What To Wear To a Conference, Wedding, Red Carpet, Concert etc ft. Seat4events

‏Hi lovely, welcome to this space. Seasons will come and go but somethings will remain a constant…one being the fact there will be events we would have to physically show up to. Powered by Seat4events (the Best Event Seat Mapping & Ticketing Platform), I will be sharing some style inspiration… View Post

Dating And Relationships – Red Flags 🚩 Not To Ignore

Hi lovely, welcome to my space. In recent times, I have come across tons of situations where girls have issues with their partners while already in marriage.  View Post

8 Valentines Day Ideas in Lockdown

Hi lovely, My city, London is currently still in lockdown- thankfully the projected numbers for the vaccines distribution are impressive. (oh by the way, there is a video for this) View Post

What To Do In Your Waiting Time

Hi lovely, I read somewhere that God always answers prayers. It’s either a Yes a No or a Wait. The first two are pretty forward, your response is basically to move on. The Wait however is a tad more stressful. On this post, I will be sharing best ways to… View Post

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