How To Style Ankara Single Pieces ft @springstitches

Hi there, just back from my 3-part holiday from Bordeaux, Ibiza and Barcelona! I may have to visit Barca one more time as I don’t think we explored it properly. Bordeaux was lovely, well rested and in addition we’d visited Saint Emilion and the Caudalie spa! Ibiza was a work… View Post

10 Best Midi Dresses | Nastygal #ad

Hi lovely, Haven’t been here in a sad reasons or anything like that. Social media wise I’ve been more on my channel and instagram really. Selected some pieces from Nastygal I think you might love. I got these pieces at 40% off but right now, all pieces on the… View Post

The Nigerian Passport | Countries You Can Visit Without A Visa

Hi there, There is absolutely no need to get into how such a struggle the Nigerian passport is when it comes to travel. So I’d go ahead to share this. Find below a quick heads-up post; View Post

Talking Mindfulness | How To Style Ankara in Autumn

In recent times I’ve been reading about and paying more attention To mindfulness. We are alsomso busy with everything, life gets so stressful and it’s becomes really easy to forget oneself. I have Decided to style these L’aviye pieces from their new collection to suit this season…and the share some… View Post

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