Sunlight Empowers Fashion Entrepreneurs at Lagos Fashion Week | #mgGuest

…creates brand experience for participants October 29, 2022. Lagos, Nigeria. Sunlight, a leading household brand from Unilever Nigeria Plc, has recently empowered fashion entrepreneurs with requisite skills at the 2022 Lagos Fashion Week. These Nigerian fashion entrepreneurs were engaged in the one-day skills workshop organized in line with the brand’s… View Post

What To Wear To a Conference, Wedding, Red Carpet, Concert etc ft. Seat4events

‏Hi lovely, welcome to this space. Seasons will come and go but somethings will remain a constant…one being the fact there will be events we would have to physically show up to. Powered by Seat4events (the Best Event Seat Mapping & Ticketing Platform), I will be sharing some style inspiration… View Post

Why Nigerians Are Protesting | #endSARS

Hi lovely, welcome to my space. I have been feeling pretty weird lately. Got a ton of wins in my life and more to come – extremely thankful for that. The situation in my county Nigeria at the moment however leaves no possibilities for complete joy. View Post

Happy Anniversary Metrogypsie

Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 to you as we are a   year older. 5 years ago this blog started out as an outlet to inspire the working lady and gent style-wise. The hashtag we coined ‘#ladyonhergrind’ has been used over 10,000 times on instagram. Other hashtags like #MGTravelSAN, #MGTravelParis #TMHowTo, #MayreeMetro, #MGTravel6… View Post

One Year Anniversary Special

Hi guys,Metrogypsie is one today !!!!!! I’m supposed to publish posts on Tuesdays henceforth but seeing as its the anniversary today I changed plans. :). So yeah, obviously we would do something different this week and then next week, we should have something special as well. I am so grateful to… View Post

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