. Today’s post is by Lucy Zender, creator and founder of Tweezerfile. Kindly show her some love as you read in your thoughts, possible comments and your shares. I hope this inspires you.  💫 

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Bleeding Gum Remedies + How To Keep Your Gums Healthy

Hi there, have you ever experienced your gums bleeding for no reason? This could occur  when you brush or even while drooling as you sleep..you take a bite of an apple and notice embarrassing red stains? These could be an indication of; a gum disease an unhygienic mouth (which could…

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