LONDON BEST BRUNCH SPOTS – aesthetics, rooftops et al

Hi lovely, welcome to my space. This post is dedicated to my mate Demee and all other guys and girls like me who love to catch up cute. I will be sharing some amazing brunch spots in London that are aesthetically pleasing, with good vibes, great food and a couple… View Post

Explore London – Chelsea Walk Guide | #mgLDNwalk

‎Hi lovely, welcome to my space. On this post, we are walking within London’s Chelsea Neighbourhood. Get ready to see the prettiest doors and rows of posh houses. I thoroughly enjoyed walking here as I got tons of compliments on my outfits and eve suggestions of photography props from passers-by who lived… View Post

Wisteria in London – 26 Places With The Perfect Bloom

Hi lovely,  welcome to my space. How are you? … not the ‘fine’ answer please –  HOW are YOU? The month of May is mental awareness month and the week just gone by is dedicated to this. I decided to make this post now because the purple blooms of the… View Post


Hi lovely, welcome to my space, I hope you are doing well. On today’s episode we would be exploring cute streets in London referred to as Mews. According to history, the iconic mews in London were service roads at the back of exquisite mansions owned by the Victorian and Georgian… View Post

Explore London in Christmas – Shopping Arcades To Visit

Hi lovely, If you are in London in Christmas  and want to fill your days with some cute activity, this post is right for you. Its Nov 11 (remembrance day) and i decided to start creating Christmas content. Creating these would enable me find some footing with my intended-already shot London… View Post

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