London’s Most Instagrammable Locations | Metrogypsie

London’s Most Instagrammable Locations | Metrogypsie

Took Mayree along with me for a whole day showing her my best places for Instagram photographs in London. Prior to this, she has done some research so she had some spots in mind. Click here to enjoy our video which includes our outfits. Find below a list of these places with their full addresses.

0. Barbican Center

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The Power Of A Simple Prayer | Matt 6:7

Oh, Father

Do you ever take a moment to pray but feel like you stumble out of the gate? Do you have trouble finding the words when it comes time to bow your head? Remember, the One who hears your prayers is your Daddy. You don’t need to wow him with eloquence.

Jesus downplayed the importance of words in prayers. We tend to do the opposite. The more words the better. The better words the better. We focus on the appropriate prayer language, the latest prayer trend, the holiest prayer terminology. Against this emphasis on syllables and rituals, Jesus says, “Don’t ramble like heathens who . . . talk a lot” (Matt. 6:7 God’s Word).

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Building Friendships at The Office: Yay or Nay?

Building Friendships at The Office: Yay or Nay?

Hi Guys,

Day 05 has finally come around, the last of my first full work week of 2015 series. I have gotten loads of feedback from you so I know these posts have had impacts. Its funny
how people would rather comment on twitter or messengers as against the comment section. LOL!

Today, we would be talking about making friends at the work place.

Here is an infographic showing the benefits of work friendships..
infographic source

Day 05

I have never been a fan of making friends at work (especially having to carry the relationship outside the office). 

I was at my last job for almost 3 years and it took me 2 years and 4 months to actually open up to others that I had stuff in common with like sex, race and age bracket. I was just busy observing and was extremely content with having a relationship with just my teammates. This relationship I am talking about was strictly based at the office. I always just never enjoyed seeing colleagues socially i.e outside the office.

Fast forward to a bit over 2 years and I had made friends with about 6 people and loved it. There was just something to look forward to asides hitting targets, there were good conversations to be made during lunch and even people to go out to lunch with, new habits to relate with, travel plans, more Metrogypsie supporters, great ideas etc.

Data as seen on the infographic by

– 70% of employees say friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life.

– 58% of men would refuse a higher paying job if it meant not getting along with coworkers.

– 74% of women said the same.

– 25% increase in morale and productivity for simple things like larger lunch tables.

– 50% of employees with a best friend at work reported that they feel a strong connection with their company.

– One-third adults has met at least one of their closest friends at work.

Black Wool Top: Marks and Spencer
Red Tank Top: TKMaxx
Skirt: Dolce and Gabbana
Shoes: Ferragamo


– 1.4x more likely to receive praise in the last seven days

– benefit 137% more personal development support.

– +35% higher commitment to quality

– 1.3x more likely to receive feedback about their progress in the last six months

– 1.2x more likely to say that they have the opportunity to do what they do best everyday

Managers should be actively encouraging these types of friendships, and should be letting employees chitchat about nothing. It might seem like they are not being productive when they talk, but the data shows that these friendships really matter.

Tools like Officevibe can help strengthen those friendships, by measuring and monitoring employer engagement, and providing tips on how to make it better.

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“Only men who are not interested in women are interested in women’s clothes. Men who like women never notice what they wear.” – Anatole France.

A Superhero’s Work Style + the Chime For Change event


Hi guys,

This week’s feature is a wife, mum and business woman in Dubai, UAE.  I finally caught up with her to get a week’s worth of her work style, and guess what?

She is 6 months pregnant as well!

I would go right out to the pictures as I have got a lot to share on this post.

Sally Iriri-Adegoke
Occupation: Filmmaking Student at SAE Dubai (Screenwriting Major) & Beauty Salon Owner
Interests: Writing, Critisizing Movies, Music, Antique Shopping and Tennis


Top: Zara
Pants: Zara
Bag: Juicy Couture
Slippers: Gucci
Style – Casual
Inspiration – Work. I tend to look really casual on days I know I would spend most of my time at the salon. I love a bit of freedom when I get down to business.


Jacket: Zara

Shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Jorge Bischoff
Style – Corporate Chic
Inspiration – My final project presentation. Today at my classes, I finally have to present the short film I had been working on with these group of people. I definitely had to look corporate but added a bit of funk with the sandals and pastel colour.


Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Zara oversized shirt
Pants: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Tory Burch
Style – Business Casual
Inspiration – Travel. I had to go sort out my applications at the embassy today so I was totally inspired by my travel destination hence my embodying white.


Jacket: Mango
Dress: Zara
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Paris Hilton
Sandals: Steve Madden
Style – Casual
Inspiration – My Car. I decided I was going to drive to my salon today so I thought I’d take my pictures by my car so why dress to match ‘her’. Hehehe.


Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Purse: Kurt Geiger
Style – Chic
Inspiration – My husband. He bought every single thing I had on tonight just for our date. So yes, I had to wear them. *blush*

A day at MT salon

So there guys, we have it from Sally. Thank you so much dear for letting us have you on here.

Just before we call it a week, I want to share some pictures from the concert I attended on Saturday June 01, 2013, Chime For Change. It is a new Women Empowerment event pioneered 100 years after the year Emily Davison became a martyr for women’s rights when she threw herself at the Epsom Derby.

It was totally star studded. Below are pictures of artistes who came on stage;

Madonna and Ryan Reynolds (with wife, Blake Lively) amongst others like Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett Smith gave touching and inspiring speeches on how to make donations and support the cause.

Rita Ora, Jessie J (both performed)

Laura Pausini, Mary J Blige (both performed)

Florence and the Machine, Timbaland (both performed)

Iggy Azalea, John Legend (both performed)

Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez (both performed) 

Beyonce, Jay Z (both performed)

Salma Hayek-Pinault (co-founder spoke on stage)

Yours truly (attended). 

All in all a really great concert for a really great cause. For more information, go on facebook and search ‘Chime For Change’.

Thank you for your time spent on this blog. 
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Do leave a comment below as usual on your favourite look and if time permits you, create a look of your own inspired by the outfits above.  A winner would be picked by Sally who would then wear the look in a follow-up post.

Have a great week.

“For me, fashion is nothing more than a spontaneous antidepressant.” – Eugene Hütz.

Weekend with Donatella’s Versace + PA Guru

Hi guys,

I have missed you all so terribly.. How is everyone? Haha, what really am I typing?? Anyways, I had an amazing day on my birthday last week. Here’s thanking everyone who wished well, sent gifts and prayed for me. God bless you. I really appreciate your efforts.

On Sunday, yesterday, I was at the Southbank Centre in London for the Day 2 of Vogue Festival. There was a great and inspiring talk from Donatella Versace and then a t-shirt signing afterward. The queue was as long as God knows what, everywhere was so packed in an orderly manner but before one could pronounce Balenciaga, my lady said she was done and had a flight to catch. OOOookay..

Anyhoo, that was such a pity for them ones who came just for the signings, got tees but yeah, had to hear that.
Trust me though, I was amongst the first 10 people on that line.

Here are some pictures..

Donatella Versace

So elated after I got my tee signed. 

With my friend Genevieve. 
Dress: Personal Tailor
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Bag: Zara

Genevieve’s dress: Hybrid
Her shoes: New Look
Her tights: Oasis

Alright so, back to the reason we are actually here. Our week’s feature is a lovely lady in the Oil & Gas sector, you know, one of those people living the Nigerian (youth) dream. Lol..


Yetunde Payne
Occupation: Personal Assistant to the DMD, Oando Plc.
Interests: Shopping, partying, watching movies, hanging out with friends.


Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Papaya
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Style – Chill Corporate
Inspiration – Well today is my Day 1 for the metrogypsie feature and that inspired me. You are going to see a lot of heels because that’s how I function at work. I absolutely love high-heeled footwear.


Jacket: H&M
Camisole: H&M
Skirt: Matalan
Shoe: Newlook
Neckpiece: Random store
Style – Corporate
Inspiration – The season in the western world, Spring. I could’t inculcate it so much in my whole outfit because of meetings today so I just did the flowery jacket. I love heels as stated above.


Top: Primark
Inner top: Primark
Skirt: Newlook
Shoe: Risky
Bag: Michael Kors
Style – Business Casual
Inspiration – After-work plans. I had  to look not-so-serious so that I could blend nicely for my evening.


Dress: Catherine
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Michael Kors
Style – Chic
Inspiration – A conversation I had with my mum on simplicity. I decided to have a single dress item without a jacket or belt.


Top: Kaftan from India
Jeggings: Zara
Bag: Furla
Shoe: Charlotte Russe
Style – Modern Culture
Inspiration – Friday really. Its dress-down day but I didn’t want to wear casual stuff neither did I want to wear Nigerian ‘trads’.


Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: H&M
Sandals: H&M
Neckpiece: Random Store
Style – Smart Casual
Inspiration – Well its the weekend so I have to reflect that by tucking my shirt in. The weekend was my inspiration


Embellished blouse: Tailor made
Iro (bottoms): Tailor made
Head-tie: Lagos Market (beautifully tied by my mum)
Neckpiece: Random Store
Ring: Aldo
Style – Nigerian
Inspiration – Asoebi. My colleague was getting married today.

Her Sunday look is so gorgeous. I just feel like rocking this today right now to work.

There it goes from the sweet Yetunde. Thanks babe for letting us have you on here.

Asoebi for those who do not know what it means is act of wearing a uniform fabric at an event like a wedding, birthday party or burial ceremony, to distinguish different groups of people at the gathering usually according to their relationship with the hosts.

Do leave a comment below as usual on your favourite look and if time permits you, create a look of your own inspired by the outfits above.  A winner would be picked by Yetunde who would then wear the look in a follow-up post.

“If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care do it in a very smart hat.” – George Bernard Shaw.