Do Followers Matter + Lockdown Fashion

‍Hi lovely, on this post I’d be extra candid with you sharing my recent findings, thoughts and plans going forward in my blogging career and what pieces I have been wearing while working from home. View Post

COVID-19 Celeb Style Inspiration

Hi lovely, Today i would be dropping  a quick style inspiration from some of your favourite celebrities via their instagram pages. View Post

Ways To Spend Your Time in COVID-19 Quarantine | Zara Spring

Hi lovely, how’re you doing??? I started journaling on my first day of lockdown – 30th March 2020. Quickly got bored of that and decided to use my Spring/Summer Zara haul to show you how I’ve been spending my days. Shared it on my instagram and lots of people loved… View Post

The 2020 Fashion Trends You Would Love

Trends to me are a fun situation we get to play around and guide followers on how to wear. Generally I wear what I feel like on any day but when I take time out to create content for instagram or YouTube I reach out to trends of the given… View Post

What To Wear In Autumn 2019 | metrogypsie

Hi beautiful, Welcome back! It’s so nice to have you if this is your first time on here. Autumn or Fall (as the Americans would call it) is a favorite season. Asides the fact the floors are lined with golden leaves, it is actually the next time for photography. Due… View Post

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